Do It Different

I’ve known this month’s guidance was going to be different. Each time I sat down to write, something different came, then stopped midway. 

Finally, I decided to let it all go fallow. I allowed ‘unproductivity’ to flourish, with the hope that fertility of inspiration would return. 

What emerged is the understanding that elements of our reality have, indeed, changed, and we all are moving into truly doing things differently. 

It’s an interesting paradox — humanity must change in order for our consciousness to move beyond our survival set point, and we need to do it fast. 

And, at the same time, when we begin to truly move at the speed of our true nature, we actually slow down. Emergent futures take time; sometimes stopping completely before shifting in a new direction. 

In our own unique way, we’ve all been repeating the mantra, ‘what got me here won’t get me there.’ And yet, we tend to move into autopilot with our every day actions and reactions. 

These everyday actions are patterns and habits that have been formed over time. They’re now ‘automatic,’ but only because they’ve been repeated and solidified over time. 

Now part of the challenge of changing behavior is that we become wired into beliefs through our emotions, over time. Many of them we have unconsciously adopted from family and society cultures before the age of 6 or 7. 

Our patterns of thought, which are our stories, are built upon our emotions. Our emotions are built upon sensations we experience in our bodies. We know we’re feeling joy because our body experiences a certain vibrational tone, chemicals and sensory experience of joy. We also know we’re sad because our body holds a different vibrational tone, different chemicals and a different sensory experience of sadness. 

We’ve been taught that to shift our perspective, we should shift our thinking or our beliefs. BUT, our stories follow the state of our nervous system. For instance, if we’re irritated or angry, we interpret the world through our sympathetic nervous system, from a state of fight or flight, and we literally see and respond to the world with a fight or flee response. 

We can’t shift our story until we shift our state. 

How we experience the world is a result of what kind of energy we are holding in our physical body. Many of us think we’re in a state of calm, but just under the surface all kinds of energy is bouncing around or frozen in our systems. 

We’re meant to experience the world’s experiences, that’s what we’re here for! — to learn about love in it’s many iterations. But more often, we unconsciously hold onto our pain and separation. The reason why we hold onto pain and shame is long and complicated. But it’s from here where we create ‘otherness’ and pit humans against humans. 

Our bodies are the key to truly creating a cooperative society. We build it from the ground up. 

When enough of us know how to and truly release stuck nervous system and subtle energy wounds —family wounds, society wounds, generational wounds, soul wounds — then we come together in true social engagement because our system KNOWS peace and contentment on a cellular level. 

It’s here where we can more easily tune into our wider consciousness that has wisdom and insights we don’t have access to from a survival state. 

And from here, we become a resonant beacon to help tune other systems. 

We are born with the potential to have a cooperative relational experience with the world, but the world is not vibrating at a cooperative level. Our parents most likely weren’t either. Heck, we probably weren’t when our kids were young either. We did try, though, didn’t we?

We are learning how to be different and value different in a world that values sameness. We’re learning to come from a place of security, vision and inspiration instead of rebellion. 


Now, about guidance. What I have been moving toward over the past six months or so is embodying guidance and allowing it to come out through my personal voice. It’s a bit scary, but it also feels good. 

I still get information from my team, and it’s all woven through my essence or higher self, then it comes out through my voice. 

What I like about this setup is it puts value back on the being human — the evolving human. 

We humans tend to give our power away over and over again. It’s interesting isn’t it? We give it away to anyone we consider an expert. We’re taught to do this over following our own intuition and knowing. 

Now, getting help is important! 


How many times have we overridden what we knew in our heart (or in our gut) when someone in a position of authority said something different than what we were actually feeling in our body?

And if you disagreed with the authority, it became some sort of power struggle?

As we move more into the energy of the feminine — which males, females and non-binary folks have — we move from a hierarchy model to a wholearchy model. 

The first step is to look at things differently. 

When we’re working from a feminine energy perspective, we’re coming from a place of knowing there is an interconnectivity and interdependence between all things in us and around us. We’re in relationship with the mystery. 

For me, in writing this piece, it’s a movement back and forth between connecting with the wisdom of my essence—connected to helper beings—then allowing that to flow through me, as me (which is both individual and more than individual) so, ultimately, I leave my own personal mark on the world. 

Because it’s not about being perfect, or attuning to angelic or cosmic consciousness because that’s better than being human. 

Who knows more about being human than humans for corn sake??

And, at the same time (simultaneously!) we are able to tune into this wider view that knows the interconnection and interdependence of life, because that’s who we are as well. 

We simply have veils that keep us separated from remembering because it’s part of the way we’ve designed it to actually stay in form and learn about love! 

While it often doesn’t feel like, we truly are living in a divine play…and the way I hear it, we created this crazy game in the first place. 

Now, in order to consciously tune into our own intuition, guidance and wisdom, we need to have our system in a ‘safe enough’ state.

Some intuitives become ‘channels’ for higher or wider consciousness. I thought this was part of my journey this lifetime. I had been mentored toward this. 

Then it changed. Or maybe it was the plan all along that I allow my cosmic and inter dimensional connection to just be Chris. And at the same time, to allow my consciousness to grow and evolve into an integrated wholeness. Which we’re doing. In the process, the ‘I’ becomes a ‘We’ anyway. 

The point of all this is to take time this month to allow you, the one you know as you, to bond or connect to love or peace or contentment (the source of life, or angels, or cosmic loving helpers, or helper ancestors) even if you don’t feel it or don’t know what or where it is. Let the knowing come from your heart.

Especially if you’re sick or not feeling well. Ask to be bonded to unconditional love, acceptance and contentment. I’m using multiple words here because it’s important for you to find the one that resonates with you. Ask to be bonded to love, peace and ok-ness. 

Do something just different enough to allow you to become unbalanced, so the wider you has room to come in and help you balance into more wholeness. 

As Ms. Frizzle used to say (and maybe still does), “Take chances! Get messy! Make mistakes!”

Let yourself grow and evolve. It’s your true nature. This never ends, but there is rest. 

You, my dear, were made for these times.