Internal Chemistry & Movement

Traditionally at Opening Spaces we help clients through hands-on bodywork therapy to get out of pain, feel better, and become more aligned. As many may know, working on the physical, creating balance and confidence in our structure has a positive affect on our psyche as well. These, of course, are beautiful benefits, but what […]

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Processing Our Experiences

Many things have been on my mind lately, but at the top of the list is the concept of Process and Processing. In relation to my work, processing includes feeling, receiving, becoming aware of, and allowing an experience to fully move through—just like weather crossing the landscape.

The mind is the part of us that understands […]

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About Love

This world is ripe and full with the yearning for love. We see it at every turn, every step, every defeat, every celebration. One of the greatest quests humans have is to reconcile and understand the essence of love.


We seem to have narrowed down our understanding to conditional and unconditional love. […]

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Relational Tips for Empaths

As we grow, change and evolve, so do our concepts of boundaries. Shame, vulnerability and wholeheartedness researcher Brene Brown states beautifully ‘boundaries are the most loving thing you can give to someone.’ They actually help us define who we are at this moment in time and create the framework for […]

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Energy, Matter and Health

We are energetic beings. We also consist of elements. We are made of a 96% combination of hydrogen (stardust), oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. We also house calcium and phosphorous which, along with the previous, are essential or macro-minerals. In addition to these, we also require trace or micro-minerals for regulating body functions and building tissue.


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Let’s Talk Boundaries

“Boundaries are the most loving thing you can give to someone.” ~Brené Brown

What Are Boundaries and Why Do We Need Them?
Boundaries are edges and containers. They signify a limitation, and at the same time, they offer a barrier that gives us something to orient from. They are the edges to the maze, so to speak. For […]

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Move From Your Interior Space

In yoga, we often talk about the ‘felt sense’ of a pose or position—the inner feeling. At first, this inner space is not always familiar to us. We get so used to muscling through, gritting and going, without even realizing how much of ourselves we are leaving behind.

Of course, this applies […]

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