Where Do You Belong?

There’s a practice of yoga and Hinduism called Neti, Neti. It translates to ‘not this, not that’ or ‘neither this, nor that.’ It is a process of inquiry to discover and experience the true nature of reality, which is beyond words and labels.

This practice is often used as a discernment and contemplative practice to feel […]

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May Energy Weather Report – The Buddha’s Eye

MAY – The Buddha’s Eye

These reports are offered to assist us with the shift currently happening in our world. They are general insights into the energies present—both cosmic and earth energies—that have the most impact on our individual systems and collective societies. They are written in conjunction with my guidance team (you have inner wisdom […]

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Women and Thought Leadership

I’ve had an epiphany.

I am afraid to put my ideas out into the world. My own ideas, in my own voice. There, I said it.

Anything I put out is well researched and backed up by another’s ideas. Any time I write anything informational, I do a fair bit of research first, even if I’m well […]

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What Is Health?

Some would say that health is a goal to achieve, a point on a spectrum that says “You Have Arrived at Optimal Health!” But those of us that work in health and healing arts know that it is a dynamic achievement, meaning it is not static. And most importantly, it is not all that easy.

You […]

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Grooves of Habit

We all know we’re creatures of habit. We all know that we get into patterns of thought, emotional response, movement, and social interaction. This is necessary, really. We can’t think about every little thing we’re doing all the time. We’d never get anything done. These habits have formed over time, from birth through […]

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About Love

This world is ripe and full with the yearning for love. We see it at every turn, every step, every defeat, every celebration. One of the greatest quests humans have is to reconcile and understand the essence of love.


We seem to have narrowed down our understanding to conditional and unconditional love. […]

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