"There is a place in the soul
that neither time, nor space,
nor no created thing can touch."

— Meister Eckhart

Work with Chris

private Sessions

Virtual or In-Person sessions use Somatic Body Therapies, Guidance and Energy Medicine Attunement to help you heal, attune to your sacred core, and live from Heart Centered Wholeness.


Workshops, individual classes and courses to help you heal and attune to your body, heart and mind. so you can authentically live your sacred callings and longings into the world

common questions

Sessions are all about somatic (your inner felt sense experience) awareness, processing and integration. Whether an issue presents in your body, mind, emotions or even your spiritual longings, your body contains deep wells of wisdom AND holds pain, tension and unresolved issues. We work through dialog, guided sensory experiences, we create a safe environment for you body to release pain, discomfort, tensions, and traumas.

.Suggestion is to start with one session, see how it fits, then work in series of three sessions or in an ongoing format in order to make the most of your transformation journey.

Hands on sessions additionally use light touch fascia therapies to assist you in unwinding patterns, habits and stuck places.

Sessions are 90 minutes for both in-person and virtual sessions. We will make sure you are complete in your journey and have a safe container to enter back into your world with ease.

Because we are working with deep shifts, it is ideal to come no more than every two weeks. This allows time for integration.

It takes time for foundational and habitual patterns to shift in body, mind and heart spaces. If you are working a long held issue, it is common for clients to work with me a minimum of 3 month.

Once a month works well for many clients once the acute challenges have shifted.

Yes. Historically marginalized folks receive 15% off session costs.

Scholarships are available. Contact me to discuss. Chris@openingspaces.com

The Individual Wholeness Journey is suggested to be a minimum of a six month journey.

This is a deep dive into patterns, habits, exiled and protective parts that live within us. At the same time. this is a path of clearing and embodying your most authentic, true self and allowing that to shine through.

We live in a society that is set in survival mode. Our bodies have adopted this stance in many ways that we may be unaware. The Wholeness Journey is a path of re-discovering who we are, how we feel, what we know, and what we’re here to do.

It is a journey into Wholeness.

Session costs are $150 per session.

Classes, workshops and courses are individually priced.

Discounts and scholarships available. See that section for more info. 

Every session is individualized.

If you are interested in physical pain relief or physical challenges are what you wish to address, Somatic Body Therapy is ideal for you.

If you wish to work with trauma, emotional challenges, or habitual patterns and behaviors, Attunement and Guidance sessions will be a good fit for you.

In all sessions, there is a process that unfolds as you move deeper into your inner awareness. Both types of sessions work with Somatic Awareness and processing. Attunement and Guidance sessions deepen your experience.

Individaul Wholeness Journey is a minimum six month long offering for those wanting to deepen their connection to both their body and their Spirit or Sacred Core (non-physical aspects.) This is program assists you in your journey into Wholeness.  


This will vary for each person. Chronic pain and challenges take time to unwind and set new patterns into our lives.

What works well for clients is to work in a series of 3 sessions to begin. This allows for somatic processing and integration, even if you are coming for physical challenges.

Historically, I have worked with clients in a 10 session series. This amount of time, coming every two weeks, equals about three months. This is an ideal amount of time to work with established pattern and habits.

Once a month sessions are ideal for those that wish to work long term (six months to a year or more.) This type of work is also offered in Individual Wholeness Journey.

Easily accessible from 805, my office is located in Sorrento Valley.

The address is 5677 Oberlin Dr., San Diego, Ca 92121

Guidance and Attunement Sessions are available virtually.

Sessions are individual focused work with you, on whatever you are wanting to work with. Somatic Body Therapy is a good starting place as it works with what we are more often aware of – pain. Guidance and Attunement takes the Somatic Body Therapy further with internal awareness and tuning into your internal and external guidance. Sessions provide both healing and experiences of a greater sense of Wholeness and authenticity. 

Classes are often stand alone, in-person, virtual, or recorded educational practices. They often include movement and somatic (inner felt-sense) embodied experiences. Classes provide a space for you to experience healing, more calm, awareness, vibrancy, fluidity and insight into your human experience.

Courses are multiple classes that bring us through an embodied educational journey. Here you are learning larger concepts and using deepening practices to assist your journey. Courses provide a platform for exponential growth, learning or expanding on new concepts, and a deepening awareness of self and relationship to others.