The Truth of You

A hand giving the flow of energy. Magic, fantasy. Glowing particles

The Truth of You

Here’s a question for you: Are you sensitive to energy? 

While I didn’t intend this as a trick question, the truth is we all are. Some of us are more sensitive than others, especially to subtle energy. 

Those that are highly sensitive, which often includes neurodivergent folks, may feel overwhelmed by sensory and subtle energy information. Our sensitive systems may be full on a capacity level from stimulation both coming from inside (through sensations, emotions and thoughts) and outside (from light, sound, moods of others, collective energy, and our environment.)

This can lead to feeling like the world is attacking or against us (defense mode) and if it continues without our system being able to find safety, it can lead to system shutdown. If shutdown stays present long enough, we could even come into chronic pain and illness conditions. 

It’s All Energy
Everything that we come into contact with (including us!) is energy before it is physical. Now that may sound woo, but it’s actually science, too. 

We have been picking up and packing energy into our system and our fields since we were in utero. And guess what? It’s not all ours. 

We subconsciously and unconsciously adopt energy, patterns, habits, and conditions of our environment, our families, our communities and society. 

As many of you know, we are in the time of the Great Shift. Our world is in flux – the entire planet. We are unburdening. We are deepening our alignment with our true values, virtues and our power. 

We can’t take other people’s energy with us as we shift. We can’t heal other people’s energy. We can’t integrate other people’s energy. All we can do is carry it. 

Why do we do that? 

Sometimes it’s from love. Sometimes it’s because we’re afraid we won’t be loved. Sometimes we just pick it up. Sometimes things get stuck to us.

Conscious Awareness is Expanding
As we move into greater awareness and stages of consciousness, there’s no doubt we are healing along the way. This healing allows us to remove what is not ours — no matter how it got here — and receive more of our own personal flow of energy and vitality. From here we get to know and create what we truly desire. 

Now, you may be thinking, I’m already me. How can I be more of myself? 

Part of it is letting go of what is ‘not me’ and what is ‘not for me.’ This may mean beliefs, values, relationships, jobs, living conditions, geolocation, and vocation to name a few. Things that never fit or things we have outgrown but continue to make ourself small to accommodate. 

We may be letting go of ways of operating in the world that we thought was ours, but they were really beliefs and ideals we inherited from family, community, society or past lives.

Much of who we are was inherited unconsciously, through energy and imitation. This is what we do as new humans. It’s a good design. It’s what keeps us alive. 

But many of us haven’t reacquainted ourselves with our inherent and natural desires, preferences and even the gifts we’re here to to express in this lifetime. This requires doing more of what lights us up and less of what others require or want of us. 

We can do this and stay interconnected to our worlds and those that bring meaning to our lives. We’re meant to do that. 

Society is not set up to have us be that in tune with ourselves; in fact, it’s set up to keep us disconnected. We are just beginning to notice the society we have all been steeped in unknowingly. So much has just been unconsciously passed on.

But consciousness is waking up. We are noticing. We are shifting. And the planet is shifting. 

It’s Time
Some of us have been here, waiting on the collective vibration shifting – meaning we couldn’t shift internally until the external vibration of the planet got to a certain level in order for us to be seen and heard. 

Discovering or tuning in to our unique signature vibration is going to require some dismantling. It requires allowing our emotions to move. It requires finding some type of trustable ground – something or someone with a settled nervous system or settled space we can attune to. 

It also requires practice, self compassion and patience. 

This attuning could be to our inner self, our wider consciousness and True self, another human that creates trust and safety or even nature. All of these spaces can help our nervous system reset to homeostasis or find a calm settled space. 

Nervous systems are the first systems that evolve.

We are coming into maturation as a species. Our consciousness is shifting. It doesn’t look like it when we look around or read the news. Yet, in all this dismantling of untruth— in our outer global systems and in our inner world systems —makes room for us to attune to our personal, signature stream of vibration that is unlike no one else IN THE ENTIRETY OF EXISTENCE. 

Only you can be YOU. 

This is how the world changes, one heart, one nervous system, one soul learning about love at a time. 

This next month, the suggestion is:

  • Ride the waves of what is flowing and feels good
  • Let go of what is not yours, energetically or physically let go of what is not your energy or responsibility – practice it in real time!
  • Cultivate relationships that feel safe, mutual and nourishing
  • When you’re feeling attuned and aligned, push into your edges a bit…see what new spaces you can move into. 

You, dear precious human, were made for these times.