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What people are saying about Chris Morris and Opening Spaces…

Thank you for making yoga accessible, fun and meaningful to all of us. I appreciate the inclusive and supportive learning environment you provide.
~ yoga student

Taking the 10-session Rolfing series from Chris was both an adventure and a great pleasure. It was exciting to see longstanding structural issues in my body magically resolving themselves before my eyes in just a few weeks; it was also fascinating to learn about Structural Integration, the major fascial structures in the human body, and the role they play in posture and alignment.

Rolfing sometimes has an intimidating reputation, but Chris was gentle, supportive, intuitive, humorous, and worked tirelessly to balance my capabilities against the needs of the treatment process. While I often felt I was pushing my limits in the sessions, I never felt I was going past them; quite a remarkable accomplishment for a therapist in this challenging discipline.

I highly recommend Chris to anyone who can be, or thinks they might be, helped by this work.
~ Rolf 10 series client

Christine’s peaceful, intuitive demeanor partnered with professional expertise in hands-on structural bodywork helped me surpass the plateau I reached in physical therapy sessions for neck and shoulder car accident injuries. Her hands on practice were sensitive to my recovery needs, helping my body release tension and open/receive healing energy. I can surf, swim again and will start tennis soon!

I am thankful to have crossed paths with a gifted holistic practitioner such as Christine. I found her card after I took a MELT class at Yoga Del Mar Studio! She’s one of a kind and very caring…if you don’t quite know what you need, she will figure it out and fix it.
~ bodywork client

I have a very physically demanding job as well as a one year old who likes to be carried a lot and Chris keeps me moving and providing for my family! She is amazingly strong and effective at balancing my body and restoring function to joints and tissues that otherwise cause me pain and limit my mobility. You are a godsend Chris!
~ bodywork client