Shifting & Lifting Veils

Part of the consciousness shift the entire planet is experiencing has to do with the shifting of veils. Veils or sheaths of separation have been talked about since ancient times, especially in yoga and Hindu cultures. These veils are the separation we have between worlds, forms and different aspects of our own existence. They allow us to stay in our more dense, human form. 

One of the things that happens as we widen our consciousness is we become aware of more than our physical being. We begin to experience more subtle energy. Some of you came in with this ability. This energy is not entirely mysterious, as science has begun to reveal more of the attributes of subtle, non-physical energy. 

This past week we all experienced a shifting of the veils through the solar flares and geomagnetic storms that have infiltrated our planet for the past week. If your sleep and attention has been more erratic, we can thank the cosmic energy from the sun for this. Even though it’s disruptive by nature, it is a part of the evolutionary journey. 

Even though these disruptions often cause confusion and/or irritation, they are literally shifting our personal magnetics and energetics. We don’t even need to think about it. This is part of the evolution, and part of it is automatic. It’s going to happen whether we believe in it or not, and whether we agree to it or not. Our bioelectromagnetic systems are intricately linked to and impacted by this outer energy. 

Our veils are held in place partially by our magnetic structure. Every human body is both electric and magnetic. Our society is even held together by magnetic forces. Watch how these forces are impacted, shift and change in the next month. 

Personally, our veils (whether thin or not) are interlinked with our beliefs and habits. This is why the consciousness shifting we experience, the awakenings, impact how we see the world. Consciousness shift is a widening and deepening of awareness. When this happens, some of our older beliefs and patterns no longer fit. We literally outgrow them.

Younger Generations

One piece guidance has pointed to multiple times as I was pulling this monthly information through was about the later teens and young adults — the 16-30 year olds, and some on the cusp either side.

These kids (mostly young adults,) many of them have thin veils in ways the older generations did not. They have access to each other and other worlds in ways we are evolving into. 

The importance of focusing on these generations is that their systems, specifically because of their thin veils, may be more wobbly in the next few years. This is not a bad thing or something to fear. 

As the adults in their world stabilize and anchor into themselves more and more, this will support this upcoming generation in ways we will understand as we move forward in time. 

These children may have more challenges mentally and physically right now. It is all working out. You can liken this to an ‘awkward teenager’ stage where one part of them grows faster than other parts. 

Their system is designed to open up more to these cosmic flows like the space weather your planet has experienced in the past week. Some will become more grounded, more stabilized; some will become a bit wobbly. We wish you to know this is a positive shift. 

The more the older generations shed and shift their harder, more encased veils and corresponding beliefs and habits, the more stabilization these generations (and the planet) will experience. Much of the shedding have links into the nervous system. 

If you can look at it as an evolution and not a permanent impairment or ailment, any wobbling or discord, that will be helpful. Your global society has held strong perspectives in place for thousands of years. This old way of viewing the world is literally shifting beneath your feet. Some of it will crumble. This is why it is helpful to be anchored into your self. 

What does this mean being anchored into self?

Anchored to Self

It is a way of being in the world where there is a stable ground under you and a clear connection into your deeper core self. There is a flow of guidance and resourcing that will help you navigate these shifting states, which will naturally shift your veils. 

There is a rooting into the earth and now into your self that the younger generations we spoke of do not have as fully as the older generations. They have moved faster. They are more digital and quantum in nature and the older generations (you) are more like analog technology. Depending on what energy you chose to bring to the planet, you may be a mix of energy. 

What this means is this younger generation is receiving information both in a long continuous form like the older generations, but on top of that they are also receiving other, faster and fluctuating frequencies more naturally. 

An older adult will slowly upgrade their physical, mental and emotional system consciously to receive and assimilate more energy. The younger bodies and minds naturally do this without much awareness. 

As our world moves into more flux, there are waves of energy, both from outside the planet and generated from humans around the planet, that are heightened. Waves of fear create counter-flows to the more harmonious natural vibrations.

When systems do not have something to anchor or root to inside themselves or even to the natural world, their system will experience more wobble, chaos or discord than one that has connected into something trustable and stable. 

The wobble in energy systems is not the challenge. Becoming reversed to your own natural flow is the challenge. An energy system, with enough stability around it, will find and naturally connect and entrain to a harmonious (even mostly harmonious) system around it. 

You, the older generation, are now the grounding rods for this younger generation during these next few years.

Yes, they have gifts and abilities that previous generations did not. And they need a stable field of human energy that is similar enough to their fields in order to ground and stabilize their own systems. This is true for evolving adults as well. 

Assisting Stabilization

It will help to hold this generation, the ones coming into adulthood (whether slowly or more quickly) in your awareness as you connect in your own way to your core self, your spirit or your soul —whatever is most natural for you. 

Those on the front edge of evolution (whether you stay more invisible or become more visible) hold a connection to this planet that can help stabilize others. All you have to do is hold them in awareness, those that are ready to move to their own next growth levels, tune into the core of your heart, and then tune into (or imagine) your connection to unity consciousness, including the natural world. 

They will feel it. You don’t have to tell them anything. You are creating space for these following generations to have room to create their lives and their world, our world, that they naturally know how to do — if they have the space to do so. 

All humans chose their level of veils specifically in relation to the energy their physical body needed in order to live their soul’s purpose. Some chose thicker veils to stay more disconnected and work through more dense energy. Some chose more thin veils in order to have these connections to spirit and soul more accessible. 

All humans will have their veils and protective sheaths impacted by the cosmic and human energy that will move across and through the planet. Specifically, this next month will have a lot of flux. 

We encourage you to lean into the times that feel good and expansive. Notice what is keeping you grounded and rooted. Notice what it feels like to feel good. How would you describe that? 

Notice how you stay grounded and rooted. Most likely it will include tuning into your core or connecting to nature, which includes food and water. 

Veils are meant to shift and lift gradually. It’s the best way for humans to stay in form. Too much, too fast can either move you too far out of your bodies or not give your bodies enough time to integrate and harmonize the new levels of energy. 

Remember to stay connected. Reach out to those that are trustable grounding rods when needed. Then be that for another. 

Remember dear one, you were made for these times.