Things are changing. We know it, see it and feel it. Here’s the interesting thing—humans resist change, but we’re actually pretty darn adaptable. We repeatedly show how quickly we can shift when necessary.

The time has come to close down (hopefully only short term) Opening Spaces current physical office. I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly, but as of 5/31, the office we love will be shut down. There is still a lot happening—Opening Spaces is not closing (only our physical location!) and, hopefully, just for a bit. Keep reading to see what’s new.

Bottom line is the whole planet is at a shift point. So much is changing. It’s not fast enough for some, and too fast for others. Regardless, we are in the moving river and we will find ourselves shifting and adapting more than once in these next few years.

Monthly Energy Reports
For a few years I have wanted to put together monthly guidance about the energy on the planet to help us navigate these shifts. The time has arrived and I’m publishing my first report for May. This is just a small addition to my other offerings, which will be expanding and evolving, too.
Here is the very first public one – May Energy Weather Report

Going Woo
I saw someone declare that they were taking their business Full Woo. That made me smile. That’s not exactly what I’d call my shift here, but I am talking more openly about work I do with guidance, herbs, personal growth, healing, trauma, awakening, and wholeness. So far, not too woo, right?

Let me say this straight out – I love science. I geek out with the best of them on nervous systems and fascia research. I like facts and direct language. I am utterly fascinated by the human body. I like it when there is something to back up statements common in yoga like, “this pose calms the mind.”

And I really like cutting edge science. I like it when whole systems like fascia, which were right there and ignored for centuries, are finally starting to be studied and understood. I like it when neuroscientists speak about spirituality and the nervous system and phD psychologists talk about non-dual reality and places in our brain that register unity consciousness. I am fascinated with the ability of the body to heal and awaken to different states of consciousness, wholeness and healing abilities. I’ve been working quietly in these realms with a few clients over the past couple years.

Let’s talk about guidance for a moment. This might just push things into the full woo realm for some of you. For others, it will be a familiar concept.

When I was little I would hear people calling my name when I was falling asleep. It usually came with a visual of a group of beings around what I perceived as a round table, as if they were calling me to join them. The one that called my name looked like father time. I would pull my pillows to my ears, hug my stuffed animals around me, bury my head under the covers, leaving only room for my mouth, and hope nothing was coming after me.

I would also hear all these different sounds and noises when I was falling asleep and waking up. They scared the daylights out of me. I didn’t recognize them at all. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, we did a childbirth class at the Chopra Center. One day the instructor played a recording of what she called Primordial Sounds. They were the sounds I had heard as a little kid.

There are some things you just can’t prove, but you directly experience and feel so strongly in your heart you can’t deny them. That’s when I started to really lean into this connection I had with what I call the non-physical world and my guidance team. But it had always been there, working with me.

You Have Trustable Inner Guidance
You have this connection, too, in your own unique way. We all do. Often, we don’t remember it, just like we don’t remember our true nature of wholeness and or possibly our life purpose.

After many years of (inner and outer) guidance and pushing the edges of my own consciousness and understanding of reality, I have finally come to the place where I accept the guidance of these (it’s a collective) loving, perceptive and wise beings that work with me as my team. They work directly through my core essence self, my true self, or what some call our soul.

They’ve always been with me. They’re with me in sessions even when I don’t mention them. There’s a non-verbal and a verbal aspect to it, and there is an interplay between my consciousness and yours when we work together. All of this works in deep harmony with our ‘true self’, which some people call soul or higher self. Many people call this inner listening ‘channeling.’ I just call it guidance. I’ve been told more than once I have thin veils. That’s why it’s right there for me to hear. You may, too.

Lifting the Veils
Yoga philosophy speaks to the idea that humans are veiled off from the true nature of reality. We don’t speak to that much in the west. The veils are shifting and thinning. The spaces that have kept us from awakening and knowing ourselves as consciousness in addition to our human selves, these veils are thinning.

As they do, we are evolving our human biology. As a race, we mostly exist in the survival sides of our nervous system. We are awakening and evolving to incorporate spaces of unity, love, connection and cooperation as our trustable foundations. This is a process of Awakening. We are at the beginning stages of this as a society and of seeing this in our physical reality.

Distance Healing Sessions
A couple of the healing modalities I am trained in actually include distance healing work. Don’t let the word ‘healing’ fool you. You do the healing. I hold the space. That’s what all healers do. Doctors, Chiropractors, Manual therapists, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, Energy Workers—they’re all healers.

Distance sessions work across time and space in ways that are just starting to be measured. All distance work is using a form of listening to another through non-physical reality. There are aspects of this work that are definitely not proven (yet) by science. What matters most are the direct experience outcomes. This may be full Woo. I can work in these ways with clients. I’ve been quietly doing it for decades.

Contact me here if you’re you’d like more information about Distance Healing Sessions.

Life Attunement Sessions
I’ve mentioned these sessions multiple times and I already work with clients through this avenue. What I haven’t done well is described what they are. Life Attunement is all about getting out of fear-based survival responses and tuning into your higher response centers. These sessions are both healing and integrating. They assist you to live from Wholeness.

Clients that work in this way range in their levels of experience with stress, trauma and awakening. This work is accessible on a wide spectrum. Every client is met exactly where they are and assisted on a path of reclaiming their sense of wholeness—which includes health, calm, ease, and expressing your life purpose. These sessions work with Body, Mind, Heart and Source (the non-physical) and help you to find a sense of harmony and wholeness with them.

Contact me here if you’d like more information on Life Attunement. 

These sessions help you integrate and transition into a deeper contentment and experience of life—even with all the wildness happening in the world. In fact, these sessions will help you shift in ways that change your relationship to your life and the world, simply by learning both practical tools and how to awaken to who you truly are.