Evolutionary Energies

planet earth divided like drops of water. concept parallel universes. 3d rendering

“This month, the energy moving into the planet, along with the energy from those humans already moving into these higher frequencies of shift energy, will allow us to feel more joy and liberation — as long as we have the biology able to receive these frequencies.”

While talking with a client the other week, guidance was telling us these collective or planetary energies were going to be happening until next spring. Doesn’t it feel like we’re continually being told this? 

Truth be told, these energies are going to be present going forward. We were specifically talking about the deep change energies many of us are feeling in our systems. 

These energies are different. 

How much inner work we have done, how much shifting in our relationship to self, determines how we experience these energies. 

Gone are the days when we could ride a wave of energy by eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and burying our head in the sand. 

Real change is upon us. And it is messy. 

It’s going to be messy. Birth, no matter how you experience it, is a bit of a shock to both one birthing and the one being birthed. 

We are all frogs in the water, and the water is slowly boiling. 

What we have the opportunity to do in this moment is to make the proverbial jump out of the water. 

This requires a shift in consciousness. 

Biological Shifts

My friends, we cannot move into a new world from our survivalist biology and mindsets. We literally have to discover a fundamental new way of being in our world. 

This means shifting beliefs and our fundamental ‘come from’ place. 

We often talk about shifting beliefs and finding security like its something you can do in 30 or 60 day challenges. 

Unless you have an energetic shaktipat experience that puts you in direct and conscious connections w the source energy of your being — AND — are able to integrate this into a stable new way of being, this shifting is gonna take some time. 

Our beliefs are held in place by our energy. They’re also reinforced by our daily habits. On top of that, we have the way our nervous system was wired for action when we were young. 

The good news is we actually have the biology to shift out of survival —fight, flight, freeze/collapse — consciousness and into unity or cooperative consciousness. 

In order to do this, even if we’ve received years of spiritual information and practices, we need to get into the wiring of our nervous system, allow it to shift around a few connections, and integrate up and down our processing systems. 

In oder to do this, we need our more recent neocortex and all of it’s gifts to connect through our emotional and survival centers — integration and connection up and down our brain and nervous system biology. 

Our practices have done some of this. But we need a fundamental connection from survival biology to enlightenment or liberation biology. We need to access a connection to faster oscillating states of consciousness. When we run this higher vibrating energy through our system, it takes some time to have our biology adjust so it’s not overwhelmed and kicked over into survival responses. 

When we’re able to do this, our ‘come from’ place shifts. We no longer come from survival (separation) energy, we come from unity and security (love and connection) energy. 

When we shift to this level of biology, we no longer (or less often) respond to the world from what we were taught or conditioned. We begin to meet the world as it is, from a place of deep and abiding security. 

Generational Differences

The older we are, the more we need to work on moving out of these individualistic and autonomous views of humans – especially if we have a ‘just pull yourself up by your own bootstraps’ mentality or belief system. This belief is actually an Un-Truth. This is not how humans are wired, no matter how self-made we feel we are. 

Younger generations are actually wired for cooperation and connection more naturally. But our younger generations are often wired for a world that is not quite here yet. They need support and connectivity more than we older folks did. 

It’s not a character flaw – it’s an evolutionary development. 

Those of us that have a bit of both old and new energetic set points – bridging generations (especially Gen X) are uniquely qualified to assist with this transitional piece of the puzzle. 

There’s a good chance this Is you!

So how do we do this? 

We do the work. We get under the hood of our beliefs and biology and start re-wiring. It’s not simply a ‘go and think new thoughts’ situation. 

Humans are much more complex than this.

This evolutionary shift is much more complex than just thinking new thoughts. 

Integration of Body, Mind, Heart & Energy is Key 

This shift requires and integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit or energy. This means all levels are upleveling – maybe together, maybe one piece at a time. 

We have to find a way into our bodies—which older generations did not regularly do. We have to release what’s stuck energetically in our bodies – what’s not flowing. The only way for integration to happen is to have these flows of evolutionary energy through all of these systems. 

There’s a naturalness to this process, but we may need guidance. 

Now our nervous system works with both electrical and chemical energy. This is a great place to start – in the body. In fact, our bodies are probably asking for these shifts by exhibiting pain and dysfunction. 

It’s not just aging!

Then there is our biofield, which is the subtle energy system within and around our bodies that holds our patters and programs. These are emotional and mental. 

Over the past 28 years I’ve been working to help humans heal. The two avenues that have truly (and finally) gotten to the core or root of challenges are nervous system healing and biofield healing (which is subtle energy.) 

Nervous system and our biofield or subtle energy fields actually go together on a continuum. 

Of course, there are also Soul Wounds that require healing. These wounds echo through lifetimes, repeating again and again until the energy is healed or re-integrated. 

This month, the energy moving into the planet, along with the energy from those humans already moving into these higher frequencies of shift energy, will allow us to feel more joy and liberation — as long as we have the biology able to receive these frequencies. 

Remember, this is a slow, steady and integrative process. We’re reaching higher and also delving deeper into our systems. The integration of the two allow us to experience a wholeness that has not been available to the masses for some time.  

Welcome to the new world! It begins within you. 

Remember dear one, you were made for these times.