May Energy Weather Report – The Buddha’s Eye


MAY – The Buddha’s Eye

These reports are offered to assist us with the shift currently happening in our world. They are general insights into the energies present—both cosmic and earth energies—that have the most impact on our individual systems and collective societies. They are written in conjunction with my guidance team (you have inner wisdom and a team guiding you as well!) I hope these reports offer you insight, refuge and a sense of agency as you move forward on your journey.


Sensitives, Creatives and Visionaries
Sensitives, creatives, and visionaries are feeling much during these times. These groups are on the leading edge and always are, mind you, but now are moving into a life phase where they will have more ability to navigate energy weather without being overwhelmed, hushed or simply talked over. This is a unique time and it will take a bit of practice, but we tell you, you were made for these times.

If you’re reading this, you are in this group.

The supportive collective energy has not been widely available to those that are highly sensitive or visionary. You simply have been operating at a different vibrational rate too far away from the collective energy to function optimally. You may have felt like you were swimming upstream, misunderstood or simply too much. This is now different. You have been pushing at the edges of the collective consciousness all of your life, and now those edges have cracked open, never to be put back the way they once were. The edges have given way and you’re not quite sure what to do with this freedom.

This expansion came a little faster than you anticipated. You expected incremental. Energy expansion isincremental, with periods of contraction, until there reaches a critical mass, then the whole planet jumps or shifts. This is not the beginning, but it is the beginning of the physical proof that the world is shifting. You could compare this to the beginning of labor.

Most of the month of May is an Earth sign filled with a channel of enormous light frequencies. It is Buddha’s sign and we are at a catalyst point to begin anew, starting with the inward journey. It is not something you think about, it is something your soul and life calls you into. You cannot mess it up. You are surrounded by supportive forces, and you will finally start to feel them. You will be drawn into your own inner light of illumination, sight and guidance more and more.

Initially, you may feel like you’ve lost your physical boundaries, are back in the chrysalis again. Or you may feel like your center has shifted and you are wobbling into a new relation with gravity. This is actually a good thing. You are reorganizing and restructuring from the very core of your physical existence. This may feel slow in the beginning, but then leaps are made.

When you are born into physical reality, you literally attach to your physical world through your caregivers. Now you are literally shedding these attachments, these foundational cells carrying foundational beliefs. You are now grounding and attaching yourself into the world beyond the world that you see – to the invisible forces at the Source of your world. You can’t see it, but you can feel it.

Changing Physical Reality
You and many others are literally grounding into another aspect of your vibrational reality. You are attaching to the core of your world, which many call the mythic or archetypal world. This world is what you would call a higher vibration.

Let us clarify this higher vibration for a moment. It is simply a world that vibrates at a different rate than the one in which you have primarily lived. You could also say it vibrates faster. It is a quickening and it has an affect on density. When sound vibrates faster in your world, it creates a higher frequency sound. You would call it a higher pitch, tone or octave.

Your planet has been receiving waves of energy (photonic light energy) that are showering in from the cosmos outside of our solar system. We are at the peak of our current solar minimum. Usually, the sun’s magnetic field and solar wind produce a shield to fend off these cosmic rays. In solar minimum, the sun activity quiets (it was at its quietest in April 2020) and human nervous systems are literally receiving more energy from these cosmic waves.

For many of you, this is felt as energy or lightness, which may be experienced as dizziness, stepping out of a normal sense of time, intense emotions or the wobbly feel of being at sea. For some it is felt as inspiration and a flood of creative ideas. For others it has felt like a weight or blanket of exhaustion. All of these are the same energy received differently by different bodies. Sensitives and visionaries are feeling it first and the most intensely.

You know that there are only certain vibrations visible to the collective human eye. Sensitives tune into frequencies that are not registered by most other humans and experience it as a felt sense sensation in their bodies. Creatives often receive this energy as inspiration or downloads. You may experience both. You are responding to energy the rest of the planet is not yet noticing. They are tuned into other aspects. You tune into this absolutely naturally because of how your systems are designed. Think of your dog or cat and how they raise their nose to the air, receiving something that is unregistered by your human senses. This is the way sensitives, creative and visionaries are feeling these waves of energy. You are on the front lines.

Have you noticed you pause more, and stare off into space more? You could blame that on the isolation that has been happening, but it is actually something more. You are feeling these waves, perceiving these waves as they enter your field. Once they reach you, you have cells in you that are a vibrational match to these cosmic energies. Your cells are literally finding a harmony with these waves and grounding this energy directly into the planet.

Your energy field, as a sensitive, visionary and creative, is quite large. As you harmonize with these incoming higher vibrations, you are literally attuning to these frequencies, allowing this energy to literally integrate into the natural spaces around you and deep into the earth. You are helping this energy, these higher frequencies, to literally ground into the world around you, shifting our physical world.

