Heart of Hearts

A Little Gathering

As I settled into this report, I was shown how these monthly updates are put out like a conference call. Multiple humans tune in to hear what the view is like from a wider perspective. These calls are not exclusive, and you can’t miss them. You simply tune in and the energy is there, ongoing, open to anyone who chooses to be on the call. 

Each of us that create these monthly updates has a little different flavor. That is how it is supposed to be. Many perspectives. 

These gatherings are like this writing, they are available as a real time event. When you tune into it, it is alive in that moment. This is an important piece to remember. The aliveness that comes when something is resonating in your personal bubble of awareness.


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”   – Rumi

Our planet is incomplete. At least in this timeline, from our perspective here in this moment. Love, this ever-present organizing principle (that every single thing is a contracted expression of!) is not realized here. It is not actualized. It is not alchemized and embodied in the majority of us in our human lives.

This was the experiment: 

  • Could we veil ourselves into forgetting our true nature of pure love and connection? 
  • And then could we actually remember it? 
  • Could we actualize here, on planet earth, this planet of free choice, this place where basically anything goes?
  • How far would we go into separation? 
  • Would we pull ourselves so far apart that we aren’t able actualize this space as a conscious expression of love and connection?

Well, here we are, experimenting. And we’re not at a fun juncture. We have pulled so far into separation that we are at a point where remembering can seem almost futile. We are in pain. And we are remembering joy, love and connection right here, in the middle of all of this. 

Weavers, can you feel your seeds fluttering and quivering within you? Or just around you? These are your seeds germinating. Draw them into your body if they are outside. 

We are integrating these ascension vibrations, allowing them to activate seed codes and stuck places, then rooting and grounding them into the energy of earth, shifting the dominant energy set point. This is the ascension. Rooting Absolute Love here, in you, then in your world, over and over and over, from many different sources. 

Ascension requires we integrate joy and lightness in the depths of pain and suffering. Bubbles right in the chaos. 

We are creating love bubbles, pockets of vibrations that can take root here on this planet. We are doing it in the midst of war, violence, trauma, disconnection, strife and fear. We are doing it in connection and relationship.

The difference at this point in time is we have to actualize love for our human selves in order to root it through our gifts. We have to embody this love. When integrated, it often grows slowly in our physical systems. But it does grow. 

How will you weave these vibrations of Love and Connection into your world in the next month? How will you nurture, protect and grow this source of nourishment so needed on our planet?


Heart of Hearts

This next month will have multiple choice points where you will be asked to choose between old worlds, that are no longer alive for you, and future possibilities that hold an aliveness. Essentially, you will be asked to choose between Love and Fear. You have been asked this all of your life. This time you are being asked to hold onto yourself (like you do for others) in full love and care. You are being asked to love yourself as a unique expression of Absolute Love. 

Self love sounds easy, yet it is often the hardest thing for humans to do. 

As you move through the month, there will be points where you will be asked to choose from an old way of making a decision with others as the center or a new way with you being at the center. Again, the key will be aliveness.

While this sounds simple, it is not. We have many patterns, beliefs and loyalties that keep us from loving ourselves. 

Humans legitimately fear self love. Historically, humans have created deep wounds by putting themselves at the center and abusing others from this space. But this is not your only history. 

There is a different way. But to find it, we will have to do things differently. 

There is a way to come from a deep center, what guidance has been referring to as our Heart of Hearts. You are familiar with this saying, “In my heart of hearts I know…”? Can you feel it? This is a deeper space than our emotional and time-worn heart. There is nothing wrong with our emotional and time-worn heart. Our emotions are important, as important as our thoughts. But our Heart of Hearts is something else entirely. 

We haven’t quite learned how to be in our Heart of Hearts, and to weave from here. Many of us have removed ourselves from the equation altogether throughout our history—from trauma or relational wounds or both. These energies that we are operating in now, with these thinner veils, encourage us to attune to this deeper core space (our Heart of Hearts) within.

Our Heart of Hearts is directly connected to the divine. It is right here in us. It actually IS us, expressing in our own unique way. We are the entire ocean. Contracted. 

Our next month will offer us choice points where we will be taken into new spaces, new ways of expressing. Will we hold onto ourselves? It may feel scary—newness often is for humans.

