Evolving Biofields

This month’s guidance takes us to our changing biofields, the fields that contain our bodies, and our relationship to our planet.

We are becoming more aware of our bodies as a vehicle of consciousness growth, evolution and awakening.

We are not transcending out of our bodies, We are transmuting and evolving with our bodies. As we shift and change, we’re able to hold more energy in and around our physical bodies.

Truth be told, these evolutionary abilities are ancient technology. What is happening now is there is a gentle re-emergence of information that include viewing the body and life itself through wholism, vitalism, and interconnection.

Our physical bodies are shifting. We could say they are being squeezed, quite naturally, by society and cosmic energy events. Humans are more than our physical bodies. Our reductionist sciences have taken our gaze away from our interconnected biofields, which are more than our physical body. They are measurable.

Evolving Science

Essentially, we took two paths as humans trying to understand ourselves. One path took the view of reducing our view of who we are to our parts, down to the atomic and then sub atomic level. This journey is one of taking apart.

Another path, a more ancient path, involved a wholism and interconnected theory. This view is both a deepening and widening of the interconnected subtle energy fields that form into mass and matter, creating human beings.

The basic difference between the two is looking at life as distinct parts, or looking at life as an interconnected whole.

As this vitalism and wholism way of seeing the world takes a stronger root in our minds, beliefs and consciousness, it begins to shift how we interact with the world.

When we begin to understand and believe in this interconnected nature of life through our fields or biofields, our relationship to this energy or consciousness shifts. Meaning, as we begin to understand this interconnectedness, our physiology and biology begins to shift to.

Shift to what you might ask? This is the million dollar question.

Life in Flux

Ancient wisdom tells us that as we come into a deeper relationship with consciousness, our awareness and experiences in the world shift. Awareness opens the door.

Many sensitives know all too well how much energy of the world impacts their physical system – both energy from outside of the body, and emotions and experiences that arise from inside the body.

What is becoming more available is the ability for humans, especially sensitives, to learn to modulate energy so it does not overwhelm our physical systems.

Sensitives, by their very biological nature, experience ‘more’ through their nervous system than folks that do not have this sensitivity. It is biological.

We’ve talked about this before, but it bears review – sensitivity is not the dominant way of being in the world, especially in the west. Sensitives, especially older ones, have had to suppress or hide some of these qualities in order to function in current society.

As sensitives learn how to connect their biofield to their core essence more consciously, we will begin to create stronger fields, thereby creating stronger boundaries. By strengthening energy biofields, sensitives will change their nature of unconsciously and subconsciously absorbing dissonant energy.

One thing we have collectively forgotten as sensitives is our systems are designed to create harmony. So any dissonant energy suck into our system to harmonize it. We’re like energy vacuums.

It’s time to shift this dynamic.

Learning to clarify our biofield is incredibly important right now. We can no longer take individual responsibility for the energy of the rooms we are in – even though it may feel like fingernails on a chalkboard. We have to find ways to work with wider fields of consciousness and energy and not run it through our bodies and fields.

Waking Up

There is literally an explosion of awareness in the fields of subtle energy science and nervous system science. We are learning that our thoughts are not the only thing, and not the strongest field to influence our health, outlook, and belief systems.

These awakenings to our nervous system function, relational and attachment styles, our ability to self-regulate and co-regulate are becoming common. This, along with information in subtle energy fields have us poised for a cultural shift in how we operate as families, communities, and societies.

But if you look at our news, you will see quite a different story. It looks quite scary and precarious.

This waking up to our interconnectedness and our interdependence is happening globally. We are right in the middle of a paradigm shift away from the culture of domination and independence that we have inhabited since the Industrial Revolution.

There are cultural and societal, as well as cosmic influences that are affecting this change.

As mentioned before, our biological biofields that surround and interpenetrate our bodies are affected by other humans, the earth, and energy that comes into our earth atmosphere through space – both from the sun and from deep space.

Do we understand this yet? No, not really.

But it’s been shown that our nervous systems are affected by the influx of energy from the sun that hits our atmosphere through geomagnetic storms and coronal mass ejections.

More Science

It has also been shown that the area between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere contains energy that is largely supplied by lightning strikes around the planet. There are an estimated 2000 lightning storms at any given time on earth, producing 50 flashes of lightning every second. These are called standing waves of electricity and are known as the Schumann Resonance. 

