Love is the Organizer – September Guidance

Planet Earth in black and blue Universe of star

Love is the Organizer

Can you feel it in the air? That is change.

What we wish to share with you today is a story. It started long ago.

Once upon a galaxy, there was a large cluster of beings that had become adept at traveling through time. They ‘grew up’ together, experiencing and adventuring to many far away places.

One fine, not yet moment in time, an idea formed. They wished to create a place where they could apply all they had experienced learning, growing and expanding their consciousness.

It took what would become ‘a very long time’ to form a planet in a zone that would house what would become known as ‘life.’ It was an experiment. Would it work? Could their consciousness find a way to move into form? What would happen? Would they remember where they came from?

So many questions. What a grand adventure! After what became known as ‘a very long time,’ life was prolific on what you now know as the third planet from the sun.

There were only two rules on this planet:

  1. Love is the Organizer
  2. There are No Other Preset Rules.

Many other planets had what was known as ‘predetermined rules’ and this particular group of beings wanted what became known as ‘a more adventurous journey.’ Many eyes of the universe turned their gaze to this emerging planet to see what would become of this new adventure that became known as ‘Planet Earth.’

Once again, many eyes of the universe have their gaze on Planet Earth, watching to see if they can remember that Love is the Organizer of the planet. Can they remember in time? Can we remember in time?


Updates and Upgrades

The energy of earth has been exponentially shifting for some time. Bit by bit, humans have been updating their internal programs; fixing bugs, updating belief systems, and with this, adjusting their physicality here and there.

These updates have been — little by little, step by step — allowing the individual and collective to move at a unique pace that suits each individaul. You can picture this as a wave or incremental changes and shifts. These are little by little. Small moves sometimes make bit impacts in the shaping of lives.

There comes a point with upgrades (especially in the technology realm) that the updates are no longer supported and a full upgrade is needed. Often this becomes a change of the way life has been lived, even if it means you are simply buying a new computer or a new device.

In the case of upgrades, an entire system changes.

During the month of September, you may notice what you believe, how you relate and how you operate in the world is no longer working quite as well. You may begin to notice the seeds of a new system beginning to form to replace the old systems. You may not even know why you are feeling what you are feeling or doing what you are doing. You will simply know that something needs to change entirely.

This is the place many sensitives, creatives and wayshowers may find themselves bumping into in this month.

The piece that is important to remember as these shifts and changes arrive for you, is that you are operating on a planet where Love is the Organizer.

As consciousness moves forward on the planet, this key piece of information will help you hold your center as the world falls away around you.


Flow of Grace

There is a flow of grace that is present throughout this transition. We have mentioned it before. If ‘Love is the Organizer’ is the organizing principle of Earth, the creative flow of grace is how it organizes. It is a constant stream available to all humans that help you/us remember Love as a core living and embodied experience.

Truly, all you have to do in a time of transition — big or small — is ask your inner self, your consciousness, and your guides, “Where is the love?” The flow of grace will take you right there. The key is to be willing to be reconnected with Love in its deepest and grandest of experiences. This is more challenging to humans than you expected. We are often unwilling to let go of what is no longer serving us.

One piece that has confused the human journey is the concept of ‘free will.’ Free will has been shouted loud and clear across the lands, along with sovereignty and choice.

The two pieces that have been missing in these concepts are the forgetting of the first directive, “Love is the Organizer.” Every decision that is made with this principle in mind will automatically interconnect individual lives, so there is no longer the “I only” decision. Right and wrong will begin to dissolve. Love does not always contribute in places preserved by right and wrong.

The second piece of this is that free will is not possible the way human beings interpret it. As a human is born and grows, it naturally attunes and incorporates the belief systems of the community it matures within. Yes, humans can make choices. Yes, humans have pure potentiality when they are born. And, as a human being begins its physical incarnation, it has inherited genes and, eventually, beliefs that are not completely sovereign or self-governing.

Much of human behavior is guided by unconscious patterns inherited from those originally caring for us.

At this point in time, humans are very much still running on inherited programs from their families, communities and societies. You/we are moving toward the remembering of your inherent essence and life force being, yet your/our actions are still governed by habits and history.


Love at Your Core

Many on the leading edge of the Planet Earth adventure will have opportunities to upgrade your system to a 2.0 version. As you look back, this point will be a right turn in your history. Your new path is emerging. Your system has to be able to travel on your new path. In order to do this, some of your old programming will need to be let go. It will simply become obsolete.

This does not mean all of a sudden you will remember, “Oh yes, I am Love and directed by Love only!” You may still be angry. You may still feel shame. You may still feel lonely, disconnected and misunderstood. Yet, when your vision moves to love as an organizing principle, your system cannot help but change. It is natural; in this space, you allow the flow of grace to move with you and through you.

You become reconnected to your true nature. From there, you begin to remember that Love is the Organizer of both you and your planet. Once you do this, you will not want to organize around any other principle. They will feel too lacking.

You will build this as you have built all other pieces of your life—little by little, step by step. You will remember and learn to hold the capacity of Love in all matter(s). It is important to allow this to happen with others. There is no ‘I only’ in actualized wholeness, not even within ourselves.

Awarenesses and insights will be heightened this month. Ground them into form by bringing them solidly on the planet through writing or whatever creative form pulls your heart. Trust the process.

You are right on time. Remember, you are made for these times.