Physical and Subtle Energy Bodies

Here we are, together again. Can you feel your helping guides? Those that are with you always, and those that are here today to work with you? 

It is helpful to take a moment and feel or sense into your spaces, both inner and outer, and see what you perceive. 

Now this perception is highly subjective. There is no right or wrong. You may have an image, smell, sense, or knowing of the subtle energy here to work with you today, helping you to know your subtle or unseen layers. We are designed to be able to perceive and relate to the subtle realms.

Subtle Energy and Being Human

While you are simply reading these words, there is also subtle movement of energy between your body ‘you’, your mind ‘you’, your emotional ‘you’, your soul, and your essential essence—which is often called spirit or higher self.

You have these experiences with subtle energy on the inside, which you often consider ‘you’. And from the outside, which you often consider ‘not you.’ You have these experiences all the time, whether you realize it or not. You can learn to perceive this energy. It just takes is practice.

Now, we will state this for the record – there is only one source of all energy in existence. 

The complicated feature of this energy, which is challenging for our human minds to digest, is this one energy contracts into an infinite amount of expressions. These expressions also vary in states of density. 

So it is understandable the challenges we have of knowing who and what we are. 

You cannot fit all of your energy (the energy that is the contracted expression of Source through you as you) into your physical body of density. 

In fact, what you consider the physical you is quite often saturated with energy of other contracted expressions of Source that you have ingested or adopted into your physical, mental, emotional and even soul levels. 

What is considered ‘free choice’ isn’t always so free because we inherit and accumulate patterns of thought, emotions, behaviors and beliefs from other beings around us (part of which is ancestral) and ultimately our wider society. This is often referred to as conditioning. We are conditioned individually and as a society. This conditioning is energy in varying states of density in you and around you that you cannot digest or process if it is not yours.  

Sensitives and healers have a tendency to take on other people’s energy. You cannot heal anyone else’s energy. But you can ask it be removed by your spirit, helpers or even Source itself. And you can heal, digest or shift your energy. 

Physical and Subtle Energy Bodies and Sheaths

These physical and subtle energy bodies operate like nested dolls, both inside and outside of our physical body. While there are some differences between cultures and systems that discuss these different layered bodies, the essence is quite similar across understandings.

The physical body is the only layer where we can experience all the layers of self simultaneously. 

If we go inside from our physical body, to our inner sheaths as it’s called in Yoga, we have the more subtle energy of our heart-mind. These are our thoughts and emotions. They are like two sides of a coin and they go together. 

We also have the energy of prana, which is our vital life force energy that governs our chi, prana and vital energy forces inside. Some state this layer is just inside the physical body, others have it inside the heart-mind. One way to think about these more subtle layers is the more subtle layers interpenetrate and connect through the more dense layers. 

The most subtle of layers will interpenetrate all of the other layers of our physical body. Can you feel the essence of that? 

At the deepest layer of our physical body is consciousness itself, Presence. This expression of consciousness is intact, fully itself, and anchored into our unique expression of self. It’s our own individual connection to Source inside of us. It’s in everyone. Yes, everyone. I call this our Radiant Heart Center. 

This deepest layer interpenetrates and interconnects with all the other layers of our physical body. 

When we know this space exists, that divine consciousness resides inside of us, it allows us an anchor to remember our true nature. It also gives us an incredibly stable ground to work with and from which to explore all other layers. This layer interpenetrates and connects to all the other layers of our body. This is our anchor and Home. 

Now just outside of our body are layers, too. All of these bodies encase or hold our physical body as well, and are connected to our core essence at our center. 

Just outside our body there are our auric or biofield layers related to our chakras. Also just outside our physical is our etheric body, which supports all of our vital energy systems of our body. The etheric is intertwined within the closest layers to our skin and also extends out to the end of our aura. This field is directly related to our physical health. 

It’s important to remember we are energy before we become physical. 

Beyond that is said to be our astral body, which is also called our emotional body. Some cultures call this both the emotional and mental body, other cultures have the mental body outside of the emotional. Regardless, these two go together just like the heart-mind inside the body. Can you feel the correlation inside and out? 

Remember, consciousness itself, Presence, is at the very core of you and extends out through all your layers, even outside your physical body. 

There’s said to be an astral etheric body, too. Beyond that, is what most call the Causal body, which is equated with our soul. Our soul holds our body. Our physical body is held within our soul. Our soul is what moves us through time and space to learn about Love. 

Around our Causal body is what some call the Buddhic Body. This is what we activate and actualize when we are fully awakened in and through our heart and are fully merged and stabilized in our essence nature. This is embodied liberation. 

Knowledge and Experience are Powerful

Why are we bringing this information today? Because the wider and simultaneously deeper, subtle layers interpenetrate or ‘hold’ the more dense layers of being human. Having an awareness of our wider and deeper aspects, and learning to work with it, can help us in ‘digesting’ or processing our emotional, mental, inherited or traumatic experiences from an energetic perspective. 

We are much larger, wider and deeper than we know. There’s so much more to us and the world than our physical experiences. When we heal and clear our physical, mental and emotional layers, it literally lightens up our body. When we anchor in our Radiant Heart Center, our sacred core, it shifts our consciousness and assists our healing and personal growth.

When we connect deep within and expand out, we are moving through the world in a way that can really shift our world in practical ways. We feel better. We live from a sense of connection. We are able to express and create what we came here to do. 

When we have a direct, felt sense of our wider and deeper self, everything shifts. This is the way the world shifts.

You, my friend, were made for these times.