Your Personal Energy Field
This next month, you will be working with your fields like this more consciously. You have a very wide field. In fact, take a moment to feel how wide the energy around you, your bubble, actually is. It is quite large. It may be larger than you’re used to. This is part of your matrix of energy—the energy of you, gradually stepped down into physical form. On the outer edges, it is a much different density than in your physical body.

Now, notice the smallness of your physical body compared to your wide field. It is simply different. Your physical body is held at the center of this wide energy field. Now tune into your center—simply what feels like your center—it could be midline, heart, physical. Just notice where your center is. Let your body tell you. You have a midline center that you are formed out of. You have more than one center you can tune into.

Your heart center is circular or spherical. This is your largest physical magnetic field and what many are drawn to. Movers may feel physical centers naturally, too. These centers are integrated with your more etheric energy edges. This is your matrix field. You will begin to relate this field to how you feel – light/heavy, luminous/dark, vibrant/colorless. Your matrix is a field that is connected deep into both humanity and to the earth. It is your bubble of life while on earth.

The natural world will help you keep your field clear. Even if there is no direct nature around you, you have the sky around you and the earth underneath. You do not need to go very far to find the purity of these fields, even with all the buildup of chaos and static on your planet. If you’re feeling heavy or like you’re moving through molasses, this is a good time to tune into the natural world, shed and clear your field.

You are changing structurally, literally shedding. You may be tuning into the Anxiosphere (fear filled atmosphere) and may have taken some of this energy on to transmute. You are also shifting and overwriting cells from your beginning of this life. The collective energy is ripe to have a full system reset – back to your original factory settings before anything was tampered with or adjusted to fit your environment. As you reset, you will still have the wisdom you gathered, just not the baggage from it. Yes, we know this scares you. We also know it excites you. The next month will take you inward to re-experience your light. Give yourself the pause.

By design, you necessitated attaching to your immediate world. This would be how you attached to your family. Here, in the faster moving vibrations, instead of attaching, you are attuning. You are attuning and harmonizing, just like the strings of an instrument do when you tune it, to your center which keeps you safe, helps you discern, and assist your integration within your environment. You are doing this on a cellular level.

Currently there are more opportunities to tune into love, harmony and cooperation than existed for you at the beginning of this lifetime. You feel these spaces of connection even as the familiar structures of your life crack and crumble. Endings and beginnings are always intertwined. You are learning to work with this new energy.

Your Legs Are Your Grounding Mechanisms
You are literally shedding the attachment cellular data you learned from your mother, father or caregivers. Most of you will feel this in your pelvis, legs and feet. Even if you’re feeling tensions, pains or pulls in your upper body, working you’re your lower body will help. Take care to be loving and nurturing to your lower centers. They are your grounding mechanisms and they are strongly connected to the earth. They are literally moving into connection with the world beyond the physical earth.

It may feel strange, but notice if there are colors or sensations present in your lower centers. Find ways to allow your legs and feet to connect energetically (which will feel like your imagination) to these colors or sensations. Let your body find a natural flow into the earth that you cannot see, but you can feel. It may feel light, transluscent, fluid, vibrating, airy, swirly, breezy. Let your legs connect into the earth below. Then let your whole body feel the sense of being held in your large bubble of your energy matrix, as if you were held in a large, etheric hamster ball.

It will be helpful to use the elements, physically or energetically/imaginally to balance pain points, i.e.:

  • Water to cool firey places
  • Light to hold or comfort dark or murky places
  • Soothing sound (harmony) to balance discord
  • Earth or wood to help find your boundaries or edges

This is using of your imagination and sensory abilities to balance your body. You already naturally do this.

Let yourself enjoy light foods, especially as it gets warmer, with plenty of water and non-caffeine teas. Keep your coffee/tea that makes your heart happy. Green tea may feel good. Let your system have some rest from processing more dense food. This is not to say stop eating meat, just make it a side dish, and eat more light foods to balance. How can you lighten up from the inside out?

If you feel you need heavier food, look to the grains that work for you. Chocolate is always on the menu, just let it be something that makes your cells sing.

Pause multiple times throughout the day and note how wide your field is, all the way to your perceived edges. Once you find the outer edges, notice your physical body in the center. Then bring your awareness to the center of your physical body—whatever appears for you—heart, belly center, mindline center. Let it be an embodied feel, even if you feel you’re imagining things, so let your head center rest for this one. You are noticing and becoming aware of your fields within fields. You are a nested being.

This next month is all about letting go and new growth or beginnings. It has been an outer world experience throughout April, and in May the processes turn toward our inner realms and allow things to ripen. You do not shed inward, you shed outward, so let the dying pieces move out and away. They are ready to move onward on their journey. Everything has its time and season. Begin to trust this, even if you don’t understand it.

There will be a large period of dying off before the building up and new growth is seen in the physical world. It is this way with fascia on the inside if you’re familiar with bodywork language. There is a period of more breaking down in the beginning, but there comes a point of transition where the new cells have proliferated enough to form a new experience. Energy always comes before form. Always.

You were made for times like these.