Heart Pathways – November Monthly Guidance

Heart Tree Shape

Heart Pathways

We wish to tell you today about your heart.

 Your heart is a vortex. Your heart is an antenna. You heart is a transmitter. Your heart communicates with every cell in your body in a harmonious manner – if you let it.

There was a point in time where the world—humans, animals, plants, minerals—and all the other beings that worked in harmony on the planet were all tuning through the heart. When we say heart, we mean both your physical heart and your capital H heart space. This space is dynamically and continually in communication with your Spirit.


What is Spirit?

Your Spirit is the essence of you, the vibrational frequency of the one Source (what some call God) that has spiraled off of the Source just enough to appear differentiated from this Source.  You do not fit all of your essence into your physical body; it cannot hold the totality of you.

There is continual and dynamic information in the form of vibrations that are coming to your physical mind, heart and body from this non-physical part of you. Your essence has a unique vibration unlike any other in the entirety of existence. Do you feel the sacredness of this?

This unique vibration, your signature vibration as some have called it, defines the you that is incarnating and reading these words right here. Your spirit is the essence of you that has NOT been impacted by the human events of this lifetime. It has a more clear connection to the Source of all that is.

Your Spirit feeds your signature vibration, your essence, to you constantly. This signal is received and transmitted through the vortex of both your physical heart and your capital H energetic heart space.

This Heart space signal is the energetic source signal for all of the cells of your individual body. It comes from your Spirit. Your Spirit is connected to Source. Human minds wish to understand this in a linear fashion or hierarchy; one leading back to the other leading back further and further until you reach the one point of Source itself.

While you can reach the one point of Source itself, it is actually omnipresent, meaning it is right there in your cells and spaces you cannot even imagine that exist within your skin boundary. Your connection to Source is as constant and dynamic as your connection to your Spirit. You simply do not notice it because it does not exist in the way you expect it to exist.

An Energetic Vacation

We wish offer this next month to you as a vacation of sorts—really the next two months—but here we will talk about the upcoming month. You will not experience it as a typical vacation where you travel to other destinations. We wish to offer you an inner vacation experience, a place of refuge, rest and rejuvenation. A place of healing.

What is occurring for many sensitives, creatives and wayshowers is you are now beginning to have a vision, impulse, or knowing of which direction your future self is calling to you from. You have turned and are now facing that direction. Can you feel it?

You cannot feel, see or know what this future looks like simply because you have not created it yet.

Humanity is in a liminal space. We know you feel this, and have for a while. While you cannot control what any other human does (truly!) you can create a vibration, a signature essence, of what you would like to be present in these future spaces of life on your planet.

The challenge comes when you have to hold that vibration when others around you are not. How do you do this? With a deep and abiding connection to your Spirit.

As time moves, these vibrational essences will connect and synchronize with other vibrational essences of similar resonance, one heart at a time.

Outcomes are not determined. We wish to have you know this on a deep and cellular level. You are in a time out of time. There is no map except the ones you create as you walk into your future spaces.

We offer you these opportunities for these ‘vacation spaces’ so you can step into your new ventures well rested, aligned, attuned and more confident in what you wish to create….and also with a more clear and harmonious physical body.

These past 2 years (well truly, for many of you, your entire life) has been exhausting. Your physical systems may feel like they are breaking down, both inner and outer. This is true.

The vibrational essence of your planet has been shifting and changing right along with you. You and the earth are entrained, you are synchronized—meaning you vibrate in relationship to one another.

Your New System  

Have you noticed the amount of relationships that have shifted and moved out of your field in the past 3-5 years? Did you think it was you? It was…but not in a detrimental way. Your source essence, your Spirit, has been shifting your expressed signature essence ever so slowly over the years, aligning and attuning you more clearly to your Spirit essence (and away from your inherited habitual programming) than ever before in this lifetime.

What has not been ‘in tune’ with this vibration has no choice but to shift and harmonize with your vibration, or drop away. It is the same with others. You find ways to harmonize, or your vibration is no longer synchronized, and you cannot vibrate with them in a way that works well for your system.

This has had a deep effect inside your body on a cellular level. This is why we are offering you the concept of a virtual or energetic vacation. You system could use a good clearing and resetting. You could use some defragmenting of your systems.

This clearing is a deep clean of your inner programs, beliefs and operating systems. These operating beliefs and ways of being have been fragmented over the years as you have grown and widened your experience. You have kept some of your inherited programming, while letting go of parts and pieces of it. You are working with a patchwork of beliefs and knowings that are now causing your systems some challenges.

Defragmentation is term used in file storage systems and is a process that reduces fragmentation of information and re-organized files. We are re-organizing our inner belief systems, original operating system habits and beliefs, as well as how we view the world. We are re-organizing on a foundational level.

If you allow space, meaning you set the intention and give your system (physical and belief system) room, your Spirit will naturally begin to resonate more deeply and clearly with you. All you have to do is ask. Your Spirit will help your system re-organize and clear your system.

This can have huge impacts on physical, emotional and mental challenges that may have weighed in you over these past 3-5 years. We ask you to try this on and see for yourself how it works over the next month or so.

If you are a worker type, you can think of this as a small-but-mighty sabbatical, where you get to work on projects of interest to your Heart.  

If you do not have the luxury of a virtual sabbatical, we encourage you to take time when you wake up or just before sleep and connect with your Spirit, asking for and allowing it to bring your system into harmony of who you are now. You do not need to direct any of this, you simply have to intend, allow and receive.

Allow Your Defragging

These clearings will defrag your system, allowing for a more clear vibration of who you are (your essence in form) to flow through your Heart space and out through your physical heart to the rest of your physical being. This is a re-tuning, just as musicians do when their equipment has been exposed to the elements of life.

You are letting go of vibrations that are no longer in alignment with who you have become. There may be a grieving or sadness and this is quite natural. Allow your physical body to mourn any incomplete visions that are no longer in alignment with your current Heart Pathway. Your Spirit knows the way. Your future self does as well.

All of this vibrational energy moves from subtle to more measureable and enters through multiple pathways. Remember, this energy is organized and harmonized into you through your Heart Pathway. Allow yourself time this next month to attune to this fire-and-diamond-like center in the lower center of your chest. Let go of what is no longer yours to carry. Let your Spirit, along with your Guides and Source, to clear your inner and outer space to make room for your system to run more smoothly.

You will feel much better by the end of this next month if you allow what is no longer in harmony to be removed, so your system has a much more clear energetic vibrational field.

Remember, you were made for these times.