Exponential Help

Recently I was in class with a woman who lives in Ukraine. During one of the  bombings, she had an experience of noticing incredibly dark forces that seemed overwhelming. She asked for help from the divine realm (angels.) Initially, the amount of helping energies did not feel like enough to balance or contain the dark forces. 

Her guidance encouraged her to continue to ask for help, as much help as was needed to balance or contain these interfering energies. She continued to ask for help until she had a recognition that there was enough help present to balance the malevolent energy. 

My guidance immediately pointed to this as deep wisdom. 

This is a powerful act—to continue to ask for help when we are overwhelmed and cannot recognize the assistance present for us. It requires a willingness to believe that there are helping energies out there, somewhere, that are able to assist us. 

Often as humans we find ourselves with intense or overwhelming situations where we are alone. It is said of trauma that it isn’t the experience itself that is traumatic, it is experiencing it alone that creates the wound. 

Many of us have preverbal or unconscious experiences and inheritances of overwhelm which has left a repetition of trauma in our systems.

This incomplete processing of trauma or wounds leaves a mark that our system cannot grow or move beyond until it is integrated.

I’ve heard this called like a scratch in a record. It’s something that gets repeated until the energy of the situation can move out of this loop and evolve. 

We’re working with this collectively as well as individually. 

We are interdependent and intradependent

We have human, living and non-physical helpers. There have been many that have helped us get to this part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. 

We’ve been moving in relationship to an unseen compass or orienting guide – either in some type of sync with it or in some sort of opposition to it. 

Throughout life we’ve had a plethora of human and living helpers that have assisted us in our lives. No human is entirely self made. No human is entirely independent. We have communities—whether big or small, recognized or not—that have assisted us on our path. 

It is important to remember that we are all interdependent. Humans are wired for belonging and love. We cannot survive on our own. 

We are made from the elements of this planet. We are entirely dependent on these elements for life. 

The act of reciprocity is part of the natural world, which includes humans. 

Reciprocity was a pillar of all of our ancient traditions. Whether we recognize it or not, we have an ancient lineage within. Reciprocity is wired into your system. 

The ancients knew they could ask for help. It was a way of life. 

Guidance has pointed to this concept of remembering to ask for help, exponential amounts of help, if needed. 

Many of us have shame or worth programming that keeps us from asking. We may feel we don’t deserve it. Or that we ask and we don’t get enough help. 

The message this month is to keep asking for assistance. 

Who are the helpers?

Now with this asking, it’s important to specify that we want access to only the helpers, whether physical or subtle helpers. 

It’s important to clarify that we want only helpers, especially if we’re overwhelmed, scared or confused. 

Some of us have experiences in this life or past where it feels like no amount of human help could support us. Some of our wounds are that big. Some of them are inherited and have grown through our ancestors and have landed in our biology. 

Survival responses are passed down in our biology. 

It’s important to know that no amount of fear is greater than divine support. 

Some fears do feel too big to be able to hold. Some terrors feel like nothing of this world is big enough to create safety. Some transgressions feel irreconcilable. Some destruction seems insurmountable.  

Nothing is too great for source. Nothing is beyond love. Nothing is beyond the divine. 

The key, that we have had all along, is to work together with the help of others—both living and subtle—

All we have to do is ask. 

Remember dear one, you are not just taking up space. You were made for these times.