Our challenge is to keep our attention focused on how to embody and ground Love with all of the chaos around, with you as the center. 

Staying focused on the ‘aliveness’, what is fluttering and quivering with aliveness, will help guide us. 

Remember, you are creating a bubble to ground Absolute Love right here onto the planet, into our body, the soil, waters, atmosphere, AND belief systems. You are not alone. Connect to others that are doing the same. 


Seed Codes

Each of us have seeds of what we wish to bring to the planet during our lives. We have many seeds. We’re gardeners guidance says, planting seeds over and over as we recognize and allow them to be shown to us. These have been more readily called ‘codes’, but I’m hearing that if we can imagine them as seeds that we have tucked away into our divine blueprint, this would help us imagine how these seeds actually function. 

The earth has her own seed codes she is working with. As a sentient being, she has her journey, too. We are all interconnected. 

These seeds are active at different points on our timelines, shorter timelines, such as a human life, and longer timelines, such as a planet. We tend to think we have one or two seeds, but in reality, we have many. The seeds are the initial energy, but it takes the watering and nourishing of these seeds to bring them alive and to a flourishing state.

Some of these seeds are things we wish to accomplish while we’re here. Other seeds are our gifts we wish to bring to the world. We tend to think that these are the same thing. They are not. 

These gifts we are bringing we have to embody. They are not the accomplishment themselves. They are the unique way we have chosen to hold a certain ability or energy. This seed energy or gift is what allows us to bring our creations to through us to fruition and ground them as literal expressions of matter on this planet. 


Ascension is Not an Elevator

Ascension is often talked about a rising in energy. It is actually an opening into a faster (by earth measurements) frequency and oscillation of energy waves that offer a wider view. These frequencies are more subtle energies. 

It is helpful to view this energy as a wider circle that influences, holds or envelopes what we would consider (from our perspective) to be lower frequencies or oscillations. 

As an example, when we see layers of the earth’s surface, we often see it as a cross section sample. Our minds, because we have a hierarchy mindset (from the way we have created our societies), see this as levels—higher and lower. But the viewed sample piece is not the whole. 

If you zoom out, and view the entire planet, these layers are more like a gobstopper. (This analogy is spirit approved. When we see images of the whole earth, with cross sections, it does look like a gobstopper or a jawbreaker candy, doesn’t it?) 

This same imagery works with both our own bodies, and the energies of what we have been collectively calling ascension. We have denser layers, and we have more subtle layers. (We’re now beyond the jawbreaker analogy.)

Ascension energy doesn’t only go up. It is an opening and widening. Many of these frequencies have always been in existence. Others are moving into our atmosphere and systems, and interacting with our personal energy and physical systems. Our veils or barriers to experiencing these more subtle energies are what is shifting. We have more access to these wider, more subtle ‘lighter’ energies than we have for a long, long time on planet earth. 



We are literally weavers, human looms, that have the abilities to bring these subtle energy energies in and embody them, with Absolute Love, and infuse them into our everyday living. These subtle energies often activate our seed codes. 

When we combine these energies, we integrate what we call higher and lower vibrations, allowing energy to come to its most divine expression in the moment. We are alchemists. 

This alchemizing can be more subtle or more physical. There is a shift and change as these energies combine. It is energetic, chemical and physical. Integrating these frequencies often activates stuck energy. Sometimes it can be intense, especially if there is a big shift all at once or a resistance to a shift and change.  

This alchemizing and seed activation is no small thing. But the expression may seem small. Your expression of your gift may be your garden, work, vocation or your home. It is not important how you weave. We are here to create. 

In order to integrate these more subtle energies, what many call ascension energy, it will take enlarging and expanding our containers of who we are. We are being asked to grow and move out of outdated ways of separation.

We are here to integrative Absolute Love, the organizing principle, into this earth and the existing vibrations we often call low or dense (which allow us to feel separation.) We are helping to shift our planet’s dominant vibration from fear and survival to one of love and connection. 

Absolute love, sometimes called The Absolute from ancient teachings in yoga, is actually present ALWAYS. This realm of the Absolute is where there are no veils. It is the constant of Source itself. We are here to uncover, discover or remember that we are this essence. We are the ocean, in a drop.

Stay tuned and true to your Heart of Hearts. It knows. Take care of one another along the way. 

Remember, you were made for these times.