August Energy Weather Report – Flow and Streams of Grace

These reports are offered to assist us with the shift currently happening in our world. They are insights into the energies present—both cosmic and earth energies—that have the most impact on our individual systems and collective communities. They are written in conjunction with my guidance team (you have inner wisdom and a team guiding you as well!) I hope these reports offer you insight, refuge and a sense of agency as you move forward on your journey.

Flow and Streams of Grace

It is a time of great change we are in. During every period of great change there is exactly that—great change. In order for new to be birthed, much has to be shifted around, rearranged or simply let go. We want it to be smooth and easy, disturbing us as little as possible. But shifts like this, societal and consciousness shifts, they ask of us much much more.

During this next month, you will begin to see glimmers of hope. You will begin to see quick flashes of your future life. Yes, we are all still cocooned in our own phases of becoming, but some of us are peeking out and seeing life with new eyes.

One gift that has never left you, but has been much harder to feel this past month is the flow and hum of life, essentially the flow of Grace, and the way you are used to feeling it. For many of us, our worlds have been flipped around or turned upside down.

“Now, this pandemic,” you say, “It has already flipped our world around.”

Ah, yes, but now it’s seeping into your ways of being. The way you are seeing and perceiving the world is shifting. It’s different. You cannot go back to who you were before.

You are coming into a new state of flow.

Feminine Energy

In the natural world, there is a harmony and grace within, between, and among the plants, minerals and animals. One doesn’t dominate the other. One doesn’t shrink or hide who they are, unless, momentarily, and only if they are prey. There is an interrelated harmony within the entire ecosystem, within and between all things on our planet, one you have known about all of your life.

But in the human realm, this natural harmony has moved extremely out of balance. Instead of a cooperative, intertwining of existence, there has grown, over millennia, a hierarchical dominating experience. Into this space, birthed from aggression and desire for expansion and accumulation, human existence has experienced some to the most extreme experiences of predator and prey, dominator and subjugated that this world has ever seen.

This is all on the brink of change.

Within each of us are masculine and feminine qualities. They exist as grand capacities for equality, balance and harmony in each and every one of us. There has been, however, an imbalance in these energies, beginning well over 5000 years ago.

Since that time, humanity has known only glimpses of flow, cooperation and harmony. It has known creation, but destruction has ruled. Most of our societies, and hence, the predominance of the planet, has been steeped in war, aggression, and the accumulation of power for thousands upon thousands of years.

What is happening now, with the earth changes, the vibrational shifts and all of this systemic planetary upheaval, flow of feminine energy, which was always here, now has room to expand, grow, and emerge back into the collective energy on the planet.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you,” said the mystic and poet, Rumi. It is the same with our systems. We are seeing the light through the cracks and wounds. We are in a process of emerging.

Feminine energy is the energy of receptivity and creation. Our societies, for over 5000 years, have been based primarily on the destruction of life, rather than the creation of life. In these societies, the benefits are bestowed on the few, leaving many on the fringes, marginalized, subjugated and exploited for the power of hierarchy. This has been both a way of life, and a belief system that had grown and expanded over time across the entire globe.

These dominator cultures and societies systematically eliminated the knowledge of the cooperative artisan societies that came before, societies in which creation, instead of destruction, was valued. In these societies, humanity was held as just that — human. Males and females were equally valued for their own uniqueness.

This energy is the feminine, the energy of creation for creation’s sake, of receptivity, cooperation and connection. This energy has been suppressed in human experience for a very long time. It can now be grounded deeply into human experience. There is great potential for discoveries, inventions and new technologies right on the horizon, technologies used for uplifting all of humanity, not just a few.

Humanity is at a Crossroads

We have a choice to make, each of us individually. What type of a world do we desire to live in? Each of you reading this report has a unique vision of a world you wish to live in. Each of you has had a vision for all of your life. You simply couldn’t figure out how to bring it through in the way your vision has shown you. It may have often felt like a sad, out of reach fairy tale, but it is much different than that. It is a piece of a dream that many are dreaming – separately, together.

