Between Testimonials

Prepare yourself to be surprised! Christine has written a beautiful book that captures the reader’s imagination and invites one into a journey of unexpected worlds. The characters are as wide ranging as the journey that they embark upon. These unlikely, but tightly-bonded characters explore many facets of love, connection, race, reality and belonging.

The writing is nuanced and real. The characters are diverse and believable. The dialog is grounded, authentic and light-hearted. The plot is completely unexpected. There are no sledgehammers written within this book—the reader is allowed to weave together the pieces of the individual characters’ experiences to see a bigger picture and a wider world. The artful writing invites an intimate read.

Among the fast moving and unexpected plot, you’ll find yourself looking to peer around the edges to the next part of this Ultimately “Between” is a story of of love, of longing, of knowledge, of race, of identity, and of belonging. Finding, discovering and understanding “home” is a central and revisited theme from many perspectives.

— Steven Morris

“I don’t usually read fantasy or sci-fi, but “Between” was recommended by a trusted friend. The intriguing cover delivers an equally engaging, very descriptive story that does not disappoint. I won’t be passing up this genre quite so cavalierly. “

— Monica

“Treat yourself to an interesting read with some life-lesson jewels “

— Susanlee Martino

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