Energy, Magicians and Mystics

The Practice:

Shift Your Roots to Nourish Your Physical and Subtle Energy

We’ve talked before about connecting to the ground under you. Now we want to take it a little further and connect to places on the earth (present, past or future) that bring you joy, enliven, nourish and calm you. 

The earth is quite challenged right now. Places you’re connected into may not be best for you or the earth anymore. You may find places in the past or the future call to you. That’s great. Root to where you’re guided. This will most likely be multiple places. 

This practice is especially helpful for those that have chronic conditions that nothing seems to help—physical, mental or emotional. 

  1. First, connect to your spirit/unseen self, your helper guides, and the source that holds it all.

  2. Let yourself remember, imagine and feel into places and times on earth where your system thrived. This would be the happy places in your imagination, dreams or some place you remember. You probably already have one of these places that you go to in meditations or visualizations.

  3. Imagine your entire energy system (physical and nonphysical) as a sacred tree of life. Let your energy (imagine) move from your belly or hips, through your legs, out your feet and into these places on earth. These are your nourishing places.

  4. One of these places may be where you were born or grew up. If it still feels good to have a part of your system rooted there, let it stay. If not, request that it be moved to a place that is nourishing now. If you feel other places you’re rooted to aren’t nourishing you, move those roots to another place that comes to mind.

  5. You could be rooted or branched into elements such as water, air or wood. Let your system and your guidance show you what is a good place for you. Trust your intuition and imagination. You may get places that come to mind throughout the month. Root into them when they come to your conscious mind. 
    (Inspired by Vivaxis concept, Cindy Dale)

Energy, Magicians and Mystics

As a child, this time of year simply freaked me out. It is said during this time of year (end of October, beginning of November) the veils are thinner between worlds. 

For me, being sensitive to the unseen realms (which you probably are, too) it brought more creepy energy around. This energy did not feel like the divine or angels, or what I would now call the divine realm. 

This time of year that seemed to glorify ghosts, monsters, skeletons and all things creepy seemed ridiculous to me. Who in their right mind needed to be more scared? Not me. Those bases were covered. 

Now, and especially this year, I’m enjoying the thinning of the veils. 

The reason? Mostly because I’m understanding more and more what’s actually happening in my system when I’m picking up and responding to the unseen (subtle) realms. This communication is more conscious. I now understand how to work with energy in much more comprehensive ways.

I’ve also learned how to work with and focus my energy so I’m not overwhelmed by sensations and subtle energy, at least most of the time. 


As our world shifts, it will be helpful for us to become more fluent in energy, and especially subtle energy. 

Light (photons) and sound (phonons) are two of the primary vibrations expressing in us and in our world. 

Many of us who have worked with energy for a long time have done so quite successfully, especially when working with others. What has been missing for most of us is taking care of our own energy, both physically and subtly. 

As many of us have discovered, our kids have this sensitivity to energy, too, even though they may try to ignore it. They have the sensitivity, but they don’t have the same armor we did that gave us a layer of protection in this harsh world. 

For many reasons they simply aren’t able to take the hits from life like we could. They don’t have the toughness factor many of us grew up with. We needed this tough outer casing to our energy so we could deal with the bombardment of sensory stimulation – energy – seen or unseen. 

We are now shedding these layers of armor, healing our wounds, and learning to live from these more vulnerable spaces. As we heal and learn how to wield our inherent gifts, our kids will be more able to wield theirs as well. 

It has been said by many and I’ll repeat it here — kids these days are just different. And that, my friends is a good thing. It can make life tough on them, and on us as parents. They hold the energy, the electric and magnetic currents, that the world is moving to. Their matrix is not set to what it currently is. 


What many of us knew as we were growing up was there was magic in this world…if only we could remember how to access it! 

Well, here we are, the veils are thinning (both right now and in general) and the ability to create magic is more possible than ever. 

Magic is simply consciously working with energy, forces and fields. 

Magicians are waking up en-masse and learning how to work with energy more consciously and clearly. This is where it gets really interesting. 

My generation (Gen X) is a bridging generation. There have been bridges in each generation. Ours has a large portion of folks that bridge between the generation that came before and after, as well as between unseen and seen worlds. You may have been born with this energy even if you’re not within the GenX dates. 

We know the old ways, and at the same time, we love and adapt new patterns and beliefs. 

We grew up without technology everywhere, but we adapted quickly when they began to saturate the world in the 1980’s – high school and college for most of us. 

We know how to move from one reality to another. And we’re pretty low key about it all. Many of our kids had the same experience with technology as we did. It came to their world much earlier than us – toddlers to elementary school.  

Our generation is at the beginning of remembering our magic. We’ve been quiet longer than other generations. We’re not running the world politically as a majority. Older generations have held onto that power. Many have counted us out as the lost generation. We were that, too. But now we’re finding our way. We are coming online. 

We’ve been quietly unwinding our tethers to the old ways that are holding us back. We are learning how to turn on our abilities. We understand more of the skewed power dynamics, how positions of power are hoarding and not allowing for diversity or race, gender (all variations of gender) and physical limitations. We are letting go of social conditioning that is harmful to us and others. 

We certainly have been learning how to turn on our abilities to better understand energy (physical and subtle), work with our foundational beliefs, heal and create a different reality. 

What I’m hearing to tell us right now is we are magicians. Are you ready to hold your powers of creation? Can you feel how fun this can be? In the midst of all the chaos and intensity. We can hold both the excitement for what is coming and the sorrow for what was and what is. We can continue to help others while we create a new reality. We can do both.

Modern Day Mystics

As you may notice, the tone of this month’s guidance is different. It’s been shifting over the months, and I almost let it all go. 

But when guidance dropped this title in (I often get the title first) I got that charge through my system that was an excited and resounding, ‘Yes!’

A mystic is a person that walks with one foot in the unseen realm and one foot in the seen world, consciously. 

We work with intuition naturally (if we let it come through) and we know there is much more than the physical world we exist within. 

Many of us, as we consciously learn about intuition, consciousness and guidance, may realize we have worked with the unseen realm for all of our life. We may have turned down the volume as we focused on building and creating a life, or simply surviving. 

It’s been tough. It’s mess out here. The old ways are dissolving. It’s scary and uncertain. 

But I also want to add that while all of the above is true – these times can also be quite magical and, possibly, even fun when we get our feet steady on the shifting ground.

This may sound ridiculous to those of us struggling with pain, anxiety, depression and/or deep wounding. We’re not going anywhere without you. We’ll help you find your light and magic, too. 

In the middle of all this, here is the magical question — what lights you up? Or at least creates a spark? Or even gives you just a flutter of excitement? We have to build our capacity to hold the joy, lightness, and to create. It takes a little bit of time to shed the old and outdated. 

This month is set to be a wild card. Emotions and illusions may loom large. At the same time, there is a lot of promise for growing our understanding and ability to work with energy. Allow yourself to be astonished by the world, follow the nudges of your intuition and see what happens. The veils are thinning and your system is shifting. 

Remember, you were made for these times. Can you feel it?