The Turnaround


We are on a journey, dear ones. Of course you know this. You are here for a reason. We are all here to help with the transition – some to a more expansive, connective, sensitive way of life. Others are not on that same type of journey. 

It is important to not get caught in the fear of the downfall. 

It’s hard not to. Information we receive from other humans is often caught in the cycle of fear.

Fear has its place. It’s an important human emotion and we need to pay attention to when our body system presents us with fear. It’s part of our biology. 

And for many of us, our body systems are stuck with the fear circuit on, spinning — just like that little wheel on your computers when it gets caught in a loop. 

When this happens, we need a reset. 

May offers us that reset. 

Love and Fear, Revisited

On this planet, love exists in cooperation with fear, at least at this moment. 

While love is an emotion, it is also a verb. Love, my friends, is an action. 

Now, the ultimate expression of love is not actively loving others, it is the action of loving yourself, your own wild and precious heart. You.

All of the guidance in the world cannot do that for you. It is an inside job. 

We can bathe you in the unconditional love and unwavering support of the divine realm, yes. Take a moment to feel it. Can you feel your guides bathing you in this energy that does not separate? This unwavering positive regard that sees you and knows you are, indeed, made of this very same essence? Can you feel this essence, this light moving into your bones, flesh and fluids vibrating with the knowing of yes! I am that! 

Can you accept it? 

This energy, dear ones is always and forever here, with you. It is the Buddha within your heart, the angels within your eyes, the divine ones protecting, comforting and removing obstacles to your soul’s journey. It is radiating at the deepest core of you, out through your cells. 

But some of these cells cannot hear or feel it. They are bathed in fear and separation. 

Learning About Love

From our eyes, this is not a problem. This is why you’re here — remembering and learning how to love from this side of the veil. In fact, this is what human biology is upgrading to – a set point of connection, unity and Love as a verb. These systems are activating more and more. They are subtle energy systems tuned into your nervous system in your own physical body. They enable you to more easily tune into the vibration of Love.

This vibration of love – Absolute Love – is operating in the background. It is the original operating system, but it is not yet infused into your world. It is like your subconscious and unconscious – it is there, running, but not a part of your conscious world until you actually bring it there. 

The promise of this world was not that it would be pain-free. 

You knew it would be a challenge before you came. You came anyway. From the other side of the veil, this pain and separation were not seen as a problem. It was seen as inspiration. 

Now, many are waking up at this time. This is magnificent! Humanity is remembering how to love and support one another – more than only in their specific tribe and culture that they were born into.

Humanity is learning to love Humanity — in all of it’s incalculable expressions of possibility. 

We are not there yet. This, too, is an inside job. Do you see? 

Every single one of you has what you would call invisible guidance. This guidance is harder to access from a fear state. When we are in a fear state, our instincts are more accessible. Instincts are different than intuition in that instincts are designed for survival. Guidance assists you to flourish. Both are necessary. Both are natural. 

In the next expression of planet earth, which you are transitioning into right now through your bodies, there will be fewer veils of separation. This means you will have access to one another’s thoughts, emotions and energy. Many of you already have this quality ‘in the raw.’ 

You do not yet know how to live this way of connection without losing boundaries, manipulating or simply becoming overwhelmed. Human unconsciousness needs more healing before humanity learns how to connect well. Humans are learning how to be open and vulnerable and protected at the same time. Human consciousness is evolving and activating these subtle energy systems that make it easier to tune into love and clarity.

Many of you have had many lives on earth. Some have had lives where you’ve done really really well. Do you remember those times? Not so much. But, boy, do you remember the ones that went sideways. These are foremost in human psyches. These are in need of healing. You experience both pleasure and pain as humans.

We learn by experience. The key is — What did we learn about love from our experiences? 

There is no place that is not bathed in Love. There are only those places that are so contracted they can no longer experience Love. 

This includes you, dear one. You are not beyond love. You have never been beyond Love. 

There are those of you that consider yourself sensitive. (I am one of those.) 

Did you know sensitives have a greater contact with the essence of Love? They feel and experience love deeper, and are also able to transmit this vibration of love further and deeper in and around the planet as well. 

The challenge is we pick up the dominant vibration of fear much more, simply because it is much more prevalent. Fear is the loudest, biggest, most transmitted frequency on the planet right now. 

This is where it gets interesting. 

The Turnaround

As you learn, little by little, day by day, to tune into love and literally land it as a set point in your body, you also transmit this vibration into the world. This includes loving yourself with this transmission. You. Exactly as you are. Today. As a flawed human learning about love.

Love is coherent. Fear is discordant. Coherence travels further and deeper. 

The suggestion this month is to find a way to regularly find love, compassion and kindness for yourself. Ask it to find you.. Talk to yourself as you would your dear friends. Be patient. Be kind. Be fiercely honest if you must, but do it with love. You already do this with others. Turn it to you and radiate. 

This is the turnaround. You have been here for the upleveling of the planet. You have been here for helping of humanity. You have been here for service. You have been learning how to hold onto yourself. You have been uncovering your deep inner self. You have been healing. All the while, you have been sending love out. 

Now it is time to receive love as well. Love from within. Shine this love and compassion on you and watch how you shift. 

Now, from this set point, what do you wish to do with your wild and precious life, now? 

How do you wish to express Love, your inherent essence, though your soul’s unique perspective? It can be very simple. It can be simply the devotion to embodying Love itself as you move through your day. 

Do not worry about being selfish.  When you truly love yourself, that is what you put out into the world. When you’re kind, compassionate and patient with yourself, you will do this with others. You will also listen when you hear from inside something isn’t safe. And you will trust this, too. . 

Love yourself as an action. When you need help, ask. We always forget that as humans. We are made to work together. When we help one another, the world is a more kind and loving place. 

Your guidance is here for you. They help you. You can ask for help. They are always holding this vibration of love. They are always, always there. 


Remember beautiful human soul, you were made for these shifting times.