What. A. Ride.

We would like you to take a moment, get comfortable and let us take you on a little remembering journey.

First, receive your breath—the gift of life, the gift of the goddess. Feel your breath as it enters, fills and expands. And feel your breath as it leaves. 

Let it enliven your cells all the way to your feet as you slowly draw your breath in and slowly let your breath out. 

Feel the nature of  your breath. Take a few moments and stay with this until you feel yourself settle in. 

Can you feel the excitement of energy, butterflies as you call it, activating?

Breathe into the center of your heart chakra, at your sternum level. Notice the radiance here. Breathe into this spot and allow it to expand. 

You are spirit, dear one, beyond your physical. Can you feel it? 

You have helpers, divine helpers of all sorts, your personal team and others that come and go as needed. Can you sense them? Even if they’re wispy and subtle? 

You are consciousness incarnate. Not a part, but the whole ocean of consciousness contracted into your signature essence. Can you sense that? Does it resound?

Breathe all of this in for a moment. Simply experience a glimpse or glimmer of who you truly are. 

Let us take you back for a moment, before you came into this life.

You are surrounded by many beings of light, all gathering for the planning of this period of time on earth. Can you sense, feel or imagine this place from which you came? This energy? Can you feel or imagine the excitement? The connection and cooperation? Can you feel the collaboration as all stand in their own unique essence and power. 

Notice where you are located within this cacophony of blissful silence. Where are you in location to the others? Do you see or feel how you are close to the center of the unfolding? Notice the radiance. Let it bathe over and through you.

What is important for you here? What type of energy do you feel? Can you see, feel, hear or smell the vibrations? 

Give yourself a moment to let this scene unfold and show itself to you. 

The Plan

Experience is different in this place you are experiencing. While there are still veils, they are not the same as the physical world. 

There are many rooms here in this place we are showing you. Yet, they are all interconnected. Can you feel how you somehow know what is going on everywhere even if you’re not in that room? There are divisions here, so to speak, but everything is interacting with you and all beings here simultaneously. And notice how it doesn’t feel that strange, although it is very different than your reality. 

Now, we wish you to hone into your essence here, your humming signature vibration as you experience this scene. 

You are all in the Grand Planning Stage here. Can you feel the excitement? You are all planning the grand shift of reality. You are conspiring to bring more light, consciousness and awareness to planet earth. 

You are planning to be Lighthouses. Each and every one of you in these rooms. Your plan was to move into density, veiling yourself off from your remembering, with the intention of gradually turning your light up more and more as you moved through your life. 

Too much light, too fast would not be handled well by the dense physicality you are in. Little by little you planned to gather, remember and radiate your unique light. 

It was both an individual and a collective plan. Many were involved in this plan. Can you sense the magnitude? 


Now, some of you may have started feeling a heaviness as we moved through this remembering. We wish for you to take a moment and remember your radiance as fully as possible. It is present. It is always present. 

Some of you are designed and well-suited to work with the heaviest, the most dense energy. You know how to transmute it. You have done this many times here on this planet, as well as others. 

You, dear one, agreed to carry a heavy load. You chose this because you have experience. You simply know how. 

What we would like those of you feeling this weight, this heaviness (whether physical or energetic) is to take a moment out of time and allow your helpers to remove the weight that is no longer needed. 

It is like a weight belt worn during scuba diving to keep you at a certain depth. You now need to shift this weight. Simply ask for it to be removed. 

You have transmuted much on your path. Here, right now in this time out of time, allow your spirit or higher self, helpers and consciousness itself to unbind you and remove what was too heavy to shift or too heavy for who you are now. It is like a get out of jail free card. Simply let the helpers move this energy back to source. 

Notice what is lightening in your inner and outer worlds. 

Let the light of the absolute unbind the weight you have not been able to shed. This energy is simply not able to be carried forward. 

Inside to outside, outside to inside, let the absolute light, the light of source unbind you. Let it dissolve what your spirit or higher self requests. Let your brain rest while other parts of you make the choices. Trust. 

What does this feel like? What do you sense or imagine is happening?

What areas are shifting? It’s ok if it is hard to tell. Just notice what you perceive. 

Now, let more of your own humming vibration flow into your field and your body. Let it mix with the absolute light. 

Allow yourself to bask here and receive for a moment. 


The nature of your planet, and life itself, is expansion and contraction. 

You have been in a three year cycle of mainly contraction. 

These contractions have been extremely fruitful for these spaces in you that already have the light of awareness activated. With these contractions, this awareness reached even deeper into you. This awareness became squeezed and contracted even deeper into some of your most hardened and dense places. It allowed light in to open these spaces back into flow. 

You are now at a place of widening and expanding both your awareness and your vibration. You have had little spaces here and there of expansion during these last three years, but this current expansion is much more comprehensive. 

There are many possibilities available for you at this moment.

The question is which one is most alive, light in weight and calling to you?

Notice the direction, color, feel and texture of the direction and path that is calling to you. 

You are stepping up. You have not been here before. You will have opportunities most aligned with your unique vibration, as it is right now, from this path that is calling to you. 

Other paths will open up as you move forward on this one. 

What we wish for you to know is this is the path that is most aligned with who you are NOW. This is a reset. A re-orientation. 

This is a pivotal time in your journey to move forward in large ways. 

Planetary expansion and contraction works differently than your breath and the tides. It is not a 1:1 ratio. These planetary expansions and contractions work over much larger cycles. This expansion is the beginning of the balance to the past three years of mainly contractions. 

You will begin to feel this more toward the end of your month. 

Take time this month to assess your alignment and attunement to your essence and your path, and to your energetic weight. 

This is a time where a little movement and adjustments will have large impacts on your trajectory.


Now, we ask you to move your awareness back into the pre-incarnation space you had conjured, the one where you were planning with many other spirits and vibrational beings. 

You were planning how to be lighthouses. You were planning where to place your light on the game board where you could light the path for you and others. 

Can you see the lights? This is you, dear one. 

This next month let yourself go as slow as you desire. Align, re-attune and let yourself continue to lighten your load. Do this as many times as you feel called to until you feel settled into this new space. 

It is an exciting time. Many lighthouses are awake and have moved into position to most effective with their energy.

Remember, there is no greater or less than plan. Each has its purpose. 

Enjoy this part, dear one, you have earned it. 

Laugh often, hold boundaries and let your essence radiate as much as you’re able, in your own unique way. 

Allow your unique essence to be seen as much as you are able. This may not be completely comfortable. Remember, you are meant to work together and help one another. 

You are not alone. You are supported more than you can fathom. 

And remember, dear one, you were made for these times.