Sensitivity 101

Sensitivity is an inborn trait that is more than meets the eye. Explore what it means to be sensitive and learn how to thrive with this powerful trait.

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The Secret Feel of Things

Within each of us is the capacity to feel deeply. Not only is this felt-sense applicable to emotions, it is directly related to how we sense the world around us.

In our western culture, we have a ‘consensus’ as my friend calls it, a collective, unspoken agreement that we are living in a visible world and […]

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Relational Tips for Empaths

As we grow, change and evolve, so do our concepts of boundaries. Shame, vulnerability and wholeheartedness researcher Brene Brown states beautifully ‘boundaries are the most loving thing you can give to someone.’ They actually help us define who we are at this moment in time and create the framework for […]

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Let’s put this straight out at the beginning—Love is complicated and messy, and yet it is one of the simplest and most inherently human experiences on the planet. And we need way more of it—now more than ever.

I heard a line once that said, “I want to learn how to show […]

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Divinely Sensitive

Divinely Highly Sensitive

Those of you who hold the biology of highly sensitive do so on many levels. First and foremost for you sensitives have a deep connection to your outer, more subtle bubbles of your biology. You feel when waves of energy reach this outer layer. You personally feel it profoundly and it […]

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Your Soul, Intuition & Channeling

Greetings and welcome back! It is a joy to watch you move forward on your path. You are taking your power step by step and that is exactly as you have intended. No giant leaps this time. Slow and steady, step by step.

Where is Your Focus?

We wish to bring you some […]

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The Difference Between Empathic and Empathetic

The Difference Between Empathic and Empathetic

It’s incredibly refreshing that society, social media and schools are talking about, practicing and teaching empathy skills. The world is in great need of more compassion and empathy. Some could put forth that the two concepts above are, in fact, the same thing. I believe they are actually different aspects […]

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Being Highly Sensitive

Being Highly Sensitive

This concept of “highly sensitive” was coined by the psychotherapist Elaine Aron ( She describes a highly sensitive person as “a distinct personality trait that affects as many as one out of every five people. According to Dr. Aron’s definition, the highly sensitive person (HSP) has a sensitive nervous system, […]

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Grounding to Earth

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” ~Chief Seattle, 1855

We Are Connected

As many of us know, the earth is electrically charged. The upper atmosphere is positively charged and […]

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