Taking Root

This next month, we have the potential to be accessing more of our abilities, gifts, healing and connection to source.

This month brings a great opportunity to root into this world, your world, from the seeds that have been planted in the past 2-3 years. There is still much disarray across the planet and there will be for quite some time. Part of our challenge is to find ways to bring through our ideal world, into this world, as much as we are capable. 

Rooting means dedicating our energies to this world, these people, this planet. It means dedicating ourselves to being as fully human and awakened consciousness as we are able to hold at this moment in time—and to interweave these pieces into a beautiful new mosaic with roots in the here and now. 

It is often easier to view spirit, source, god, the absolute, the divine and guidance as something ‘out there.’ It is a much more unchartered territory to experience our connection to source from ‘in here.’ There’s a simple beauty in the Good For You-Spirit Technique that I shared with you. Working with our spirit, helper spirits and guides and the Greater Spirit or Source is a powerful tool for remembrance of our connection to Source. All three aspects have their unique perspective. 

Many folks that channel work with energies outside themselves. All information is filtered through our own personal spirit when we receive any sort of guidance. The more intimate we are become with our own spirit, which many call our higher self, the more we truly begin to trust ourselves and our connection to source, and how we receive information.

Our Roots

Theoretically, many of us understand we are spirit incarnate. It’s much more challenging to know, on a felt sense level, that we are a piece of the divine, a unique expression of the web of contracted consciousness. Our foundational field is Source, the Absolute, the one that all emerges from. 

When we contract into expression from the Absolute, into the ‘Absolute on an adventure in consciousness’—to learn more about love through direct experience—we forget that we are divinity itself, expressed in a uniqueness that will never have this configuration again. 

We are literally veiled off from remembering our origin. 

In addition, we have these repetitive experiences of mis-recognitions by others from a young age. Some of our natural impulses were allowed and valued, and other natural impulses were discouraged. We learned how to hide portions of who we are in order to be loved and cared for in our biological drive to belong. 

On top of all of this, we have literal traumas and abuses. All of this becomes the background operating system for how we show up in the world — what parts of us we show, and what parts of us we hide in the shadows, or closets, or basements. 

Humanity and Creation Powers

All of this is wisdom. The way we learn to participate in the world is a brilliant symphony of biology responses, learned behaviors, with a dash of who we really are peeking through here and there. 

We all have gifts to share with this world, whether big or small. We are all here to learn about love, even if we have a deep knowing that we came here to help the planet transition to its next phase of existence. 

Many of us have lost our knowing that we are love itself, expressed in this beautifully unique mix of spirit dancing in humanity. We landed in a grey world, perhaps remembering other places, as if we could hear a tune that is so faint we think we image it. 

Because we were all raised and steeped in a world that values hierarchy and power over, we tend to give more value to those that seem more powerful, more connected, and more accomplished, even from a spiritual perspective.

Here’s the thing my team has been working on with me for the past few months: 

That I exist in the angelic or divine realm, I’m not just hearing across the veil from there. Part of me is in that realm/from that realm. And that I also exist in a realm that works strongly with creative possibilities, that part of me traverses that plane of existence and knows what it’s doing there. And that I am able to direct energies – big energies. That all of this is who I am, at the same time that I am human.

Basically, I am exponentially more creative, brilliant and powerful than I know.

And this is all true for you, too.

We’re shifting human consciousness as we grow back into our understanding of our creation and healing powers. 

I have resisted all of this. Who knows who or what I’ve been/done in the past to have this deep a repulsion to hold and wield my inherent power. We see it enough in our world, the abuse of power, even in spiritual circles—over and over and over again. 

I say this because perhaps you have this relationship with power, too. 

I’ve been purposely guided to use the word ‘power’, and it is not easy. I always want to say something like “empowered.” Or “power-with.” As much as we’re learning about love here, we’re also learning about power. 

Ascension Energies and Higher Vibrations

If you have studied or been steeped in yoga philosophy, you have been taught about ‘siddhis” which are psychic or supernatural powers. The caution in yoga is that we can caught up in the power of the use of siddhis, ultimately becoming misaligned from source and begin to use this power over other humans. This exacerbates separation and causes harm. 

Where is all of this going? 

