Opening Spaces is therapeutic center that works with body, mind, emotions and the non-physical aspects of you. Through intuitive bodywork and inquiry, we free stuck spaces on multiple levels, attuning your body-mind to wider, wiser and more attuned relationships. Here you find tools and avenues to reduce pain in your life, find freedom and become more of who you truly are. Here you find ways to feel better, lean into how you are made and enjoy your inherent nature of creation and well being.

Bodywork Therapy

How Bodywork helps create lasting change

Bodywork frees soft tissue throughout our body, shifts our nervous system, and offers increased range of motion, flexibility and fluidity of movement.

Somatic Bodywork reduces pain, frees exchange of fluids and nutrients, frees and increases energy, and releases stuck emotions, trauma and unhealthy nervous system patterns.

Yoga & Movement Therapy

How Yoga & Movement Therapy can benefit you
Yoga and Somatic Movement Therapy increases our flexibility, body awareness, eases pain, calms our mind and leaves us feeling centered.

Using breath, awareness and movement, we shift habitual patterns, align in new ways, awaken and evolve our body, mind, heart and energy to a more attuned, aligned and centered living space.

Guidance & Attunement

How Guidance and Attunement to your Spirit, Soul or Guidance team assist your growth
Work one-to-one or in classes with Chris to assist deepening your relationship to your inner sacred guidance. We all have this inner wisdom and team of guides.We are more than the separate self we see in the mirror.  If you feel the call to awaken to more, come out of the shadows, or simply develop more ways to feel more attuned and centered, you have come to the right place.
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Feeling good and expressing yourself are why we’re here. Although that sounds quite simple, it is not always easy. It is hard to stay true to the way we are made.

Bodywork, guidance and movement can help you rediscover this natural balanced state of health and well-being. Intuitive bodywork and movement can offer you lasting relief from pain, tensions and stress. Life continuously offers us tension (stress) to all levels of our being. That is a part of the experience of living.

Through this work, you are met on deep levels to free physical, emotional and habitually stuck places in body, mind, and heart. This freedom enables you to experience more energy, improved strength and a greater sense of clarity and wholeness. To put it simply, you feel better.