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What Is Health?

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Some would say that health is a goal to achieve, a point on a spectrum that says “You Have Arrived at Optimal Health!” But those of us that work in health and healing arts know that it is a dynamic achievement, meaning it is not static. And most importantly, it is not all that easy.

You know the saying, ‘Simple, but not easy?’ That’s what health is like. It actually occurs on more than just the physical level. Skinny people absolutely can feel unhealthy or just plain bad in their bodies. Heavier people can feel absolutely radiant. We all know intellectually that what society deems as healthy is not always in service to our health. But society’s inundating messages are hard to shake. Subconsciously, society’s norms and ideals are constantly being fed to us, and too often absorb them.

Health—true health—exists on multiple levels. We were taught that to heal from sickness is health. We now know body/mind is inseparable and that in order to find true ease in our bodies; we are tasked with adjusting the thoughts in our head, too. This is also not so easy. Many of our thoughts and beliefs are running on unconscious autopilot.

What’s Going On Inside?
Did you know that most of our self-talk is more harsh than what we’d ever say to someone we don’t even like? Interesting, huh? We are hard-core critical and, too often, downright mean to ourselves. For the rest of the day, observe how you talk to yourself. What’s your inner dialog like? How kind, loving and compassionate are you to yourself? Awareness begins the change. My challenge to you for the next month or so is to have your inner speak be the way you would talk to a dear friend or burgeoning love.

Our physical health is influenced by our thoughts, emotions and our connection to the underlying source of life. We are energy before physicality. This matters. Habits are a challenge to shift—it’s their nature to become ingrained, and that’s ultimately a good thing. It means we don’t have to think about everything. But we do have to consciously pay attention, and ultimately, put new energy and effort in if we wish to shift anything in our bodies, minds or emotions.

You Are an Innate Healer and Creator 
An important thing to remember about our bodies is that they formed once, without our strategic mind ever thinking about it. There was some inherent miraculous intelligence that self-organized and self-assembled into this amazing being that is You. That force is still here with you and it knows how to bring true healing. Some call it our Inner Healer or simply our inherent intelligence. It is a force to befriend. We find it by feel, and it feels like the most generous, gracious and loving force you can imagine. 
On the physical side, we truly are what we put into ourselves — what we ingest physically, mentally and emotionally and what we put into moving our body. Changing our physical diet is shifting a habit, and it influences the feelings that go with our foods, both chemically and emotionally. We are chemically affected by everything that we eat, see, feel and do. So where do we start? Simply, by finding love and appreciation for our food (even if it is a red velvet cupcake) and gratitude for our water, awe for this natural world we live within, and compassion for ourselves. It starts here. 
True Healing
Healing takes place on multiple levels, always. We are intertwined body, mind, heart and spirit. All we have to do is find a way in through just one of these paths. Health and healing may take a bit of time, but it is always available, step-by-step or leap-by-leap into a new way of experiencing the world. All we have to do is attune to it and consciously choose the new way until it becomes a set pattern in our system. It takes some time, effort, nourishment and possibly guidance, but feeling good and being in harmony is our birthright, and the effort is absolutely worth it. 

I now offer Attunement Sessions to remember your health, wholeness and well-being. These sessions are designed to move you into a felt sense of alignment in and harmony between your bodies. They offer a direct experience of being in tune with your true nature. These are life-shifting sessions that get to the core of what’s keeping you from health and wholeness. We approach through whichever body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is the path of least resistance. 
These sessions are powerful and undeniable direct experiences of your connected nature and the power of your own life force. When our layered bodies are attuned and in harmony, we are at our highest potential to express and serve humanity. Attunement sessions are offered both remotely and in person. 
If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, please send me a note here

As always, take care and stay in tune with your unique, wild and precious heart.