June Guidance – Let Go of What You Think You Know


Let Go of What You Think You Know

Many of us are entering into June with shocks, revelations, or with a re-orienting void. What this means, simply, is that everything you/we thought you/we knew is changing. This does not mean anything was wrong or we are on the wrong path. It simply means the energy is such that shifts and changes are moving us into entirely different realms.


Frequency, Plasma and Photons

Plasma from space is the highest energy state of matter (blood plasma is different.) Plasma is a charged gas (the fourth phase of matter) that makes up the sun and stars. It is the most common state of matter in the universe known to man. It exists around our planet and throughout space. Plasma behaves like a gas, but it also conducts electricity and is affected by magnetic fields.

Photons are both waves and particles of light. For humans, photons are most commonly known as light waves that we can see in the visible light spectrum. Radiowaves, microwaves and ultraviolet waves are also photonic energy. We can think of photons as energy packets of light.

Photons and plasma energy move throughout the universe, including into earth’s atmosphere, in frequencies. Frequencies are the repeated occurrence of these waves in a certain amount of time.

At this period of time, there is a confluence of energy waves of plasma and photons moving into and around earth’s atmosphere that is having a strong influence on how we know and perceive the world around us. It is affecting our bodies, thoughts, emotions and even impacting how we perceive time.

In short, what we think we know is evolving right under our feet and in front of our eyes. This energy influx is of a higher frequency than vibrations that are currently oscillating on the planet. What this means is that these frequencies are coming into contact with existing slower moving frequencies and are impacting the way in which energy is moving in you and around you.

Simply said, your vibration is shifting. The vibration of the entire planet is shifting. The earth herself, and her vibration are experiencing the effects and shifting as well.

This shifting of energy creates a bit of chaos at first, a disharmony, as the vibrations of light and matter adjust and re-arrange themselves and find a new harmony in this new frequency.

This is not a one-time event. It has always been happening, this energy influx. It just so happens that at this point in time, your/our planet is in a position to receive plasma and photons in a way it has not received in a long, long time.


Your Personal Infrastructure

Just as sound waves of a whale move through the ocean and vibrate and amplify through that environment, this cosmic energy is moving through your/our atmosphere and impacting the physical world.

This energy influx is impacting both your/our own personal systems and our earth systems. Things are changing.

Old systems are going offline. Initial contracts, agreements and ways of being are shifting or ending completely. The best thing we can do is not hold onto what is leaving and to look for where new harmony is being created. No matter how hard we try, we will not be able to hold onto older vibrations of energy, no matter what form they are in—physical, emotional, mental or soul level.

As these shifts occur, relationships will change, belief systems will shift, your/our physical body will adjust, and our mechanism of energy and magnetism that holds us in time and space will also change.

It is quite an adjustment. And those that are sensitive, creative and wayshowers will feel these waves strongly in our field, simply because we are vibrating at a frequency that is less dense is already sensitive to more subtle energy.

Remember, sensitivity is not a better or less than quality, it simply is how we are made relative to the majority of humanity on the planet. In fact, into more sensitivity is where the entire planet is headed.

Within this next month, all of our bodies—mental, emotional, physical and even our soul—will be impacted by this energy influx. Our internal and physical infrastructure is getting an upgrade or an overhaul, depending on what we decide to do and the choices we make as we move forward.

Moving forward is happening, whether we are ready or not. There will be those who resist it. Allow them to move out of your field and let yourself harmonize with what is emerging.



As this new energy meets our existing electromagnetic frequency patterns, this is where these shocks, revelations or feelings of re-orienting through a void occur. There is nothing wrong with any of these responses. If fact, the more attuned we are to our internal heart sensing, the more we can allow this energy to re-tune us, so we are even more aligned with our spirit and source.

Allow what is falling away to go. This is one of the most difficult aspects of being human. We are used to what we are used to. Our familiar patterns give us comfort and security, even if they are not necessarily good for us any longer.

Allow yourself time and space to let your system adjust to incoming waves. Humans have the biology to shut down or spring into action when they come upon something new. The suggestion is to pause and allow another option, which is to give space to this creation possibility, allowing this new energy to shift your field.

When we allow space, we also allow time. When we do this, we slow down. It may seem counter intuitive to slow down when higher frequencies come into your field, but we tell you this is one of the most potent ways of integrating this energy. When you slow down, you allow for another way, a third way if you will, which is simply a pause to hold what is present.

In this presence, your heart energy has more space.

Historically, on this planet, there has not been room for heart energy.

Can you feel how this simple shift—allowing more space, time and presence in a pause—can be an impetus to move into and through the world from a new center?

This is what you are creating in this next month, a new orientation in the world. If we would have stated that right at the beginning, it may have been overwhelming or confusing. But it is actually quite simple. You simply have to pause and allow your presence to be with you in the moment. This is your heart energy.

As you allow more of your heart energy to lead the way by being receptive to it, you will find more insights and revelations on which way to move forward. It is from a place of not knowing that you allow. You/we are truly moving into a more fluid time of creation.

It is from letting go of what you think you know that you will allow this new influx of energy to show to you its gifts.

Remember, you were made for these times.

Reach out and stay connected to hearts that call to yours. Allow your creation pods to naturally come together. You are frequencies, remember, vibrating in harmony. You will naturally find one another if you simply allow. Let whatever is no longer in resonance simply fall away.