Forgiveness (The Cosmic Split)

(The Cosmic Split)

My days have been spent untangling intersecting lines of remembrance
Each with its own unique pull on my heart,
Without which I am not me.
All of them leading, if I’m honest,
To a place I’ve refused to go,
Not for lack of desperate desire—
It’s more complicated than that.

In all of the confusion, through gateways and doorways,
I simply […]

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Travelers Out of Time

Travelers out of Time

There is no place you will go
That you will not find yourself alone.
Let the full weight of that realization
Surround you with terror and awe
As your familiar becomes a mystery
The more you try to convince yourself its not.

This garden of aloneness,
This is your sanctuary and your burden
As it is for all of your […]

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