Connecting to Earth – January Guidance

Connecting to Earth

2022 will be another year of unwinding, sorting and planting seeds for ourselves and for our collective societies.

In January, opportunities to unwind ancestral and inherited patterns will continue. This may feel like a revisiting of issues you have already moved through. Your opportunity is to shift the magnetics and energetics of this on a foundational level. You are changing your field.

This time around, you are widening the circle and clearing your past and your future. This clearing affects those in your direct lineage and other relationships you are in that don’t hold your genetics.

You are shifting resonant vibrational fields – yours first –  then it resounds through genetics and relational fields. All healing does this, but this moment in time holds a particularly potent opportunity to reset and re-orient from patterns you/we have be unconsciously living.

You can think of it like this – the first time through you cleared and harmonized the energy. This time through you are rearranging or remodeling the room altogether. You are making room for your signature energy vibration to flow stronger and more freely.

We are awakening and evolving, yes. This time it includes the planet and all her relations.

Connecting to the Earth

Many of you who read this have strong connections with the earth. You have a deep body and heart connection directly into and with her.

The earth is shifting and changing, as are humans, as is all of life on the planet. 

Humans hold a particular space in the circle of relations on planet earth. Humans harmonize with the earth and help the earth and all its relations harmonize and thrive. But they do this only when they are in harmony themselves. 

Those of you sensitives, creatives and wayshowers that have a deep connection with the earth have the ability to ground light, vibrations and energy deeply into the earth. You are like grounding rods. You can bring the energy in deeply through the layers of the earth.

One thing that is possible now is to essentially turn on grids of light in the earth that have been dormant for a long, long time. We will simply call these Grids of Light for now.

You do this through connecting. When you are in your harmonized and coherent connection to your spirit or energy consciousness and you connect directly with the earth – feet on ground (this energy moves through shoes) – you will start to notice energy moving through you and down into the earth. For most, this feels warm or warm and damp. Notice if you are feeling this now, even if you are in your home.

You are not healing the earth here, you are simply connecting. That is the healing. It is between humans and the planet.

When you do this, you may begin to notice energy moving down. You may notice light turns on or amplifies. You may notice color or vibrations. You may notices lines or what feel or look like threads or tubes. Some of you may notice grids.

As you connect to the earth, you are bringing cosmic (faster moving) energy in, channeling and funneling it through your bodies and biofields, and running it directly into the earth itself. This energy naturally finds the energy lines to activate or amplify because it is consciousness itself, moving through you, as you. This is your heritage. This is the heritage of every single human that is born onto this planet. You only have to remember.

Your indigenous communities knew this. Every one of you was at some point connected to an indigenous community around the planet. These communities were was connected to the earth. Some of you are remembering this.

Belonging, Worth and Enough

Let us speak about indigenous communities, oppressed communities and suppressed communities for a moment.

For thousands of years humans have been fighting other humans. There is no culture on earth that this has not affected. Dominator or subjugated, all have been wounded by these energies. Many have lost their connection to the sacredness of earth, humanity and all of earth’s relations through these actions. It has been passed down through your lineages.

This disconnection is the inheritance of every single human on the planet at this moment. Every single one, in their own way.

These ancient ways did not disappear. There are keepers of this knowledge on the planet at this time. They have kept these flames alive throughout all of these times where there has been less light of consciousness on the planet. 

In this disappearance of connection, there was a disappearance of belonging and the inherent connection to the earth and to all its relations. This translated to humanity not remembering they are a part of this sacred dance between things.

Humans began to adopt ways of earning a sense of worth on the planet, through their societies. They began to place value on one higher than the value of another. This was a reflection of the desire to once again be in a relationship of belonging.

The piece that humans are in a process of remembering is that they already are worthy. You already belong to this most sacred of places – the earth. You already are enough simply by being you. This is the hardest thing for humans to do at this moment – to be authentically themselves.

The task of humans moved away from supporting one another in discovering their unique gifts, offerings and ways of seeing the world. They turned to the task of survival. In this evolution, much was lost.

And at the same time, we all have learned a lot.


Humanity is in the process of what has been called the Great Awakening. It is an awakening to many things, but on a foundational level, it is remembering that you are inherently connected to the earth, you matter simply by being you, and you are all in this together. You are remembering there is enough room for all of you.

This next year will deepen the remembering that right and wrong are quite subjective, that human law is colored by human perspective, and that you are the divine incarnated, contracted into the human experience.

Remembering your connection to your deepest and widest energy consciousness or spirit, remembering the connection to your unseen guidance and spirit allies, and remembering your connection to source itself is going to be extremely helpful for the fluidity and continued changes taking place on your planet and in your societies.

As you reconnect, your intuition, guidance and inspiration will also increase. They go hand in hand.

Humanity has an inherent worth challenge around intuition, guidance and direct connection to spirit or energy consciousness.

We encourage you to lean into your intuition and begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with what you understand as guidance. Intuition and guidance are not possible to receive clearly when you are in a survival nervous system state. In those survival states, your biological instincts and wound responses guide you.

Both of these systems, your energy spirit guidance and your body system responses, are designed to work together. They are designed to work in harmony. Over thousands of years, humans have been taught to be wary of their bodies and of their intuition. They were taught not to trust what comes from within. They were taught to trust what comes from others.

Those that kept these connections of intuition, guidance and body wisdom were persecuted. As you know, this happened for thousands of years. It has become a collective human wound and a source of trauma.

As you remember your belonging and your worth, you will be processing these wounds that have accumulated over time. You already are processing these in your clearing of your personal and inherited ancestral challenges. Although this sounds like history, it is quite current in your biology, biofields and your soul energetics.

You are now remembering your connection to your energy consciousness and your spirit. You are bringing that into your bodies and you are healing and shifting multiple lines of wounding and trauma. No wonder you are tired!

This next month, these magnetic and energetic fields will continue to move into earth and assist you with these transitions. These cycles are larger than human minds. They are not larger than Heart consciousness. Your spirit, guides and the divine source of all knows how to hold this energy. You are clearing to be able to hold more of this energy within your own body and biofield.

As you do, your physical bodies are changing. You are remodeling your body to hold more of your own energy consciousness and spirit. This takes time. It is your birthright. As you do this, you are harmonizing with the earth and assisting with her shifts as well.

Rest as your body, mind and heart asks for rest. Nourish yourself well. Connect to the earth and other hearts that nourish you. Take care of one another.

You were made for these times.