Dissolution and Rebirth

This next month is one where our old cycles and ways of being in our lives are coming to completion. They have been dissolving for awhile. These include ancestral inheritances that we are either using for helpful outcomes, or we are letting them go. If this is a challenge spot, you have helper guides available. Ask for your helpers the assist you in clearing whatever is not yours. We cannot heal other people’s energy. 

There are new creations gestating and emerging. They may not be seen yet, which can cause our human minds anxiety and strife.  


All Life Experience on Earth is Not Equal

All life is valuable and precious. At the same time, all life experience is not equal. We don’t all have the same resources and experience. Some of us have more factors here (often called baggage) that make it more difficult to get to our unique gifts and genius and allow them to manifest and shine. 

For those living in war zones (there are many), life is very different from those living in comfort. It is the same with those that have been historically marginalized. 

When these needs of survival are recognized and acknowledged, humans naturally want to assist each other. It goes against the primal nature of human beings to not help one another. Any hierarchical value is a human creation of duality. 

Given enough stress, trauma and disconnection, humans contract away from their inherent connections to their inner wide heart, subtle energy guidance and natural state of interwoven connection and belonging. In this disconnected state, life becomes a very real fight for survival. 

While the collective vibration of planet earth is survival based, this vibration exists in varying degrees depending on where and how the circumstances of your life exist. 

Our survival nature is here for a reason. We simply cannot outrun our biology.

At the same time, we are evolving our collective consciousness. We are widening and deepening our circles of awareness and our direct connection to Source consciousness. 

When enough human hearts have healed and directly stream their own spirit and the way they are uniquely connected to Source, the whole experience on planet earth changes.

But we have to reach a critical mass of wider heart consciousness living—both within our own bodies and collectively—in order for this to happen. 

We have to heal our current and past wounds enough to allow our heart to be connected to clear streams of the way source moves through us. What is Source? It is Love, Connection and Unity. 

The challenge is to have this energy of love, connection and unity embodied and grounded on the planet. This takes healing of humanity on multiple levels. 

March will allow us to have a more clear direct access to this energy of guidance and Source, even within all the chaos that is swirling around us. 


Collective Light Into the Shadows

One of the biggest challenges to those working with bringing more consciousness and love to the planet is the duality factor.

We cannot shift the planet working with duality. Binary thinking is dissolving across multiple fronts. There are those that are clinging to it and looking to create more separation of these seemingly opposing qualities. 

One piece that is missing from duality is the awareness of the consciousness that is underneath or holding these dualities. This is a third piece—the oneness, the Source of consciousness that these expressions emerge out of. This has been called Triality. It is a wonderful description.

As we remember and embody our source essence, we literally land this absolute love and unified field right here onto planet earth. 

When we do this, when enough of us do this, we will have shifted the collective vibration of the planet from one of survival and fear to one of love, cooperation and belonging. 

As more of us move out of the right/wrong, good/bad energy and allow curiosity to suspend certainty, we leave room for something more. This wider presence and consciousness literally holds the binary or dualistic qualities. When we can do this, we actually begin to shift our brains and our bodies. It is a shift out of fear and survival energy.

When we shift how are brains and bodies are able to hold energy, we open the doors for more, including a more expanded perspective and consciousness. We cannot do this from fear or a wounded place. Fear contracts us and our wounds inhibit our ability to flow energy. 

Healing our wounds (our survival, relational and ancestral wounds) makes room for more of our essence energy (the way source moves through us) to be present in our bodies. We have less constriction, restrictions and contractions,  and consequently, more space for flow of our core essence energy.  


Rebirth through Dynamic Neutral

Through guidance, I have seen a wider view of what we usually see as a hierarchical view of spiritual energy or development.

We are often told about higher vibrations and lower vibrations. Our interpretation is that higher vibrations are better than lower vibrations. We are often given the imagery of rising or moving above, and that the heavenly or divine energy is above. This is a relational view that is not present in other realms. 

Guidance has shown me that what we often see as steps or a ladder of one level higher than another is actually more like circles or spheres of energy, one surrounding the other, like nested bubbles so to speak. When we view it this way, as a bubble or sphere (not necessarily round even) then the relativity of higher and lower changes. 

The multilayered expressions existing on planet earth right now each have their reason and mission. When each of us, in these varying energetic places, finds ways to stream our source essence as much as possible, we land light into those spaces. Some are simply more contracted experiences of consciousness and others wider experiences of consciousness. We each have our own experience of these contractions and expansions. 

There is a space that is able to hold both the contraction and the expansion—Dynamic Neutral. This is a space of allowing. A space of dynamic neutral allows room for more consciousness to be present. It allows more awareness. It allows more presence, more love, compassion, unity and belonging to be present. 

Dynamic Neutral gives space (and time) to an individual system to allow this underlying energy of creation, Source if you will, to infuse into the experience. 

Dynamic Neutral is a direct connection to a trustable ground of consciousness, which, at its core, is love and unity. It is a uniting force, not a dividing one. 

Each of us has this ability to hold the space of Dynamic Neutral. We can still have our personal opinions in this space, but our personal opinions held in a wider energy holding the entire experience.

Dynamic Neutral is a way to connect more to guidance. It is a calm and steady space. It is a space connected to Source or Source guidance. We all have the ability to connect to this space.

Dynamic Neutral allows energy to move. It allows healing. It moves us out of a duality and binary mindset. In its most clear expression, it is pure love. 

March energy offers us the space and support to heal, suspend certainly, and move forward with our gifts and abilities that we came here to land on the planet. 

We are changing. The planet is changing. We get to move at our own pace. If that feels too slow, see if you can allow Dynamic Neutral to be present and let yourself be carried a bit by a wider energy and perspective. You’ll be surprised how it will work out. 

Remember, you were made for these times. Truly. No matter how big or small your expression may seem, no matter how contracted or expanded you feel, all expressions matter. Allow what is no longer serving to dissolve, and allow your expression to shine and expand in your own, unique way.