The energies, which many have been calling ‘ascension energies’ are clearing the way for many of us to remember our abilities to work with psychic and supernatural powers. In fact, the way guidance has shown it to me is that it is the next step in human remembering. The challenge is, as always, folks getting caught up in the “power over” dynamic. 

In order to stay balanced, we have to work with our less-than and greater-than belief systems. There are natural hierarchies, but in nature, they are non-dominant hierarchies, they are cooperative. 

As humanity has become steeped deeper into the fields of these new vibrations (from the sun and deep space) coming to the planet, human nervous systems are feeling their effects. These energies act like a magnifier. The more connected one feels to self and others, the more these connections are enhanced. The more disconnected one feels to self and others, the more distorted and distanced one becomes to other humans, the planet and all of its inhabitants. 

This can be momentary, or it can become a set point on how we meet the world. 

These energies are not just for the expansion of humans, they are here for the entire planet. Humans are in a beautiful position to integrate and ground these energies (frequencies that feel like higher vibrations) deep into the planet. 

Humans can become like lightning rods and ground this energy into the planet to allow it to be integrated into and distributed through different systems of energy throughout the planet…or humans can hoard and try to wield power for their own individual or select groups benefit. 

One expands power to many, one inhibits shared power. 

One thing guidance has pointed out to me, over and over, is that I am not (many are not) here for ascension away from this space. What they have made clear to me is that the possibility is for the entire planet to ascend. I’m not the only one to hear this. Many have. 

In order to shift out of a planet of survival into the consciousness of an interconnected planet of cooperation and empathy, we need to ground these energies into a field that supports this shift in consciousness. 

Allow Your Energy To Take Root

Instead of rising above, the guidance is to integrate deep into…specifically into the earth. 

This incoming energy potentiates more thinning of the veils. We have to work with our deep fears, insecurities and perceived inadequacies in order to hold this energy in a balanced way. We have to develop the knowing that we are source itself, with an un-tapped potential and creative ability, without developing the stance of better-than, more powerful or a ‘chosen one’ mentality. 

We haven’t figured out planet-wide how to hold our power, authentically be who we are, and honor another’s place in this interconnected web of life. We are so used to working with greater-than and less-than. We are so used to dominator and dominated. 

Those of us with confidence will get to make room for others, while others of us will begin to gain more confidence. Sensitives will have more potential to understand the power of their sensitivity gift. 

Basically, we are learning how to know that we are divine, precious, valuable, we matter, we have gifts and abilities to bring forth—through our body and lived experience—and the same goes for everyone else. Some humans will be strongly connected to source, some lightly connected, and others will choose to stay contracted and turn away from source connection entirely. This is part of the planet of free choice. 

All of this to say, this next month, you will be accessing more of your abilities, gifts, healing and connection to source. These incoming energies thin the veils of separation and activate more of your life codes. We are all ending a cycle, and beginning again. Whatever is leaving, let it go. It is no longer for you. 

This next phase invites you to integrate these incoming higher vibrations into you, activating you, and then ground these embodied energies literally into the planet.

We are all assisting the creation of a new living spirit space. 

Contemplations for May:

    • What are the patterns of survival biology that keep arising? Do I fight, run away, freeze or collapse? These states are brilliant and necessary, and when we heal them, we have more direct access to our spirit, source and guidance. 
    • How am I connecting and communing with the earth? Do I allow myself to notice my feet on the ground and the way my energy interacts with earth energy? Am I able to feel the trees, plants, animals and elements? What does this feel like? How can I create more reciprocity in my relationship with nature around me? 
    • Am I still able to experience fluidity and joy? Can I continue to grow my relationship with gratitude, abundance and joy? How can I bring this more into my human relations? How can I root this more into the land around me? 
    • How can I allow my relationship with my own unique spirit to grow, flourish and expand? How can I deepen and become more intimate with the way source expresses as me? Can I feel the unique connection to the divine, spirit, source, the Absolute within me? 
    • What ideal world do I remember that is already operating with a healthy connection to power and cooperation? Let your spirit remind you of what it feels like to live with a cooperative, creative and flourishing world. Let yourself dream of this space. 

Remember, you have wisdom you brought with you. You were made for these times.