About Love

This world is ripe and full with the yearning for love. We see it at every turn, every step, every defeat, every celebration. One of the greatest quests humans have is to reconcile and understand the essence of love.


We seem to have narrowed down our understanding to conditional and unconditional love. […]

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Relational Tips for Empaths

As we grow, change and evolve, so do our concepts of boundaries. Shame, vulnerability and wholeheartedness researcher Brene Brown states beautifully ‘boundaries are the most loving thing you can give to someone.’ They actually help us define who we are at this moment in time and create the framework for […]

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Let’s Talk Boundaries

“Boundaries are the most loving thing you can give to someone.” ~Brené Brown

What Are Boundaries and Why Do We Need Them?
Boundaries are edges and containers. They signify a limitation, and at the same time, they offer a barrier that gives us something to orient from. They are the edges to the maze, so to speak. For […]

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Deep Listening

As I gaze and feel around our collective world, I hear a lot of yelling and feel a lot of turbulence. Where there’s not quite yelling, there are strong statements of what should be happening on many fronts. People’s deep fears are being unearthed and brought to light in ways never before felt […]

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