May Guidance – Widen Your View

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Widen Your View

This section is now called Monthly Guidance. These reports are written with my guidance team. We all have one. You have your own unique guidance team, too.

As this new month greets you (us), there is great cause for celebration. We know this feels like folly, but we wish to share a vision with you for a moment….

Imagine if you will, your (our) planet is in a harmonious balance where the fields, flora, animals, microbe-Isms, earth below and sky above all are in a resonant, harmonious symphony of expression. This is something humans created for the first time in decades during this past year.

Take a moment to let the wideness of your (our) pandemic shutdown and its impact on the physical planet and the atmosphere be in your awareness. It was a fully global event. It was a pivotal moment, felt within the earth, the sky above and through all her creatures, including humans. This is a cellular imprint. Let yourself remember, beyond the fear, to the healing and clearing that happened for this brief time on your planet.

There was great celebration across the cosmos for this clearing moment on your planet. It was not a celebration for the devastation, but for the potential of humanity and planet earth, your (our) home.


You (We) Have Work to Do

Now this celebration does not disclude the intense tragedies that were also felt around the globe. Have you noticed how often they go hand in hand? Moments of deep connection with moments of deep tragedy are often intertwined on your (our) planet. This is part of humanity’s set point. And from this point in time, you have the opportunity to move forward in ways that have not been accessible on your (our) planet for a long, long time.

This next month will be an experience of both expansion and turning inward. These experiences will be felt almost simultaneously, which is new for humans. The energy your (our) planet is now bathed in is changing paradigms both within and outside of your (our) selves. You are changing. Your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotional world, your relational abilities, they are all shifting and changing. It is both exciting and unsettling at the same time. Humans are not fond of change.


Change Is Happening

Regardless, change is happening. The flow of energy into your planet is causing both the earth and all of its creatures to adjust their biology. It takes time. You will have growing pains. Have you noticed how much you have already grown in the past year —your belief in yourself, your shifting of personal set points, your ways of relating with others, your understanding wider and deeper points of view?

Planet earth, the planet of free choice, is moving its set point energetically. You are evolving from a survivalist planet. As this happens, every piece of your world will shift and evolve. There will be those who resist it. This is not your concern.

Keep your energy, attention and focus in the realms where you can make the most impact, in your life and the lives around you. You will not be able to change the world by yourself. It takes a critical mass amount of energy to shift the entire planet. Those who wish to hold back the tides of energy are assisting in their own way. Creating resistance builds energy and propels it forward from its point of resistance.


What Is the Widest View You Can Hold?

As we speak to widest view, we do not mean to disclude (yes, we are making up words). Widening your view includes what is, it simply expands your viewpoint to include more. You are moving into a time beyond duality. Many have called it Triality. We are calling it that here, as well. Duality expanded to hold both at the same time naturally changes its essence. This is the basis of Triality.

It has been said in many teachings to detach from your physical body, to detach from your emotions. We tell you this was appropriate at the time. Humanity at that time was remembering how to find spirit, the non-physical. Now you are doing something different. Now you are re-attaching from a more secure and stable ground.

Your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit are inseparable. Humans have not been able to reweave these aspects into a whole for a very long time. Now you are moving to re-integrate these pieces of your existence back into a conscious connection with your spirit—and keep walking in biology. This means your biology will change and evolve, too.


Sacred Purpose

Many of you are in the midst of a great pivot into the core of your sacred purpose you came to express on the planet this lifetime. We know it is not easy. We know it is painful. We see you doubt yourselves. In those times, do reach out to others that are close enough to hold your heart in these spaces. This is the ‘Time of the Healer’ on many fronts. There is much to be healed on planet earth.

We do wish for you to remember to hold the widest view possible. It’s natural to want to discard everything that came before this time, but we tell you it was all part of the tapestry that you are weaving. The past cannot be eliminated. It can only be held in the light of awareness and with a wider view. How will you move forward from here? For it is the choice of humanity where you go from here.

What is your vision? What do you feel in your sacred core of your heart? What calls to you to move towards? What is a weight that is better put down? These are questions that will begin to be answered more clearly as this month and this year moves forward.


Let Yourself Grieve

The pain that is felt on the planet is a culmination of millennia of wounding. The Healers will help process this grief. Healers simply create a space for healing to occur. The one who holds the wound does the healing.

Healing is a necessary step. Let yourself feel the pain in small increments, little by little. You body and your emotions are your guide for this piece. You cannot think your way through this one. You have to notice it, feel it and allow this energy to move and complete its process.

From this processing, this digesting as you call it, you will metabolize this energy into something new. You will open space for more of your light and inspiration. You will become more integrated through the embracing, deepening and widening your perspective. You have the capability to hold so much in your awareness. You are not seeking pain; you are simply allowing what is there room to move.


Hold onto One Another

The way forward is a collective process. One heart at a time, connected to other resonant hearts, moving the vibrational set point of your planet forward. It starts within. Find those that resonate with you, those that make you feel more expanded instead of contracted, even if the only resonant heart you can find is through a book or video. Let yourself be connected. Humanity has separated as far as it can without pulling itself apart irreparably. In order to move forward, humanity has to do so together.


You were made for these times.