Fruits of Your Labor

We wish to take a moment, here, at the beginning, to encourage you to pause and acknowledge how far you have come. You are shifting so very fast, always looking for the next piece to unravel or move into. Take a moment to PAUSE this month and celebrate you. We know it is hard. 

A New World 

There is this space talked about, A New World, The New Earth, and facets of this concept. This idea has not yet reached critical mass, but those of you on the front lines of this Great Shift are seeing it more and more. You may have been hearing it for the past 20 years or so. We tell you, it is here. Partially. 

You can see it in the generations coming of age now. They are made for a different world. 

So what is this New World? It is easiest talked about in relation to the 5th dimension. Your world is expanding. In order for it to do so, some of these very engrained and solidified edges of your world needed to soften. Yet they were so solidified, some of them ended up breaking.

From our perspective, this is not a  problem. Energy moves by its inherent nature. You cannot hold back the movement of energy, no matter how adept or powerful you are. 

Your collective reached a point where heart energy is coming back alive in a more vitalized way. Your technology has grown faster than your heart energy. It is now finding balance. 

Within this, much healing has been necessary. This healing will continue for quite some time. 

And, we wish for you to take a moment and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Savor the sweet juiciness and ripeness of your current space. No, you are not done birthing this new space. And you have a beautiful moment of pause during this next month. This will help you as you continue to move forward. 

Birth As A Process

As women birth, as many of you know, there are stages. Sometimes there are short pauses between them, but there are still transition points. This pause is moving you into a later stage of this birthing process, both individually and collectively.

The more you can pause, gather yourself, adjust your positions, nourish in needed ways, and simply breathe in all the support around and within you, the better your energy levels will be moving forward. 

We will switch this birthing analogy for a harvest one. It will be helpful for you to bask in and enjoy the fruits of your labors wherever you are on your journey. This is an epic tale, dear ones, and you are in the middle of it. Allow yourself the reprieve for a moment. Acknowledge your life’s journey so far. Look at where you are! Look at what you have moved through! Notice how you have grown, shifted and changed.

You are learning how to truly care for yourself. This piece has been missing from human development for quite some time. It is coming back in a more mature manner. Truly caring for your adult you, with your childhood wounds, in a compassionate, thoughtful and kind manner is entirely underrated. This is how the world changes. 

5D Humans

Let us take you back to the 5D concept. What this means on a very simplistic level is that humanity is adding in time and space to the established 3D world. 

As you do this, your relationship to time changes. Your relationship to history, ancestors and past lives changes. Your relationship to the future changes. As you heal here, it reverberates backwards and forwards in time. It shifts the magnetics that literally hold you together. It also shifts the way you are held in the world, and your relationships – forward and backward in time. 

So you see, you are shifting and changing on very core levels. You may feel fear in letting go of old ways, old beliefs, and ways of relating, but we tell you, what is waiting for you is so incredibly lovely. 

With your magnetics shifting and you finding a new relationship with the forces in your lives, you just might create some magical moments. Do not be afraid of your power. It is an indication that you are aligned. 

It will be helpful for you to remember this—that you have a loving, benevolent essence at the core of who you are. It is there, always. It is not the harsh words in your head. It is Love, pure and unwavering, and it is the core of who you are. You simply have to remember and discover this part of you. This is where true safety resides, on the inside. 

There are some of you who have always had a foot in the 5D world, so to speak. You came in with attributes that kept you connected to these spaces. It is as if you have had one foot in each world all of you life. Have you felt different? This may be part of the reason why. Those of you with this attribute came in at least partially awake. 

This design is not better or less than those who develop it on this side of the veil. We tell you this for those who are wondering when their purpose will ever show up. Your purpose just may be to live as authentically as you possibly can. When you do this, you naturally inhabit this world of the 5th dimension, and ground and help create this world into existence for others.

Time and space go together, so while time may seem to be shifting, your relationship to where you are in space may feel a bit different as well. This can feel quite disorienting for humans. Being certain and trying to control conditions has been a hallmark of seeking security. 

Seeking Security Within

Now the hallmark of security is, How closely are you listening to your heart AND your body? It is a more fluid place. Planning and goals are not how this world works. Your cannot think your way through this transition. You have to be in touch with authentic desire and feel your way through. It takes deep listening to yourself and your inner benevolent guide. 

Relationships will continue to shift as you inhabit yourself more and more. It is the way it goes. As you shift, those around you are now relating to a different vibration than they are used to. This means the other will either shift to once again have a relatable vibration, or the relationship will simply not be coherent and most likely will dissolve. It will not have enough energy in common to regulate or cohere through. The magnetics will not hold. 

Irritation is a fabulous indicator of shifting magnetics. Nothing is wrong. The task is then to find the coherence within your own system once again. You have to listen and find your vibration, your rhythm. It may very well change more frequently. Give yourself time to integrate each shift. 

This month, let yourself enjoy PAUSE where you can. This can be short moments of breathing in what is beautiful, nourishing and right in your world and in YOU. Taste it. Savor it. Notice how far you have come in this world. Honor your journey. Take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This will help integrate your system and set you up in a lovely position as the world continues its forward movement. 

Help yourself, then help others. This is a transition for the ages. As silly as it may sound, it is an honor and a great service to be here at this time. Be kind, be compassionate, be thoughtful and be YOU. This is often the hardest thing to do. And this is how the world changes. 

Remember, you were made for these times.