Here we are, collected at this moment in time. 

Many of you have been on a seeker path for much of your life. You came in with qualities and abilities that you had planned to express while you are here for your flash through earth time. Have you noticed that your path direction has shifted? 

You may be still doing the same job, working in the same partnerships, moving toward the same big picture expressions, but something feels very different on the inside.


We are at a point of major interior shifting. You could even call it an overhaul. Yet it is subtle. 

It is as if humanity has been put back on the pottery wheel to be reshaped. Or into the shop for a remodel. It is quite like the old VW bus that is coming out electric. You may look the same on the outside, but inside, you’re operating differently. You could call it recalibrating. 

These moments are quite special. They’re different than the upgrades often talked about in energy or spiritual circles. What is really interesting is these shifts can often occur through a viral illness. 

I know, it sounds a little crazy. 

While it can be scary, especially after a pandemic, illness can reshape the way we interact with consciousness or subtle energy. Physical evolution happens through mutations. 

This shift that is now happening across segments of the planet allows us to align and attune a little easier to our unseen source, both of who we are and of all that is. How’s that for a shift?

It can also cause a bit of confusion. We may feel our connection with our soul, essence or source has quieted. 

What is actually happening is your field of perception is widening. And deepening. 

For many at this time, it’s quite important to deepen into your body and consciousness. The energy has quickened to a degree that excluding your body and personal consciousness from your evolutionary path will increase separation quite quickly. 

What does this mean?

It means that moving in ways… 
where you don’t hold yourself precious and dear,
where you don’t include how your actions will impact your body, mind, and emotions, where you keep yourself separate from love and care,
where you discount your humanity in favor of your spirit
…this will create discord and separation even more quickly than ever before in your lifetime. 

This diversity-in-unity experiment that all humans and humanity are moving through has now shifted into a stronger and deeper vibration of connection and harmony. There has been strong quickening. 

Now, does it look like that in your world? Probably not. 

But, the energy is now quickening to a degree that your physicality has to shift, sometimes quite dramatically, to move out of the encrusted patterns of separation and wounding. 

It means old ways will dissolve quicker. Which also means attuning and aligning with the vibration of connection, support and harmony within — which IS the underlying vibration of source (no matter what you call it) — will bear even more fruit in these times. 

Your body will have to adjust. Your connection to your emotions and to your thoughts will continue to adjust. It is an embodied and integrated experience. We cannot do piece work like we used to. 

What will become very apparent is healing will require deep participation. Your essence, your inner healing life force connected to your soul’s plan for this point in your life (which may or may not have actually arrived intact when you were born) is quite necessary. 

Soul Healing

Our soul is what allows us to move through time and space. Our essence (or spirit, source, animating life force, inner healer/creator, choose words that work for you) is infused into our soul which has all the codes and gifts we need to leave our unique mark on the world. 

Soul is often interchanged with Spirit, but they’re actually not one in the same. 

One thing that has been a challenge for many sensitives and creatives is our connection to our soul is not as strong as it could be. Souls can get wounded. Spirit cannot. Souls can feel disconnected or far away. The information they have for us could not have landed in our body the way it was intended. 

All sorts of things happen as we move into embodiment from spirit consciousness. 

The piece that’s important at this time is all of that can be reconnected. 

You can become integrated with your soul’s plan. You may even have had a part 1 and part 2 soul plan for this life. If that’s the case, you may need to ask your essence to download that information so it is available to your conscious mind. 

There is no one taking up space on the planet. All beings have a plan. They could either be working in connection to Source energy, or contracted away from Source energy. 

Interestingly, humans may think they’re working with Source energy, but in reality they’re working with interference. The difference is harmony and connection. There are many possibilities on the game board of planet earth. 

There is free choice, but there are also deep patterns of conditioning one must move through to get to what is one’s unique expression of spirit or consciousness — without the conditional patterns of family, community, religions and society and so on. 

There is great potential for the direct experience recognition that you are more than you realize. All of you are more than you realize.

Go Easy 

In this next month, be gentle with yourself. Honor the passing of time. Honor how far you’ve moved your awareness and consciousness in this lifetime. You’ve come a long way (baby!) Can you see and feel that? 

Where you are going is quite amazing. Let your mind relax into the part of you that knows what direction you’re headed. 

There’s a part of you that knows how to heal. There’s a part of you that knows how to awaken. There’s a part of you that knows your soul’s desire at this point in life. Stop working so hard, and allow. 

You don’t have to drive the bus OR push the river. Attune to your soul’s plan and allow, even if you don’t know what that plan is.

This is who you are. Diversity-In-Unity. It’s time to remember and allow more of you to emerge. 

You, dear one, were made for these times.