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We’re Evolving

Things are changing. We know it, see it and feel it. Here’s the interesting thing—humans resist change, but we’re actually pretty darn adaptable. We repeatedly show how quickly we can shift when necessary.

The time has come to close down (hopefully only short term) Opening Spaces current physical office. I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly, […]

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Resources and Updates

We know we are in unprecedented times with this global pandemic. I’m going to venture we have all run through a gamut of emotions, probably multiple times.

Below are herb and supplement resources, yoga class opportunities, and session updates to help serve you through this crisis time.
Please contact me here with any questions. 

I am on FaceBook as […]

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Outer Work And Inner Work

Healing, deep healing is not a linear path. It involves both outer and inner work. Here’s a little story of healing that you may relate to. 
At this unique point in time, we have opportunities […]

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What Is Health?

Some would say that health is a goal to achieve, a point on a spectrum that says “You Have Arrived at Optimal Health!” But those of us that work in health and healing arts know that it is a dynamic achievement, meaning it is not static. And most importantly, it is not all that easy.

You […]

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Good News July 2018

Dynamic Neutral in relation to world evolution, animals, people, environmental good news with special focus on businesses speaking up for more respectful and humane immigration policies.