Heal, Evolve & Awaken to Love

Being a human can be amazing and hard. Being who we are, our True Self, is one of the hardest things for us to do, and it’s why we’re here. 

Chris Morris is a trusted natural healer, teacher and intuitive guide who assists clients on their path to their authentic self and soul expression through healing and embodied awakening. This is the journey to True Self. 

Our sensitivity is an evolutionary strength.
The world is shifting and sensitivity is the leading edge. You matter.

Your life is a precious and sacred journey. Along the way, you may have become wounded, lost or disillusioned.

You came here to be uniquely you.

You matter.

Heal and awaken to your true essence and your ideal, creative life.

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for healing body-mind-heart

Pain, dysfunction, and illness are part of the human condition. So is healing. 

Safe space, knowledge and authentically being seen and heard are imperative for our healing journeys. 

Somatic Body Therapy allows our body, heart-mind, and spirit the space to heal and integrate. 

These are in-person sessions that work with Somatic Guidance, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy Medicine and Light-Touch Myofascial release. 

Herbal Medicine works to discover the root of the challenge with whole food herbal medicine and nutritional therapy. This is a wholistic approach to nourishing and cleansing systems to allow the body to rebalance. We work with the body’s true nature. 

Herbal Medicine are primarily virtual appointments, but may be added onto other in-person sessions. 

for integrating inner and outer worlds and evolving your life

Taking our healing further, we work with our conditioning that keeps us from living the life we desire.

Within all of us are inherited patterns, habits and perspectives we use to fit into the world. These are maps given to us by others. 

As we grow into our unique expressions of our authenticity, we learn to attune to an inner voice of wisdom and guidance. The question then becomes—what do we want create with this wild and precious life?

These use Somatic Body Therapy and Energy Medicine and can be in person or virtual. 

awaken to your true nature

Live your unique gifts into the world with ease and security. 

Realizing Wholeness, and Awakening to our true nature allows us to know through direct experience our essence nature. We awaken step by step, and become stabilized in our new state of being.

As we embody our true essence, our biology and world shifts to Wholeness and Embodied Awakened Living with Love. 

We’re still ourselves, but we are dynamically connected to our source essence and move through life from this space. It is a process of development and growth. 

We learn to live with Love, Cooperation and Care as our set points while shifting away from the collective survival set point. 

Embodied Healing and Awakening to Wholeness can:

  • Help heal our physical body, including chronic challenges
  • Help relieve mental and emotional pain, wounding and traumas
  • Help us tune into our body wisdom and unseen guidance 
  • Assists us in awakening to our true essence, the place through which we discover Wholeness.
  • Help us live into Wholeness—the remembering of our true self and how we can create our best life.  

What clients are saying

How has working with Opening Spaces changed my life?

"I am pain free, but I have also delved into being my best self in a manner that feels so liberating and gratifying. I don’t imagine the physical, emotional, and spiritual are unrelated – they can’t be. I expected the physical benefits, the rest is just grace. Thanks, Chris!"
Somatic Body Therapy Client
"Chris helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin (and bones!) I am constantly amazed how some observations that Chris made several years ago and that I wasn't ready to see and accept at that time, are becoming available to me now. What really distinguishes her from all other therapists I worked with is the broadness of her knowledge."
Attunement & Guidance Client
"My work with Chris has been more than bodywork alone, she has created a safe space to talk about things going on in my life, her insights and support have been invaluable for me as a sensitive person. Her approach of helping me body and mind has helped my overall health and wellbeing. I am so grateful for her."
Somatic Body Therapy Client
"Ultimately Chris is akin to a tour guide in navigating all the landscapes in which we are living; the landscape of the physical body, the landscape of spirit, the landscape of emotion, and the landscape of the mind . She holds the space without judgment, with ultimate respect and supports your journey every step of the way. The result is the embodiment of all that is me."
Attunement & Guidance Client
"I have more confidence, more self-kindness and more insight into soul. It's a powerful experience. I feel I need to continue our sessions as I would my dental visits! I find our time together as a healing experience and a I have a lightness when I leave."
Attunement & Guidance Client
"Chris Morris is more than a bodyworker, she is a highly intuitive alchemist. With you, Chris co-creates massive shifts in energy that results in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Working with Chris has transformed my body, my life, and the way I move through it. She is a true healer and helps you learn how to heal yourself."
Attunement & Guidance Client

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