The ionosphere atmosphere is a boundary between earth lower atmosphere and the vacuum of space. It extends from 30-620 miles above earth and combines with earth’s upper atmosphere forming a shield around the earth. 

The ionosphere fluctuates in resonance and can ‘spike’ when solar radiation strikes it. Heart Math Institute has shown that cosmic activity, solar radiation and the Schumann Resonance effects human nervous systems. 

Some say these resonances impact brain wave states, anxiety, stress and creativity levels. 

Currently, our sun is very active with sunspots and coronal mass ejections, which are large bursts of magnetic plasma from the sun (solar radiation) that become geomagnetic storms when they hit the earth’s atmosphere. 

In a nutshell, we have a lot of energy working with our biology, biofield, our conscious awareness and our consciousness. 

A Bit of Woo and Energy Practices 

All of this energy is impacting our systems – both individual biology systems and our society structural systems. With this current energy working with the planet, things that have been buried, hidden or contorted from their true nature are no longer able to stay hidden.

This means our mis-attuned personal unconscious and subconscious conditioning, habits and patterns are not able to stay hidden beneath the surface either. We have all contorted ourselves away from our unique authentic nature, causing inherent dissonance with who we are at our core essence. 

This incoming energy is moving through all fields. We may feel it as emotional or physical pain, relationship shifts, vocational shifts, the blahs or even strong creative energy. It depends on the day and what we have yet to work with in our biofield. 

Call it what you wish, but if you’re sensitive, you’re probably feeling it. Things are shifting and changing. Sensitive one, you are at the leading edge of an evolutionary paradigm shift. 

One thing that ancient wisdom has taught us is that direct experience and a dedicated practice of interacting with subtle and unseen energy can awaken humans to quite incredible human potential. It isn’t just theory or ideas. It is the practice and relational interaction with energy, awareness, and beliefs that create the paradigm shifts. 

Ancient teachings, especially from the East, have a rich and dynamic history of actualizing a relationship with consciousness that results in an evolutionary way of being in the world. Simply said, humans have the ability to work with energy in a way that is much more powerful and allows us many more abilities than we know. 

Right now, for those on the evolutionary front, a conscious awareness of working with time and space beyond a linear fashion is taking place. 

What this may show up or feel like is feelings, sensations, or emotions showing up ‘out of the blue’ – especially around incidents or experiences that we thought we moved through or processed.

If we’re able to slow things down (taking a few deep breaths might just do the trick) we might notice that are many memories from different points of time all activated at once. It can feel quite surreal.

This is where the awareness of our biofield can be handy. 

Our biofield was actually described by ancient Indian and Tibetan cultures (and other indigenous cultures) as these nested, interrelated flows of subtle energies. Our current science describes these as biofields.

The Practice

For us currently, we can imagine a bubble around us up to eight feet wide that has a central channel that goes right through the midline of our body. Our heart space, our heart of hearts can be imagined or felt as the center pulse of this field. 

When you feel strong emotional or physical pain or mental fixated activity, give yourself a moment to imagine your biofield (which is a matrix) and ask your most wise core essence to strengthen or increase your energy field. Focus and intention are activators. Asking is absolutely necessary.

It is helpful to have an awareness of both this central midline channel and your field around you. Imagine energy coming in through the top of your head, moving down the central channel, spiking a beautiful, unique pulse at your heart of hearts center, then continuing down to the earth and circling around both sides (like a magnetic field) and back into your crown. 

As you do this, you may notice little images or energy in various locations around your field. Ask you energy field to hold all of these in deep love and compassion, allowing them to move out of your field, or dissolved into your wider energy field. Let your wise core essence decide, not your rational thought.

Remember, energy does not die. It shifts from one form to another. In these times, we have to find a core trustable space to hold onto. 

In this current planetary energy, we will meet wounded places that have been hidden away. As we hold them in loving compassion, they will evolve, mature and either integrate or dissolve into a wider field. If we can’t hold the energy ourselves, then it’s important to reach out to a trusted human to help you. 

We are in a time of healing. We are also in a time of great flux and intense energy movement. As we heal these spaces, we allow more clear core essence to flow through us. This brings us into deeper harmony, less pain, better health and clear relationships. 

Evolution is on the move. You are here for it. 

Remember, you were made for these times.