The truth is each of us, in our deepest cellular DNA, actually remembers how to interact and create collectively, through harmony and cooperation. You have actually lived this way before. You remember it in some recesses of your imagination. You have relived it in dreams and daydreams. Now, the collective energy of the planet is at a state that we are able to slowly, little by little, thread these dreams and visions into creating a new way of being and living in this world.

These visions, dreams and ways of being are further seeded, nourished and grown by the presence of Streams of Grace. This presence is already here, already with us. All we have to do is move into the presence of our heart and follow the next right thing we are guided to. We are creating as we walk, one step at a time.

Destruction and creation are always simultaneous phenomena. They literally cannot exist without one another on this planet. The qualities of the masculine and the feminine are similar in the way they co-exist.  They compliment each other. They can work in harmony, or they can create great catastrophes by being deeply out of balance. If we have too much destruction too fast, there is no space of breath for creation. If creation happens without harmony, the world loses its resources and balance as well.

So how do we find a balance point?

Flow and Grace

Each of us are having our own experience right now of healing and emergence. Some of us are having great healing crises—sudden and unexpected changes in life, vocation and health, in addition to the pandemic. Some of us will choose to leave the planet. Some of us will choose to stay. We are seeing this all around us as many are departing the planet. Energy never dies, but we miss our friends and loved ones here with us. If you are in a place where dear ones are leaving, give it a little bit of time. You will find you feel their presence almost as strongly as if they were here. Some of us simply will work more effectively from the other side of the veil.

Others of us are meeting our deep-seated places where we are out of balance with our foundational natures. Many sensitives, creatives and visionaries are now able to shed their covers—their adopted familial and society values and beliefs—in order to remember they are here for a beautiful, and perhaps dangerous mission. Many of us came in early, before the energy on the planet could actually support our true natures.

In these missions, we have pieces we brought with us to heal—for us individually, for our families and for society. As we heal these pieces, we literally allow for a more prolific flow of feminine creative energy within our own physical systems, especially women. We are being given the opportunity to heal our deepest wounds, often through quite literal experiences.

As we move through these experiences, we will find ourselves on the other side feeling different. Old insecurities and deficiencies will have morphed into stability and confidence. We will be able to see the world through the eyes of creation, with possibilities and clarity that we could not see from our old beliefs, thoughts and vantage points. We are on a slow, steady burn, moving old, stuck and stagnant energy out to allow room for new growth.

Some of us have carried these wounds of the feminine for thousands of thousands of years, since the last fall of harmony on this planet. As you move through your own healing journey, you are bringing gifts and opening possibility for humanity. If you read this and it strikes a chord in your heart, know this is part of your journey.

As we mend, clear and align our bodies, minds and hearts, we naturally allow for a greater flow of grace to move through our lives. We will find ourselves riding waves of synchronicity with little effort. Let the waves carry you, for you are meant to move this way through life. There are always rhythms and flows. Find them. Use them.

Through the chaos of change and dissolution, these new waves are being able to find flow and resonance, through bodies and minds across the planet. As each of us builds our relationship with this energy of creation, we allow it to grow and expand, creating an even greater resonance and flow. As we allow ourselves to feel this harmony, we become beacons and vessels, literally, for the flow of grace.

Look for the Openings

Change is never easy. There are always waves of expansion and contraction, building and receding. Begin to find the spaces you can expand your ideas and try on your creations. We are literally pulling a world into being, creating a world of harmony, balance and beauty.

In this next month, look for and note the places you are healing and the way you are experiencing natural synchronicities and flow. There will be more chaos. Let is burn.

In your own worlds, notice how beauty, flow and grace are finding their way in. Follow what feels good, what builds, what nourishes. Tend your own inner gardens. Allow these energies to take root even further.

The warrior, the dominating and destructive natures have been active for a very long time. They have allowed humanity to see and experience many dark places of separation. We are now healing these places of shame, worthiness, subjugation, and powerlessness.

As we find our own personal paths back to balance through our own masculine and feminine energy harmonies, we heal our pain points, our own places of separation. When we do this, we become individual vessels of harmony and literal flows of grace. As we create this inner union, we come to a sense of wholeness. From here, we allow the world to move back into its natural state of harmony, grace and flow.

You were made for these times.