What’s Going On?

One of my students recently asked my feelings about the energy happening on the planet right now. They were curious about the agitated energy expressing in the world. I have lots of thoughts and feels on this relating to both our outer and inner worlds. Let’s see if I can keep it short and simple, with a bit of sweet. 
Many have pointed to this period in time as a time of ‘great shift’ or transformation. This “many” are often not everyday popular influencers, but indigenous, metaphysical, astrological or ancients who relate to large epochs and cycles of time. They are also poets, artists and visionaries that are tuning in and opening our hearts. Heck, even the religious crowd is pointing to the apocalypse, the second coming, the chosen one, and ascension. Consciousness is on the move. So what is going on? 

In short, we are awakening and shifting from one state of consciousness to another—both individually and collectively.

What is Awakening?
Awakening, as you may have read, or even felt, is not all butterflies and rainbows. It gets messy for a bit. Awakening happens in steps, often referred to as states. When enough of us (both individually and collectively) integrate this new, emergent consciousness, it becomes an individual set point, and then turns into a stage. In awakening to wider states of consciousness, there is an unwinding of one way of thoughts, beliefs and habits of being in the world. 

Simultaneously, there is an emergence of consciousness and a relaxing into a deeper experience of our Self. It’s a direct experience that stimulates an embodied shift into another way of relating to the world.

Essentially, we wake up. We open our eyes. We become aware of more. Most often, we do this little by little. It’s about awareness, energy and consciousness. It is what yoga talks about. It is what meditation and many religions talk about. It is moving into a deep and abiding relationship with our source or spirit. It’s about embodying our spirit in our human lives. It’s about living in unity, connection and love. In a way, it is about ascension, but not necessarily the way you’ve been told.
It’s on like Donkey Kong. And there is no turning back. 
You’re Here For a Reason
It is simply time for this shift. And you and I are here to be a part of it. We’re here to find our high hearts, to learn to trust the whispers of spirit and intuition, and to live in a vibration of unity, love, connection and harmony. This is yoga, the Union of our physical self with our spirit self. Embodied. In body. First order of business is to truly love and accept ourself. 

What this entails is a shift and ‘upgrade’ of our thoughts, feelings and physical body. It requires a shift in our understanding of who we are on a fundamental level. It requires us to re-orient foundational relationships, values, beliefs, and patterns of habit. It is a simultaneous unknowing and a remembering. And it’s a lot. 
All of this is playing out on a planetary level as well as the individual level. There’s a lot of fear. Fear is as old as humanity. Humans resist change. We want familiar. We fear retribution from our punitive religions and practices. We have forever decimated one another, so trust is in short order. And most of all, we fear the unknown. 
In order to move into these other realms of connection, love, and unity, we get to resolve and/or transmute this fear and these stuck places. Some will be able to, and some will not. We’ll all need help. And we all have a role to play. We all have our individual fears, blind spots and insecurities. We are all working to bring ourselves out of the shadows of shame, trauma and pain and into the light. We need to help one another find our way home to our true, loving, unified heart space. 
We are truly walking one another home. On a simplistic level, that is what we’re doing. We all have skills for this. We are in the process of remembering them. 
Tips to Remember Your True Nature
Here’s a reminder of some simple tools to get us right into the space of our heart. Our heart remembers unity. Our heart knows love, harmony and connection. Our hearts will bring us home. We need to find ways to directly experience this energy and this space. It’s a felt sense and a remembering. 

  1. Laugh. I’m not kidding. During troubled times it is the most important time to find ways to laugh. It lands us smack dab in the middle of our hearts. Don’t laugh at people, that’s mean and a different vibration. You know the difference.
  2. Be in Nature. Nature is a pure expression of spirit. Get in there and feel it. Sit with a tree. Walk with the wind. Be with water. Nature soothes. It softens our hardened hearts, and allows us to feel sensory sensations. Nature opens our hearts, minds and bodies.
  3. Be with animals or children. Animals and kids are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get.) Adults often have crossed lines of integrity. Kids and animals are clear. They are pure. They don’t lie, bullshit or placate. They help us remember Love in the most pure of ways. Feel it. Remember it.
  4. Create. This can be tricky. If you have a creation practice, move into it as often as possible. This is your channel, your line into the way spirit moves through you. This is the flow. The challenge is to not judge your creations (or yourself) in this process. Simply experience the flow. Use it as practice.
  5. Experience beauty and love. Then share it. Do this as often as possible. Do it for yourself first and let yourself receive it. Often we give energy away before we let it land in our fields and our own hearts. Let it land in your own heart first, then share. I’m learning this one myself.   

Alright, I’m leaving it at 5. See how it goes. Be easy about it all. Be kind to one another. Lift one another up. Help one another. We’re in this together. We’re here for a reason, and we all matter. This shift happens first and foremost in our own hearts. When we find a way to live with this sense of unity, both inside and out, then the whole game changes. 
To work with these shifts, I have a couple new offerings. I’m holding an in-person Somatic Movement Workshop at Yoga Del Mar on Sept. 28. These workshops  enliven, attune, and enhance our connection with our physical and subtle bodies. See the description and details here
Also, I’m now offering Whole Being Attunement sessions to assist individual awakening processes.
If you’re feeling a call to do some deep dive work, or you have become aware of a deep longing or yearning for something more, these sessions can help guide you on your path. Get in touch with me here for more info. It’s not even on my website yet. 

Please get in touch with any questions, comments or ah ha’s. I love them all. If there is anything you would like to see me touch on in communications, please let me know. 
Thanks for being here. It’s hard to see right now, but these are potent and threshold times. They can be beautiful amidst the chaos. Keep finding ways to connect. You’ve got this. 

As always, take good care and stay in tune with your wild and precious heart.