Go Slow Monthly Membership

These weekly and monthly teachings will help you heal, create balance and integrate body, mind, heart and spirit. 

Join Chris Morris in Opening Spaces’s virtual movement experience for weekly stretch and strength practice and monthly movement classes for healing, health and vital living.

Membership Includes:

Gentle Stretches

Gentle Stretch is a weekly livestream stretch and strengthening class held on Tuesdays from 3:00-3:30 pm PT. Classes are 30 minutes. 

We use this physical practice to help our body/mind increase flexibility, strength, harmony and resilience.

This gentle movement practice is designed to help us keep living as vibrant, embodied and flexible as we are able. Our movements will be easy on our bodies, not asking too much, too fast.

Through our gentle stretch and strength practice, we are able to be more comfortable in our bodies. Little by little we increase our capacity for both joy and discomfort. 

We increase our body-mind’s ability to move, feel better, and relate more authentically both internally and externally. 

Gentle – For all students

Go Slow

Go Slow is a monthly healing movement class offered once a month on last Monday of the month (unless holiday) from 5:00-6:00 pm PT.

This practice is designed to allow your system to find regulation and healing rhythms and wisdom within.

Practice gentle, embodied movement and awareness to slow down and heal on deep physical and energetic levels. 

You literally can do this practice on your couch or in your bed. 

This slow practice uses simple props, light movement, stretching, breathing practices, and restorative yoga poses to allow your body time to ingrate life. 

These easy to learn techniques and practices offer you a calm, settled space to receive much needed nourishment. 

Gentle – For all students

You Will Learn:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. While I price this membership to be affordable, I’m aware this is not the case for everyone. Reach out to me here and we can find a solution for you.

Yes, of course. You will have access through the rest of the month that you purchased. There are no monthly minimums beyond the one month purchase. 

Videos are not downloadable at this time. As long as you are a member, you have unlimited access. 

There will be recordings available of all classes 24-48 hours after the live session. As long as your membership is current, you may view them as often as you like.  

These classes are designed for those that are new to movement, are recovering from injuries or need to keep their movements light and gentle. 

If these gentle movements are not enough for you, my suggestion is to look at the Living Yoga Membership. which is more active, but also includes Go Slow and Gentle Stretches. 

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