Let’s Talk About Guidance

The Question

I was talking with a friend recently about tuning into guidance. They asked me a question something like, “Why don’t you stay in the light of the divine or angelic realm more? Or use it more?” Something like that. 

This is something I’ve thought about A LOT over the past two decades. Why don’t I channel this energy like I see other folks doing it? Why am I not focused strongly or only on light and love like other spiritual folks I see out there? 

My only answer is—like most things—it’s complicated. 

Privately, I connect with this space all the time. But let’s face it, channeling is weird on a good day. I’ve only just started talking about guidance out loud. 



I’ll begin my answer with a little story. 

When I was a kid, there was this Disney movie I saw in a theater (it was a double feature with Bambi) about a pony that worked in a mine. I don’t remember the details, but the ending was heartbreaking. This pony worked in a mine all its life (probably coal, which my grandfather did, too.) The pony couldn’t see, and had memorized the tunnels of the mine by heart. She knew them by memory or feel.

Then, for reasons I don’t remember, the mine was closing. I want to say it was unstable. 

They took the pony, and all the other ponies working in the mine, outside into the sunlight. As I recall, it was a spacious, light-filled landscape, with rolling hills, wind fluttering through her mane, and across the soft grass under her feet. These things she was feeling for what I believe was the first time in her life. 

But she couldn’t see and didn’t have the familiarity of the routes of the mine. She had lost all sense of her orientation to her surroundings, and her home. For reasons unfathomable to my young self, the pony pulled away from her handler, ran back into the mine—which I believe then exploded.

What the hell, Disney?! Bambi is hard enough. 

I was devastated. I’m still devastated retelling the story. Something broke in my young heart knowing that she would never get to live free in the light-filled world, no longer toiling in the mines. 

I now understand why she ran back into the mine. It was familiar and the only world she knew. 


For this newsletter, I was conversing with my guidance team (while  procrastinating) asking where do I go with this intuitive guidance work. Basically—what is the best use of this ‘gift’ of the way Source flows through me?

They had two suggestions. They’re always suggestions. They don’t tell me what to do. They help me see the wider energy of situations, and offer suggestions that are a good fit with my energy. 

First, they asked me to describe what I see/hear/feel in connecting with this divine or angelic realm.

Second, they suggested I share what I see as my mission.

As a reminder, if you’re reading this, then you most likely are a highly sensitive person (sensitive), an artist, creator, innovator (creative), or someone who has an inner vision of how to move humanity forward (wayshower.) And yes, you can be a combination of these. 

What this means is you’re here for this shift of humanity at this point in time. And some part of you KNOWS this, even if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. 


What Guidance Is Often Like For Me

When I tune into guidance, it is as if I’ve crossed a veil into another time-space. I feel Light. Not warmth, but Light. That’s part of the way I receive information. I feel it. (I also hear, see and just know things at times.) The light is incredibly bright, like when you’re at the beach or some place in nature, where there are no clouds in the sky, and no dappled light like there is in the forest. 

I never perceive any darkness. Even if I perceive objects, they don’t cast a shadow.

This space is WIDE, and although I mostly don’t see what beings here look like, I feel deep, abiding love and contentment. To describe it in human terms, it’s even more comforting and quietly blissful than those moments during and after a love-inspired orgasm. But its darn close. 

If I just sit in this space (which I usually don’t, I’m always asking and receiving information or energy) it’s like when you look outside into the sunlight and then you try to read your book or see what’s in front of you, but you’re basically blinded by the light until your eyes re-adjust. It is light beyond what we experience as light. 

The feel here, no matter what, that everything is ok. It’s safe beyond anything I’ve experienced as safe here on planet earth. 


If I pause and tune into the environment, I hear sound, like music. It’s as if I can hear the vibrations of this space singing, but it’s not singing like we have, it’s the hum of the energy, which is not matter. It is complete harmony. 

Sitting in this space opens my heart and my mind. 

It’s different than meditation, for me. It feels like the space meditation is meant to bring us to. 

Why can I tune into this space? I’m not entirely sure, but they tell me this is where I am, as much as I am here. And that this space is what they call Home. 



What I See As My Mission (Vocation or Calling)

Ever since I was young, when asked what I wanted to do with my life, my answer has been, “I want to help people.” This has been all I’ve had as a calling, and, I’m realizing, it’s all I’ve needed. I’ve expressed this calling in a multitude of ways, and probably will express it in a multitude more until my time here is complete. 

If someone had elaborated on that question and asked what I wanted to help people with, the answer would have been, “I want to help people feel better.” 

Taken further, I’ve always wanted to help people not feel so much hurt and pain. For whatever reason, I am acutely tuned into hurt, disconnection and pain in other humans and animals. And I tend to move toward it, not away from it. I don’t want folks to have to be alone in their pain. 

Perhaps I can tune into this because I know something other than this—I know the space where all pain is healed. I’ve learned that we have no control over another person’s experience of pain, but we can walk with them, and perhaps, if we’re lucky, help them find something inside themselves that is the space where all pain heals. 

We all have this space in us that is the space where all pain heals. It’s not just for the affluent or privileged. It’s not just for those holding power. It’s not just for those that have remembered or discovered their connection to the place that heals all pain. It’s not just for those that have time or are seekers…

It is for everyone. 

I want to teach people to fish for and discover this place within themselves. I don’t want them to have to rely on me to help them access it. That’s what religions do. They keep us separate from a direct connection to our own divinity. 

Our birthright is that we all are connected to this time-space of the divine. It is where we all come from. We are all finding our way back Home to the place that heals all pain, the place where we remember we are all interconnected—the place where harmony and abiding love are the Way. A place of wholeness.

If we can find it while we’re alive, and embody this essence, then we get to bring some of that world right here, in all this chaos, pain, shadow and suffering. When we do this, the whole darn game changes. 

This is what I’m here for—helping folks heal, and then integrate back into wholeness. 

I also don’t want anyone to get left behind. We may choose to stay contracted in our painful worlds, but I want us all to have the opportunity to be free. 

Like they tell us every month, we are made for these times. Are you ready to tune into YOUR guidance, heal and live your gifts and genus into the world in your unique way?