June Energy Weather Report – Everything is Energy


JUNE – Everything is Energy 

These reports are offered to assist us with the shift currently happening in our world. They are insights into the energies present—both cosmic and earth energies—that have the most impact on our individual systems and collective communities. They are written in conjunction with my guidance team (you have inner wisdom and a team guiding you as well!) I hope these reports offer you insight, refuge and a sense of agency as you move forward on your journey.

Rekindle your Heart Center
June is going to be a whirlwind of energy. First and foremost, the biggest asset is your heart energy. Are you familiar with the energy of this space? This is your largest energetic magnetic field in your body. Magnetism and energy flow are interrelated. Where magnetism exists, energy flows between the poles. Where energy flows, magnetism is created. Magnetism and energy, while not yet fully understood, is your blueprint for evolving your world.

Many people say you create your world with your thoughts. Before your thoughts even registered in your language-based mind, your energy and magnetism were already shaping and giving a foundation for your thoughts to be formed.

Energy and magnetism are registered in the human body by sensations and feels, which are precursors to feelings and emotions.

Translation: Your heart, the space where you sense and feel, is a guide, foundation and a ground for your mind and your thoughts.

 It will benefit us all to spend time throughout this month moving our awareness directly into the center of our chest and getting familiar with this energetic space. Your heart-space is the portal to calm and quietude, ease and comfort. It is one of the main centers of your body. In fact, it is the main center of your body, and it is the space your other centers are designed to use as a tuning key or harmony center.

Action: Whether during exercise, movement, yoga or in stillness, move your awareness down to the center of your chest. As if you could make yourself small and walk right into the center of your chest, move there and begin (or continue) to ask your heart-space to meet you and be with you. This is where we hear our authentic voice and inner guidance. It may feel like you’re hearing words in your head – you are. Yet, the portal through which your thoughts and words emerge is your heart. You are re-establishing this most primary and sacred relationship as you do this. This is your inner guidance space. Tune in often and remember the inner voice and feel of your heart space.

Heal Your Body
Do you feel like you have been doing this forever? You have. You, especially sensitives, creatives and visionaries, you are a literal transmuting device. Remember, everything is energy. Sensitives especially are receptive to energy and magnetics around them. Especially discord and dissonance. Yes, we know you do not enjoy conflict or disharmony. That is why you are so well designed to harmonize discord. You literally bring these energies into your body, you peace-keepers, with the unconscious mission to harmonize and refine them into the highest places of calm, ease and balance you know.

You have taken in too much over the years, without having the collective energy able to support you fully. When we say collective, here we are speaking of cosmic energy. Your world is a combination of earth and cosmic energies. You sit on the threshold in between. And you arrived early to be ready when the collective could support your abilities. You are designed to create harmony, beauty and balance. You are now much more supported energetically in this mission, but you are hurting and exhausted.

In May’s energy weather report, we talked about your energy matrix, the largeness of your invisible bubble field with you right at the center. This is a practice in awareness and perception. This month, we are adding to this concept.

Energy, by its very nature, has to move. It’s often channeled in our world – into pipes and wires, devices and experiences. The same holds true in our bodies. We have channels of energy moving in many different levels and dimensions in our body. When it’s stagnant, it creates blocks and stuckness. This stuckness is discord. It is not resonant. These spaces are no longer flowing with our wholeness and if it goes on long enough, we start to feel the discord. If it stays long enough, it becomes known as pain.

In the next month, your hips, knees, ankles and feet will benefit from your attention. Remember energy is designed to flow. Human bodies are designed to be a portal for both cosmic and earth energy. Your earth is changing very swiftly. Your bodies are changing their relationship to the earth. Cosmic energies are flowing in very strong and swift in this next month. Re-establishing your connection to the earth through the grounding mechanisms of your legs will be helpful for these forces to move through.

Chakras and Energy Flow – Grounding
You’re probably at least vaguely familiar with the concept of chakras. Chakras can be thought of as wheels or gates that energy passes through. They are large hubs, especially the traditional seven in human awareness, that correlate with nerve plexiuses. The sacral and base chakras are in the sacrum/lower belly area and tailbone/seat area respectively. These areas are associated with feelings/creativity and safety/security/survival respectively.

It will be helpful to let your imagination and visualization (and possibly a direct felt-sense) work to connect these lower two chakras with your legs, feet and the literal ground underneath you. There will be some of you that have a whole body experience with this, and that is perfect. You truly are a channel for energy, from your head through the soles of your feet. Actually, the channel is much larger than that, but let’s keep it as simple as possible.

Your hips, legs and feet may be feeling unusually uncomfortable, weak, painful, or just off.  If that’s been the case, this will probably feel very good. You have minor chakras beyond the seven main ones humanity is most familiar with. You also have nadis or energy channels all throughout your body.

Action: For a moment, remember your bubble of energy, your energy field around you. It is larger than your body. Inside that circle or oval of invisible (to most) energy, picture your physical body, with this bubble encircling you.

Now imagine energy—vibrant, vital, life-giving energy—moving in through the crown of your head, and washing through your body like rain or a shower. Literally imagine this energy as sunlight or cleansing water moving through your system as fully and deeply as you are able to perceive.

 Give yourself a few moments allowing this flow to become more familiar. Then, imagine this energy more focused from your hips through your legs, and out through your feet. Let yourself feel these areas more specifically, as energy moves like water, air or sunlight through your grounding mechanisms (legs) of your body. Let this energy flow, clear and harmonize these spaces.

