Earthquakes Inside and Out


Well now, you’re back with it, are you? Back on the horse so they say. Good on you there, lass, good on you.

So these movings of your planet are going to increase. We will just say it plain and simple there, no way around it. And do you notice then, they are in direct relation to the inner upheaval that so many are going through now? So many deep and dark unravelings, from the core of your being, from the center of your universe, because truly, in there IS the center of your own universe. You each have one and they are all tied directly to the center of THE Universe.

Meeting Your Edge

These flows of magma, these underground rivers of another kind of crystal, they are having a hard time finding a direct flow. This one particular flow you are asking about, she is way out in your Pacific Ocean trying to find a way though, her own path of least resistance, but she is bumping up against an edge. Much like your entire world is doing, pushing up against an edge that does not want to budge.

This is like all the other movement of energy you are all beautifully creating. You all have the intention of creating unity and harmony so you do not wish to impose yourselves too much. But you are now understanding, the Keeper does his job so very well, doesn’t he? You are all understanding that if you don’t fill those spaces with your vision, your heart, your world that you see and feel in the heart of our being, then others will.

The great concern of pushing too hard and making what you call another mistake is fading from this group of lightworker consciousness and we could not be prouder. One by one, you are understanding that you are the most beutiful of energies, not the monsters and abberations you have felt on some deep level. You do know what to do and you are doing it well.

You will gain momentum, all of you, very easily. You will actually make it fun to move through this sticky, very uncomfortable place. All of you. Yes, the Story Lady, she is quite entertaining and we are glad the two of you have not found each other in the flesh because the world might just not be ready for that yet. We kid, yes, but you know there is a powerful alchemy there, just as there is with the Keeper and we are incredibly pleased you have felt comfortable and grounded enough to rejoin on this level. You have been working together all along, there is not question of that. We see it and you have invented some unexpected twists, as each of you always do. That is expected and so looked forward to.

Inner Movements

Back to the inner movements – your bodies. As your physical bodies become unstuck, unchained, unbound from these energies of experience that have been holding you in place, are they not requiring that you understand yourself on an entirely different level? You are not the same person you were in December. None of you are. It is that quick. And as these new flows of energy have opened up in your own physical system, it has created ripples and quakes in your own personal worlds. They are completely appropriate for who and what you desire now. Your coverings are dropping off. You are shedding your cloaks of invisibility. It is quite terrifying for some, so they only peek out a little. Some have thrown off the cloak only to go scurrying to find it as their bodies and minds become overwhelmed. There is no worry for you from this side. You are learning what is the perfect speed for you and like everything else, it is only by experience, trying it on, or taking it off  that you are able to determine just how much is the right speed.

It is the same with the underground flows. Old energies are opening up. Which came first? The earth momements or the human movements? We tell you it is the spirit movements that came first. The earth and human interations are more like a game of chess, but not for a win, simply for the experience. It could be viewed more like a game of tetris than a game of chess, yes, but it is the responsiveness that we wish to accentuate.

This pressure is building, there is no doubt. The smaller quakes and release will be much more easily dealt with, yes. And like all things, if the energy doesn’t move one way, it will move another. The flow is happening and there is too much momentum to stop it. And truly there is no need. All is perfectly on schedule, even if it does seem ahead of time. You are now in the creation of the timeline, so these plans are now all in the making. There is a process, yes, but a timeline? Only the one you all create with the connection of your hearts.

The unbudging opposition, there are small pathways in-between, there always are. Just as in your work with the body, you do not try to anniliate the obstruction, you coax space around it. Here you can do the same. There are small spaces, pockets of gas and air, just as in the body there are pockets of movement around bound tissue. Take a moment now, and allow these spaces to come to your attention, the spaces around the pain and tension you feel in your physical body. Let the blockages and pain move to the background, still there, still held in awareness, but not the main show.

Body Balance

Good, you have found it in your body. Move to the spaces around the pain or tightness and notice the energy around them. Notice the flow of blood, fluid, and energy—even in between layers notice those small flows, like trickles of water. Like drops of rain sliding down glass that at some point always, they are drawn into flows of another path, growing into biger rivers. It is this way. Let your imagination, your awareness notice these flows, however small.

It is the same in the earth. The magma flow is building up and spreading out along this ridge. She is looking for her path through. The earth is feeling this pressure, just as you are feeling the pressure in your body. Let you mind move to a place along this ridge line, either in your own body or in the earth’s interior. Let your wisdom and awareness be drawn to the place where you feel energy flowing, even if it is so very slight it feels like a whisper. Then find another one. Let them be as thin as you can find, many small ones like veinules or capillaries. Do this now in your own body and minds eye. Do not force anything, just notice and allow. We’ll be right here when you return.

The flow that happened in your body first—find the opposite and let it flow through the other side. If it was red, fiery energy, notice how you had the opposite, the cool, blue white that appeared once the energy of pain and tension began to move.  That is how it works. Then when the fiery energy found its natural pathway out, the shift occurred in your torus. You felt it in your body. Others would have felt it more in their torus or outer fields. You felt the energy shift to the other side, to it’s opposite. It kept the same blueprint, yet the circuit was reversed, which you felt immediately. That is what the keeper is talking about when you reverse your torus. You are not reversing the magnetics, you are reversing the flow within the magnetics. Yes?

Earth Balance

What you found in your body translated directly into the earth. Your location is a lovely addition. Others will have their connections working in a similar manner. Simply the awareness of the possibility can change the possibilltiy.

And we tell you to let go as much as you can about the fearful ramifications. There are no places or experiences that do not have an agreement to what is occurring. At the same time, your consciousness, the ones working from different perspectives, yet having the same vision, allows for a brand new possibility on your planet—one of harmonious shift. Your earth and humanity are used to violent shifts. Patterns are difficult to change once ingrained. Never impossible. Enough attention and a new path emerges, even where one was not imagined.

Allow the impossible to happen. Let your view be a wide horizon of possibility. Let there be equal measures of spaciousness in these expansive horizons. The constriction is easy to find. The expansion is not so easy to encounter at these junctures. You all know they are there. When you encounter expansive energy, stay with it as long as possible. Feel the wide open spacious horizon, the vistas, the possibility beyond which you can see. This will pull your world into a new dimension. The birth canal is always constricted. There is always a squeezing through. You have outgrown your old world and the new one is right there with you. Notice it. Breathe life into it. Let it become as real as anyting you know.

We greet you with these words in the most celebrated way. You have found your way to your next place. We have been waiting for you every so excitedly. It is a grand gathering of souls. You know yourself in two places at once and for that we are joyful beyond words. Welcome back. Welcome home.