Re-Generation, Dynamic Neutral and Power Fields – August Guidance

Close up green fern leaves roll up curled growing out from the soil in spring tropical forest

Re-Generation, Dynamic Neutral and Power Fields

August offers us more potentiality and evolutionary growth both on our own paths and as a collective. Are you grounded? Are you feeling something potentially large emerging? Are you unsure what to do next?

We tell you, you are right on time. Is that hard to believe?

When we say right on time, that is a bit of a misnomer, for time is more fluid than you perceive and believe. You have more power and influence on your healing, growth and movement than you’ve ever had access to in this lifetime. You are beginning to learn how to use it.


Global Healing

We have said before you are in the Time of the Healer. Have you noticed how so much focus is on trauma and healing? How many are called into new positions as healers? How your places that call for healing are deeper and wider than you’ve ever encountered before? It is simply time.

Because your/our planet is steeped and blanketed in a strong masculine quality of “power over,” your/our entire planet is working with this quality of trauma and healing. There are big ‘T’ trauma experiences and little ‘t’ trauma experiences. What you/we are now realizing is that these traumas and pain points are only healed through connections with others. You cannot do it all alone. Connect with healers that can help you navigate this depth. Follow your heart and your inner impulses. Begin to trust your inner insights more.

It is ok to feel lost. It is from this place of unknowing that your own personal re-generation is formed. Do not try to do too much to bring this into form. You do not tug on a plant to grow. You support it. You give it what it needs—protection, nourishment, support—but you do not tell it how to grow. It simply knows how.

There is an internal wisdom, a body and spirit wisdom that is happening within those of you that are on the front edges of this evolution. For some of this process, you are simply along for the ride. Enjoy this time as if you were floating on a river, nestled in a safe and supportive inner tube. Connect with others that are with you on this stretch of the river.

Your systems, especially your heart energy matrix, will amplify this resonant field out into the world for others to tune into.

Then, at a certain point, you will have a better sense of where you are on this river of your life and you will wish to become an active participant with the forces that are guiding your journey. You will have inspired actions and insights that bring your next movements more into focus. Until those times, try to find those calm, floating places. Even as the world around you dissolves. Know that you are held in a larger energy.

Let yourself feel the depth and width of this new, emergent calling. You do not need to do anything with it or to it. You are simply creating a relationship with part of yourself that is calling your into a wider expression of yourself. Simply said, you are creating a deeper relationship with a part of your future self.

We tell you time is more fluid than you realize.


Dynamic Neutral

It is hard for humans to be neutral. There is an inherent set point of right and wrong, based on your societal and cultural agreements. These are in the midst of a shift and evolution. Much is dissolving. What we wish to point you to is what you are creating – essentially what is re-generating.

In order to shift beliefs and ways of being, the first thing that is needed is to stop activating the old patterns and pathways. To do this, you simply slip into neutral. This does not mean you become inert. It simply means you become more curious and allowing, not being certain of how things will go, or your certainty of how things should go. You are shifting into neutral, between right and wrong, and allowing another wider perspective to be present.

Uncertainty is very unsettling for human psyches. It threatens safety. It threatens notions of community. But we tell you; there is a wider energy that is present with you. It has a wider view. It has a deeper perception. Can this field be defined by your sciences yet? Not entirely. You are in a phase of “direct experience.” You are creating new pathways and road maps for yourself. It begins in your own personal neurology, patterns, habits and belief systems.

How attached are you to certainty? How attached are you to disappointment? How attached are you to mistrust? How attached are you to responsibility?

These attachments happened at a very early age. It is part of your biology. And now your biology is evolving. These points of attachment are now getting rubbed and activated like they never before have in your lifetime.

In order to shift these pain points, the first action is inaction. The first piece to do is to allow what is happening simply to be. Notice the energy of it – the sensory experience. How does it feel in your body? What is it doing? What does it feel like? Most actions humans enact are to simply relieve these sensory experiences. You have not fully learned how to work with your emotions and energy.

It is no one’s fault, truly. Yes, you inherited these behaviors. Yes, you inherited these genetics. They’ve been passed down through your lineage. And before that, they were passed down through another lineage you had before you jumped lines. That is a story for another day. We are planting seeds.


Energy Medicine

There are dynamics in play on your planet that are committed to the repression of the natural flow of energy. There are dynamics that wish to hold control over how energy flows on your planet. It is no longer possible for this dynamic to hold, no matter what you see in your news cycles.

Every life action on your/our planet requires an energy transfer. Everything on your/our planet is based on energy. There are natural flows to energy. You can also influence the flow of energy. You/we, as a collective, are remembering and learning how to work with these fields. Some of you already do this quite naturally.

Where energy is flowing, magnetism is created. Where there is magnetism, there is energy flow. Your heart, which is a vortex, creates the largest magnetic field in your/our body. There are re-generative and de-generative power fields around your/our bodies that are connected to our own personal heart energy. When you/we learn how to connect to and allow these power fields to work with our systems and lives—through their connection to your/our high heart or harmonized heart energy—then we will find healing comes with more ease.

Our systems are self-organized by an intelligence and movement of energy that is present before our brain even comes into being. It is through these power fields of energy intelligence that we’re formed. They have our best interests and most clear resonant expressions at the center. It is through these power fields that we can find deep healing. The key is to be receptive to this energy.

These fields are actually a part of you, connected through a web of energy and magnetics to your team of unseen support and guidance. You can ask for these fields and these energies to assist you on your journey. These are fields of consciousness, an invisible energetic and magnetic soup if you will, that each and every being and expression on our planet is linked to. You are, indeed, a web of life.

Throughout this next month, ask for these allied and supportive fields to help you, guide you and adjust your field for the most optimal flow of creation and dissolution of energy for who you are now—not who you were or who you wish to be—who you are right now.

When you do this, you adjust the magnetics of your fields, both within and around you, so your system can function in much more harmony. You increase your vitality. You increase your magnetism. You increase your health. Your cells dance with light and energy. Let these fields help dissolve what is no longer serving. Let them also support what is creating and re-generating.

We are learning to work with energy in new ways. Let yourself be curious. Let your knowings, even if they’ve been extremely helpful in the past, let them have room to breath and evolve. You are moving into new territory. Let your body-mind go with you.

You were made for these times.