Reinvention IS Evolution


Dear human soul, 

One thing we are learning is this great shift we’re in is it is affecting different structures, beliefs and values, all at once. 

What is ripe right now on the planet, for many of us, is to become more aware of our soul, our abilities and our evolution—or more precisely, our reinvention. 

Soul and spirit are often interchanged as if they are the same thing.

For those on the front lines of evolution, it may be helpful to distinguish between the two. 

Simply put, soul is what your consciousness or spirit essence uses to become manifest and experience adventures throughout time and space. These adventures add to the knowledge and learning about love, unity, and connection—sometimes by the opposite or lack of these qualities.

Your essence or spirit is the vibrating radiance of you that is untouched by all the adventures through time and space; yet it is expanded by the capacity to know yourself. 

Your personal essence of spirit is a configuration that is unique only to you. We are living examples of unity as diversity. The one source energy contracts itself into unimaginable multitudes of expression. You, dear soul, are one of them. When we awaken, we have a direct experience knowing of this awareness.

Spirit, Soul, Body

The journey of a human life is governed by the soul and the spirit—also called essence nature or consciousness.

We can imagine it as the human body being held within our soul. 

And our soul is held within our essence nature or spirit consciousness.

Our essence nature or spirit interpenetrates into the most dense aspects of us, and is larger than our soul and body. 

Essentially, we are concentric vibrating bubbles of energy consisting of varying amounts of dense matter to subtle energy. 

Within our soul, we hold our desires, hopes, dreams and gifts we intend to bring to this life. Not all of them make it to fruition.

We tend to think of our soul as having these fully formed gifts that we just reach in and bring forward. But that’s not often the case. 

Our soul is infused with our spirit essence. Our soul is ancient, but not a separate alive entity—it is the form our essence takes (like a coat we put on to travel to a colder climate) when we desire to move through time and space to create experiences. 

Our soul holds all of our history. Our soul speaks the language of the ancient.

Our soul can get wounded. Our spirit essence cannot. 


Is Your Soul Signaling to You?

All of this is to say your soul may signaling you that you are ripe for reinvention. Last month we talked about reconfiguring. This was the energetic precursor to what your soul may very well be signaling to you. 

Personally, I’ve not had a very clear experience of my soul until recently. In fact, because of wounds, mainly from past lives, I’ve not quite trusted my soul. I’d bypass my soul and go straight to my spirit. But the joke was on me—our soul IS our spirit, just in a certain unique configuration. 

One side effect of this disconnection with my soul was that it dimmed some of the key gifts and abilities I intended to bring to this life. But, you see, I needed to work through some old old wounds before I could move forward anyway. 

In order for our lives to progress, a well formed connection to our soul is quite helpful, and, in fact, necessary. 

Remember, our soul is the vehicle that moves us through time and space. It is ancient. It is infused with our radiant essence and can assist as a translator between our more expanded spirit or essence nature and our current physical life.

Our soul allows us to create and explore our own nature. Our soul holds all our creative blueprints for our life. 

Our soul holds all the divine timings, desires, and intentions that our spirit planned to move into existence. 

Our bodies are the vehicle of our soul in this world. 

Now, here’s what’s interesting this month. 


Reinvention From Soul Level

Many souls chose to incarnate on the planet at this time for this great shift. Many of these souls are now moving into a reinvention—a personal shift to allow a more authentic YOU to emerge into this world. 

It’s as if an invisible signal moved across the planet, announcing to souls that it is time to level up our lives. If we’ve been creating something in our lives, it may begin to gain traction. Our souls are intimately attuned to the energy of our spirit essence and the collective energy. 

The energy has opened up. Our bodies and lives are responding. 

We may have been trying to move into this phase, but we just couldn’t move forward. It may be a soul timing thing, where enough experience hadn’t been gathered. Or, we may have had a burden or wound that our spirit desires to heal through our soul. If this is the case, our soul won’t allow us to move forward until this burden has been moved. This may occur through injury or illness. 

Now, some souls have the desire and past life experience to literally evolve the human body right here, right now, allowing more of our spirit or consciousness to be present in our body – shifting the very nature of what it is to be human. 

This evolves the way the mind, body and consciousness or spirit experience the world. It is a whole other level of being incarnate. Here, a more powerful voltage of energy moves into the human body, into the nervous system and brain and begins to evolve the body on a very tangible tissue, bone and fluid level. We are remade on every level. 

Ideally, this process is slow and integrative. This process is not common on the planet yet (although it is happening more frequently to be sure) and the knowledge left to humans of this natural evolutionary process of consciousness has been convoluted and confused. 

Some of us here to assist with this transition of human consciousness may feel a bit stuck,  lost or confused of our abilities or soul plan for this shift. 

This is where the open source connection of human heart to human heart (without competition or hierarchical exclusion) can truly benefit the evolution of humanity. 

Your soul has a reason to be here. It has a mark it wishes to leave on the planet—big or small, it is no matter. All that matters is that you connect to that sacred and ancient part of you and allow YOU to come through. 

This connection with your soul allows you to create what you came here to manifest. You do not need to know everything. All you have to do is take each inspired step, one after the other. 

It is a practice! 

We all have soul wounds, but some of us may have big ones that need to be mended before we are able to move forward. Reach out to those that know how to help you heal and watch how you begin to move forward. 

Part of you knows exactly what you are doing. You only have to be able to tune into this part. Then take one imperfect step forward at a time. 

Remember dear ones, you are made for these times.