The Emergent, Creative Field of Possibility – July Guidance


The Emergent, Creative Field of Possibility

“When are you going back?
I’m never going back. I’m only going forward.” – Trevor Noah

Take a moment, if you will, and look back over the last six months to January. Then gaze back over all of 2020. Can you see the momentous change that has occurred in your life? In may not be outwardly recognizable at this point, but you are wholly different than you were at the beginning of 2020.

You are poised to move forward.

That being said, there are still a lot of internal adjustments, realignments, and re-attunements happening.


Cleaning House

How well do you clean your house? Most of us do it on an as needed basis, shining up here and there as they reach standards that are no longer acceptable.

But every once in a while, we get this urge, this impulse to really dig in, dig down, sort out and declutter some of our living spaces. Have you noticed that is happening, with out your mind orchestrating it, in certain corners of your life?

There is a clearing happening. For some of you, most of you, it is foundational. You do not need to have all of this in order to be able to move forward. But you do need to have a clear and current, stable foundation on which to build this next phase of your life.

The interesting piece about this cleaning house is that it is an inner response to the world around you. You feel it and are lead to sifting through this old, formative “stuff” to sort out who you are Now.


Potential and Possibility

This next month offers us the opportunity to set up energy in our life for the next 5 years. Now, as we say this, energy always shifts and changes on planet earth depending on where consciousness and awareness flows. You have deep and potent potential this month. What makes your cells vibrated a little faster, a little brighter?

You have had inklings and nudges of what direction you wish to go, but you’re just not sure how to actually get things moving. There is so much chaotic, discordant energy assisting the dissolution of structures, paths, paradigms and ways of being that it can be hard to hear the call forward. The way you’re accustomed to moving forward is not working the way it used to.

The first step (you always start with the first step) is to determine what you wish to attune to. There are multiple places you could focus your energy. First, you need to find a way to interpret what your heart is drawing you toward.


Vibrational Nature

To put it simply, your body is your instrument and your heart is your tuning fork. What is striking your tuning fork to produce the note? That would be your essence, your spirit, and your consciousness. Your mind allows you to focus all of this music in a certain direction.

Every human on this planet is designed this way. In fact, everything on your planet is designed this way. Everything exists in relationships. And everything is vibration at its foundation.

In order to hear your heart, you have to take a moment and listen to it. If you can’t hear it, you may need to find a place with less noise in order to tune into yourself. Once we tune in and feel our own essence, our own unique way that life flows through us, the next step is to let it reverberate and vibrate through our entire body—we bask in the tune of our heart and soul.

When we do this, our body-mind comes into harmony or coherence with our heart. We become a beautiful, harmonious symphony from within. We become a strong, clear resonant field. We are vibrating at our more clear and focused potential. Now what do we do with it?


Vibrational Nature = Relational Nature

Imagine yourself standing in the world, vibrating in your beautiful coherence, in a safe and sacred location. Feel your symphony of song, strong and clear within you, now moving and resonating out into the world; your heart center with you as both your tuner and your conductor.

What makes this song of you expand and resonate more? Is it service? Vocation? Social Justice? Healing? Teaching? Creating? Leading? Something else? If you close your eyes from this space and feel into what amplifies your heart-centered soul song, what direction would you turn your heart to face to get the clearest attunement?

Now you are tuning into, attuning, to the wider collective field from a vibrational standpoint.

We may find, with all of this internal house cleaning and re-arranging that’s been happening on a foundational level, we may not even feel like entirely know who we are. We may, in fact, feel very out of tune. Or out of synch. If that’s the case, you’re right on time.

You are simply re-tuning yourself, your instrument to this new foundational ground you have arrived upon. Everything is relational. You simply have to take a moment, listen in for your heart, and allow yourself to retune to your signature essence. It’s through your heart, not your mind. It’s a felt sense. When you feel it, you’ll get chill, goose bumps, an expansion, or simply feel happy, content or inspired. You will feel more settled in yourself.


The Emergent Field

As this month moves forward, you will find parts, pieces and interests you’ve had simply fade or drop away. Discordant energy is breaking down energy. Where it has been strong, it has been working. Let it fall. Your energy is not needed there.

Your energy is needed where your emergent field of possibility and creation is calling you forward. This field is a flowing and emerging field of new possibility. It is shaped and grown into form as it is interacted with. Interact with it. Play with it. See how it resonates with your heart song. We are at a very fluid time. There is great possibility here. Use it as much as you are able to amplify it.

You may find yourself inspired this month. You may find new ideas or avenues drawing your curiosity and attention. Take a moment to write down these pieces of inspiration. Let them land. Water them with your attention. Nourish them with your song as they draw your attention.  Some will grow, some will not. This is the emergent field of creation.

Within all of this is the shifting and changing of dominant ways of being, both personally and collectively. Our foundational beliefs and habits that we initiated at the beginnings of our current life may not be able to withstand this emergence of your authentic uniqueness. Much of our foundational behaviors have been inherited or established in relation to old ways that are no longer serving us.

This emergent field, both personally and collectively, holds more clarity and harmonious coherence. In order to allow this tune to vibrate out into the world, we may have to open up our physical bodies to resonate more clearly.

As complex as this may sound, this is a natural process. All we have to do is listen, tune in, and follow our own unique tone that emanates through our hearts. It is clear and feels good. It is lighter and freer, not heavier. It is receptive, settled and harmonious.

Take some time this month to tune into how your unique essence expresses and resonates through you, from where you are now.

You were made for these times. Truly.