Two Worlds – December Guidance

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Our December timeline opens with an eclipse on New Moon (Dec 4 in US.) This is the second (solar) eclipse that completes the energy opened up on with the November Full Moon (lunar) eclipse. Eclipses always come in (at least) pairs and they are often referred to as portals – the first one opening and the second one bringing you into another space.

How does this apply to you? Your energy may be impacted. You may have already started feeling energized or tired. You may be cranky, have fears or discomfort pop up not knowing where it came from. You may have increased inspiration and insights.

The most important thing is to notice, to be aware of what is happening in your body and field. You are widening your awareness and that absolutely includes your body.

Are You Ready?

This next month will have paradoxical or contrasting experiences tensioned together even as they pull things apart. Many sensitives, creatives and wayshowers have been pivoting, expanding, grounding and preparing to bring their new ideas and ways of being out into the world.

Until now, there was more breaking down energy rather than creative building energy moving. Now there is an energy of expansion and opening in the air for those who are ready. This is not a rocket ship blast-off expansion; it is a slower, more integrated widening of beliefs, desires, confidence and creation space.

The work you have been doing to shift and update your life, vocation, and relationships is now poised to move forward.

It’s as if the doorways have opened and you are now invited to enter into your new world.

To be clear, you’re not going anywhere, yet. You have work to do right here. The ascension begins within. You are creating a new space right here in the middle of human life.

  • What is the most beautiful life you can create right now?
  • What is the service or creation that your heart longs to offer to humanity? To the earth? Right now, in the middle of all the chaos that surrounds you.

Infuse it with Magic

In order to create (to bring imagined or inspired ideas into matter and form) you will need a bit of practical magic. You use this type of magic all the time, you simply do not realize it.

There is an alchemical process that happens when you allow your desires, inspirations, unity and collective based intentions, and personal offerings to be infused with your authentic, sacred core and spirit.

When you do this, the worry about money, security, status, relationships, and success all dissolve into the soup of the most deeply attuned spirit of your intention. You align with helper forces and spirit allies. You create something wider than you originally imagined.

This is practical magic.

In order to do create from this space, you need to be both receptive and active in your creation process. You are on this side of the veil, forging your ideas into matter. When you remember you are in deep communion and alliance with your spirit (the part of you with a much wider and deeper view) you are in the realm of miracles and magic.

From this space, you leave room for the mystery.

You cannot do it all alone and you aren’t meant to. Humans are designed for cooperation and social engagement. We’re designed to offer and ask for help.

The piece humans are learning is your/my sovereignty is inextricably intertwined with the rest of the planet.

Two Worlds

You are leaving one world and entering another. You did this as you grew from a child into adolescence and then again into adulthood. You left your childhood world for a wider one that added more people, community and rules.

You left your adolescent world for one of more responsibility—financial, possibly caregiving or parenthood, leadership, social and government engagement.

What every human has in common with this development is you emerged into a survival-based world. There may have been lots of love in your world, there may have been little—regardless, every one of us resides in a world where the overarching vibration is based on survival, not cooperation and love.

The world you/we are moving into is based on LOVE.

It is a world of Love for all people, animals, and the entire natural world. Everything.

You/we are maturing into the next phase of the human consciousness and development.

What this means is we all have to heal our pain, dysfunction and trauma in order to function in a world based on Love and Cooperation. We have to learn how to live, help, share resources, cheer on and encourage others we don’t yet know and understand. We are unlearning our systems of privilege, domination and linear hierarchy.

Humans have been conditioned against one another for millennia. If someone in some way were considered your ‘people,’ they would be treated one way. If they were considered different than you and determined to be ‘others,’ they would be treated much differently.

  • What are the stories that you hold around ‘others’?
  • How can you begin or continue to remove the ‘other’ category from your world?

You are leaving the world of survival and entering into the world of cooperation and love. For a while, these two worlds will simultaneously exist.

Part of why you are here is to find ways to let your authentic and unique voice slip into the cracks in these old ways and systems of being. This is how you build a new world.

  • How can you move love, beauty and healing into these spaces?
  • Wherever you go, whatever you do, can you base it on Love and Connection?
  • What would it take for that to happen?

It will take practice and healing to move through the world in this way.

Moving Forward

You have been cleaning and clearing your inner and outer spaces for the past two years, readying for this time. You cannot bring along all of your beliefs and habits that were created in survival mode.

You had to find another part of yourself because you could not bring these beliefs of lack, insecurity, and shame with you as you moved forward.

You do not have to have all the answers. They are not available. Humanity has not created them yet. Keep doing the next thing that magnetically draws your heart forward, again and again and again.

Reach out to others you are magnetically and magically drawn to. Do not try to hold those in your world who are falling away. You are shifting and realigning on all levels. Let your inner wisdom assist with this shift. Allow a deeper, more receptive part to be present.

Before you know it, you will have shifted your world.

Remember, you were made for these times.