Begin Again – February Guidance

Begin Again

February 1st brings us New Moon, Lunar New Year, and St. Bridget’s Day or Imbolic, which is a traditional Irish, Gaelic and Celtic celebration. In all accounts, these are celebrations of new beginnings. 

As you move into this next cycle, it will be helpful for you to remember that you have new pieces gestating in your own lives, perhaps showing you their tender new growth. New growth requires nurturing, perhaps even protection, to allow these newly sprouted spaces time to grow strong roots and strengthen into the world. 

Especially for sensitives, creatives and wayshowers, energy throughout February may feel as fluid and shifting as January. The difference is you are getting much better at navigating life in ‘real time.’ All of the work you have been doing for the past 2-3 years is coming to completion. You are on the precipice of new life. 

This does not mean that your outer world will necessarily change. What it means is your inner world has absolutely shifted and the center of your patterns has been recalibrated. With this new orientation, everything is different – even if outer circumstances do not yet reflect this. 

Leave the Past is the Past

For a long time, humans have been governed primarily by their past. The future always calls, but even if the call was answered, it was with one eye in the rear view mirror, remembering or avoiding what has come before. This is not a bad thing, remembering learning is essential in all growth. 

The challenge comes when the energy and vibrations of history are still mingling with the present, and assisting in creating the future. Humans are learning to remember the experience, and at the same time, to process and let go of the energy of the past completely. 

This learning to process energy and let it go is extremely important for moving into the spaces that are calling you forward. What this means is that humans are learning to live governed by something other than fear. 

Humanity is learning to be governed by your Heart—your High Heart—the part of you that is connected to the unseen You, that has always been with you. This is a shifting of will and even will power. As you learn to listen and respond to this inner Heart, as you learn to trust this part of yourself, you are finding a stability and confidence that you have longed for. 

The Sensitive Factor

Sensitives, creatives and wayshowers are on the leading edge of this transformation. They (you!) all have a sensitivity and connection that has assisted and guided you (even if you haven’t known what to call it) all of your lives. The challenge with sensitives, which includes empaths, is they have often been overwhelmed by the world and have had to find ways to deal with this. 

Depending on your age, you have had to make adjustments, for some, extreme adjustments, that veiled you off from from parts of yourself. In order to move forward with your evolutionary path, it is time to remove these veils and reconnect with the parts of you that know what to do. 

This doesn’t mean you are moving forward alone. What it means is you are finding and (re)connecting to the deep resonant essence inside and around you that actually is the rest of you. This isn’t some aloof consciousness, this is You.

This is the stable parent you longed for. This is the one that sees, knows and loves you beyond measure and beyond your ability to comprehend. This is the one that will teach you and show you how to belong to and hold onto yourself, while you simultaneously move out into the world and begin to trust yourself ‘out there.’

More Shifts

At the same time, energies are shifting and moving, eliminating some relationships, vocations, and sticking points that have held you for a long time. Do not be alarmed if and when circumstances seem to simply vanish overnight, without the familiar obsessing or dwelling on them. The energy is simply gone. Allow what is complete to simply go. They have completed their cycle with you. 

Sensitives instinctually feel the need for protection because their extremely receptive and sensitive systems have historically been overwhelmed by stimulation. This has kept them in fight, avoidance or shutdown survival modes and has made it difficult to move forward or make progress in the world. They have learned to navigate the world in ways that often look like fringe dwelling, simply for survival. 

Now, with a sense of renewal, sensitives will find they are learning how to live in this world more solidly. They are finding other sensitives to help them move with their essence in ways that shores them up from the inside out. This connection to inner essence is imperative in evolution and maturation. It allows your authentic or genuine self to stay intact while interacting with others. This is learned best in relationship to another trustable sensitive system. 

Gifts and Genius

When we talk about completion, we are referring to these patterns, habits and beliefs that everyone on the planet inherited from their parents or caregivers. It is how humans develop and grow. Many of these patterns, beliefs and habits are no longer in alignment with who you are. You are attuning to something more central to your unique pattern. 

Here, the entire game changes. 

Over centuries, the ability for individuals to grow and be able to keep their inherent gifts and unique styles of genius intact has mostly been lost.  When bonding with caregivers and instinctually seeking safety, these unique traits have often become closeted or even forgotten. Humans are social beings, and if it wasn’t safe (whatever your system decided was safe) to show or grow your unique abilities, they were kept hidden. 

This is where things really begin to get interesting.

First, many of you have an internal guidance system that is wired for service—when the world gets more chaotic, you actually get more focused and called into action. 

Second, the energy that is supporting the planet throughout February is offering the space to finally move forward, even if you do not take any physical steps. You are creating space for more inner listening and connection. You are creating connections in your outer world that are more suited to who you are. You have had key information come into your field in the past 2-3 years that helped you understand who you are and how you are made. 

The task for humanity is to learn how to be agile in these shifting times. As you realize that old patterns, worn out beliefs, and adjusting yourself to fit into the world no longer work (and in fact, no longer interest you) you will find new opportunities arising. 

You do not have to know exactly how everything will work. In fact, that is not possible. You are creating as you walk in the world. You are learning to listen in to your trustable, intuitive, resourced guidance, and allow that to assist you in moving forward, from the inside out. As you do, you will quite naturally find ways to allow your gifts and abilities to come forward (quite safely as well) and find places to interconnect with the world around you. 

Nervous System Evolution

We will leave you with one more piece. Your nervous systems are evolving. Have you seen all the information in the world on nervous systems? They are the first to develop, and they are the first to shift as you grow, evolve, and transform. 

The work you ware doing with your body, mind and Heart are evolving your nervous system. You are quite literally re-wiring your system, in real time.

This is cleaning up and clearing out all of the unprocessed energy you have accumulated throughout your lifetime(s) with and through your body. 

This is also growing your ability to hold more stimulation in your system. It is also expanding your ability to hold paradox (more than one thing can be true at a time.) It is also increasing you ability to hold onto yourself, your authentic, precious essence, when stress happens. This also includes increasing your ability to create in communities of belonging. 

When you expand into more embodied wholeness, literally in and through your body systems, you are increasing self-compassion and self-love naturally. You also increase your ability to receive inspired and intuitive information. Literally you create more room to love and be loved. It is how you are made. 

And you are made for these times.