Feel your thighs, knees, lower legs, and feet with this energy continually moving down and out into the earth. You can imagine the energy moving through your entire body, because that is more accurate, but it may help to concentrate on your hips, legs and feet. Let this area to be as clear and flowing as possible. Imagine these inner spaces being cleared and cleaned like a stream of clear flowing water or light, the debris and accumulation of stagnation and pain being carried naturally out and down.

 Now let your energy flows move down into the earth. You can follow it as far as you like. Think of this energy flowing into the earth like your energetic roots. They are light and fluid, yet strong like carbon fibers. Let them move as deep and wide into the earth as you feel called to. Remember they are energy—light, vibrant and vital energy—connecting your physical body energetically to the earth.

 You are a clear, flowing channel connected to the life giving energy of the earth. You are also adding energy—clear, vibrant, life-filled, light energy—into the earth. Allow your cells to know this harmonious, fluid and vital experience of existence.

If you do this just a couple times a week, you’ll notice a shift in your energy. Sensitives will have more ease in body, mind, and heart. Creatives will have more inspiration and energy. And visionaries will have more clear visions and downloads. You are clearing out the static.

Dissonance and Harmony
This next month promises a ‘Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride’ of experiences with this potent, yet unpredictable, energy influx. Sometimes a wild ride is fun, sometimes scary, sometimes disorienting and nauseating. It helps to have those that are here specifically for this great shift to be grounding and settling energy in the world around them. It has a ripple effect—both to those close to you and to your communities in which you are connected, whether virtual or in person.

The incoming cosmic photonic energy is fritzing those that are deeply out of harmony or integrity—those full of and creating discord. These are places of deep disconnect where energy cannot flow and harmonize as designed. It’s as if the cables meant to flow this energy are frayed or broken. The energy still comes in, but now acts as burst or shocks for systems to retune to their inner voice or heart center. Our heart center is the space that knows how to move this energy. There will be people who refuse and resist this shift. That is their choice.

Action: Drink plenty of water to hydrate the flows within your system. Water with lemon, lime, cucumber, and even orange can work very well for physical systems. Keeping hydrated will help the flow of these energies be integrated in your system.

 You get to choose what energy you wish to work with and harmonize to. There is plenty of discord. If you tune into your heart space, your inner, authentic voice (your soul) will show you where to put your energy. You are the one to make the choice. Do not judge the path of others, simply discern where to move and use your energy. That is key.

There is always destruction and decay happening. There is also birth, emergence and growth. They are always happening concurrently. At certain potent points in history, the energy supports this in a much bigger manner. This is one of those points.

Underlying everything we see, hear, touch and experience in this world is energy. Energy works in frequencies and the relationship between frequencies. These relationships can be in resonance and harmony or dissonance and discord. It has to do with how the different frequencies interact with one another. When frequencies resonate, they are considered harmonious. When this is happening, the frequency waves (oscillations) are overlapping and actually amplifying one another, carrying this tone through the atmosphere as energy or literal sound.

Then there is dissonance. Here we have two frequencies oscillating in direct opposition of one another. They literally cancel one another out and the sound or energy dissipates and dissolves much more quickly. You literally have these harmonies and dissonances in your body as energy moves through your system, both physically and non-physically. You have them in physical flow, emotional flow, thought flow and in relation to the non-physical realms.

You cannot help but notice what kind of energy your fellow humans are putting out into the world. Trauma and pain are discordant energies. Trauma and pain are often stuck either in an energetic loop or a literal stagnation frozen into systems.

Sometimes, when energy is very stuck, held back or resistant, you need a force of equal intensity to meet it in order for this space to find it’s way back to harmony. Sometimes you simply need to make space for the energy to find it’s own way to flow harmoniously. It depends on what is keeping the energy stuck or frozen.

The universe is constantly in states of emergence and dissolution. Everything in existence on this planet goes through stages of birth, growth, stability, decay, and death. At the very base of this is energy and how its frequency wave is oscillating or vibrating. You are seeing collective earth energy shifting before your eyes. It is happening because the energy coming from outside of your planet is resonating with and effecting energy on your planet. Some things are breaking down in their natural cycle of life. At the same time, creation is happening.

Discernment and Trust
Love has a frequency. So does fear. Humans have operated for a long time in the realm of fear. Much of it has been in the shadows. Now it is coming into the light.

As systems (both belief systems and physical systems) break down, the underlying collective tone or frequency will determine the world you move into. Each human being has the choice to find their way to more harmonious expressions, ones that amplify and resonate with other humans at the highest frequencies. This is a space that understands and believes the interconnectedness of all things. This transition out of fear-based existence will be determined by the tones that create the next resonant field on your planet.

What this means is that you have a choice through discernment. You can disagree with a system of oppression through love. You can also do it through hate.

In order for harmony and the resulting resonant field of harmony to be established, it needs to start as tones and frequencies in individuals. Enough individuals create this vibration and it amplifies. Two people create this vibration and it amplifies.

In order to find this vibration, we each need to find it in our own bodies—our heart space. In own systems, once we trust our inner voice, guidance and heart space, we create our own tuning fork for those around us to resonate with. Enough of us find this vibration, the world changes.

But first we have to clear out the stuck energy—the trauma, resistance, fear and pain. When we allow these spaces room to express, they will naturally move through their states of existence. Being seen and heard—from a neutral, non-judging space, an allowing place—creates space for energy to move. Allowing naturally sets energy free to flow.

You were made for these times.