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Resources and Updates

We know we are in unprecedented times with this global pandemic. I’m going to venture we have all run through a gamut of emotions, probably multiple times.

Below are herb and supplement resources, yoga class opportunities, and session updates to help serve you through this crisis time.
Please contact me here with any questions. 

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Integrating, Shifts, States And Stages

2020. Are you ready? It doesn’t really matter if we’re ready, does it? We’re going. The word in the cosmos is this year is a big shift. And January starts us off with no messing around. The question is, are you ready to consciously shift? As much as you’re able? You probably know this already, but […]

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Outer Work And Inner Work

Healing, deep healing is not a linear path. It involves both outer and inner work. Here’s a little story of healing that you may relate to. 
At this unique point in time, we have opportunities […]

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What’s Going On?

One of my students recently asked my feelings about the energy happening on the planet right now. They were curious about the […]
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Cultivating Open Hearts

We are complex and layered creatures. We have multiple viewpoints and various brain wave states from which we can approach the world. Interestingly, humans often dig into one perspective and one approach, which limits our potential.