Remembering Our Power – October Guidance

Remembering Our Power

October has come in with the force of a quiet storm. She wishes to continue to dismantle the remnants of your first life, the one you are quietly or quite vocally transmuting. She does this with the Grace of the wild feminine, moving with quiet force, dismantling everything that is no longer serving who you really are.

You can choose to grasp to these old familiar ways. They may be rebellion, or contrarian in nature, these old ways, and they have served you well. But they will not get you to where you wish to be. The fighting against energy will not move you forward. Know that forces are working with your most interconnected intentions, the ones that connect you to a new way of operating and manifesting in the world.


The Fall

It is no mistake we used the word ‘fall’ here. For many of you it is the season you have just entered into. We chose to use this term because you feel it in your very core. The fall. Do you not feel that in your bones? Those of you who are sensitives, creatives and wayshowers have possibly been waiting for this moment without knowing for sure what you were waiting for…The fall.

The fall is a movement in time, a shift in both self and society. All of the forces of the cosmos are actually supporting this shift. It is the shift of power, to be sure. It is the shift of power over to power within. The systems of mass consumption of energy, souls and nature has reached its limit, and now the energy is moving back to create balance and harmony.

Your/our planet has glorified wars and revolutions, essentially ‘The Fall’, for most of your recorded history. This time it is different.

The revolution begins within.

You cannot go forward without dismantling the inner patterns and programs that were created by these social systems. You and your relationships, communities and your societies are interconnected. You cannot have individual change without impacting your communities and vice versa. Even the seemingly smallest of changes affect the whole.

Where this personal shift comes from is of vital importance.

You/we are at a pivot point between breaking down and building up. This space from which creation takes place makes all of the difference. Many will continue fighting against. That is their choice and may be their dharma, their personal way of expressing the creative force that gives them life. Thank them, those that are still pushing against. They are holding a space in the fabric of change.


Stand and Deliver

What do you feel when you read about pushing against systems? Does it alight your heart? Or does it cause a gripping or contraction? That is how you discern where you energy is best suited.

Many sensitives, creatives and wayshowers are going to have some of the fog or roadblocks cleared this month. You do not have to know exactly what you will be doing for the next year, five years, ten years. In fact, this shift is so very fluid. You/we are creating it as you go.

How do you know if you’re on track or even facing in the right direction to move forward?

Humans have a pattern of giving away their inherent power. You are much more of a force than you know. In the simplest of terms, you/we have looked to people in power to determine how to live our lives. We have been directed from the outside.

The disorienting piece is that the outside is not necessarily in alignment with the inside of you. We have to practice tuning into our inner directive guidance and use that as a way to stand in our own bodies, making choices for our own lives, and delivering our unique gifts and energy to the world.

Remember, you/we are interconnected to our communities and our societies. Many have been left behind in this journey for a fulfilled life. Systems have been in place for millennia to keep humans doubting their dignity and belonging.

As you reach for the next phase of your journey, start with your own alignment. This is an inside job. Inner alignment in its most simplistic form is aligning your gut instincts with your heart knowings and your mental acuity. In that order—gut, heart, head.

Many of you/us walk around as if we were disconnected heads, coming only from our rational, thinking brain. This is a part of your/our wisdom, but it is only one part. You are re-membering yourselves — literally reconnecting body, heart and mind. This is a source of your wisdom and power.

This is a re-connection to the feminine aspects, the wild aspects of life on planet earth. You cannot dominate this energy out of existence, especially at this juncture in time. It is a critical and necessary part of who you are to remember.

As you find your way to reconnection, you will quite naturally stand in your own shoes. You will be more assured that you have a voice and a place here at this time on the planet. You are remembering why you are here.


The Dream is Here

Many of you have a very hazy yet, paradoxically, clear dream of another way of living life. Many of you have practiced living with grace for most of your lives. Grace is the way energy moves in its most natural and potent essence directly into form. It is not polarized or dualistic. It is a unity vibration.

Some of you have memories as if you have lived in a world or society like this before. We tell you it is time to remember the dream. You do not need the details, you only need to wish to remember this essence more fully. It is there in wisps, and now the energy is ripe for it to be available in wider flows.

As each of you re-connects with this flow or stream of grace, it amplifies and expands, and even deepens the flow of this energy on your planet. Connect to it in your own way. Ask for assistance from your helper guides to remind you of what this feels like. This is not a head experience, remembering grace is a full body experience. It is a re-membering of your seats of power or alignment. 

 Many of you will find yourselves turned toward the future, ready or gathering resources and tools to move forward in the new year. Do not rush the river. Allow the river of grace, this stream of grace to move with you, support you and guide you, along with your helpers, both seen and unseen.

This reconnection is a re-weaving of the seen and unseen worlds; the practical and the mysterious. They have always been interlinked. As you move forward through your month, continue to reconnect your three centers – body, heart, mind (in that order) and allow yourself to be inspired and guided in ways that your mind could not image alone.

Questions to energize the fall:

  • What is no longer serving you that you are still holding on to?
  • How often do you listen to your body responses or heart nudges?
  • Are you able to allow yourself to feel good – body, heart and mind?
  • What is your longing or what do you care deeply about?
  • Where are you putting your energy and attention that is draining you?

We tell you, you are indeed made for these times.