You Are Meant to Springboard Off Each Other


Welcome this day. We are pleased that you chose to enter back into this path. We have great confidence in your abilities and your heart. We tell you, you will not disappoint or cause harm. You are all well designed for your path and the more you can breathe into that knowing, regardless of what other humans do around you, the more potent your energy and path will become. You are lighting up both yourself and your way, which is much needed at this time. It is not easy to play the game without clear sight.

Here on the other side, we do not have these concerns about competition or infringement of territory and ideas. Our view is wider and we understand that ideas flow freely from one to another, whether focused into voice, idea, concept or not. Here we understand that the holding and sharing of an idea is a contribution to the group, the collective. We freely steal from one another (laughter.) In your world, there is the veil of separation, yet the laws of information and energy still flow. It is confusing, yes? You feel the energy, you receive the ideas, yet you feel it is not your territory to enter. We tell you it is. There are many points of light bringing in similar energy and ideas. You planned it this way to proliferate your world—to saturate quietly and calmly. You knew, from experience, that large waves of new energy can create a reaction, a push back. This is often felt and experienced as fear. You points of light knew that the only way things would flow in more smoothly would be to set the energy into motion slow and smooth. Like a soft breeze. Not a hurricane. Hurricanes cause fear. Fear causes a recoiling and a reaction.


There is no need to worry over these ideas you have and then hear through another’s voice. In fact, it is great cause for celebration. For here, in these moments, know you have found family of light. When you feel a nudge or surge of energy around a topic, it is yours to explore. That is why it has lit up for you. These points of light are the wave, quietly proliferating your planet. This bright idea, this idea of light you feel, hear or see, it is yours to take further as if you were passed a ball on the field. You are free to let is pass by, of course, but we tell you, picking up the ball and moving it forward is celebrated immensely from this side of the stands. We wish you to know that you have a perspective that is unique and connected. We also say it is foundational because your energetics, the way you are made, is a key aspect to this receiving of information (the ball) and moving it out into the world (the field.)

We are not worried in this realm about stepping on toes, or infringing on one another’s territory. We happen to be accustomed to which vibrations bring us more energy, bring us more alive as you say, the ones that light us up. We follow that first and foremost. That assists us on expanding our particular areas of expertise. It doesn’t seem so hard then, does it?

As you all move into these newly available realms, you will find these causes of separation simply dissolving. Some will take larger emotional and physical releases, yet regardless of the path, you will still find yourselves here, in this arena of connection, knowing that you are all truly on the same team, truly working toward the same goal, and even metaphorically playing with the same ball. You see? It is quite a lovely game. And the best part is you cannot lose!

Your task is to fall in love with the way you are made. You’re energetic? Perfect! A little kooky? Divine! Awkward at times? Bravo! Silly even? Cause for immense celebration! Your world is very serious right now. We see it all and we feel your deep concern. We ask you remember the lightness in your hearts and the laughter in your soul. This is who you truly are. Your pain is not ignored or trivialized, and at the same time, we wish you to crack through these crusty exteriors just a bit to let the softer, lighter, more vibrant parts of you breathe and see the light. At the very least, it just feels good, yes?

There is pain in your world. There are tragedies. Know we are right here with you all. In Florida, in the middle east, in the homes and shelters of those feeling abandoned and hopeless. In the rooms and spaces of those feeling irate and separate. All the while, we do not change. We stay our course, because that is how we are made. Our journey is not yours. Humanity has a task that we bow to with immense gratitude. You are the front lines. You are bringing this energy of home directly into your world in points and streams of light. You are allowing all of humanity the opportunity to move to a higher game. Not everyone wants to play and that is not your concern. Truly it is not.


Your position is only to honor how you are made and what you are here for. You are all connected. Your thoughts and inspirations are not singular. They never were. You have the honor of adding your unique stamp of creation into the field. So our question to you today is what are you adding to the field? What plays and ingredients are you throwing into the soup? There comes a time when each of you shift to another level and the old game simply isn’t bringing you the energy you wish to sustain your being. The wisdom is to know when that shift is occurring and to follow the new threads that are now available to you.

You are all well on your way. The game is changing and new players are emerging. Make room for those around you to have space on the field. Know you are all moving the same ball forward. Know you all have seen the playbook and hear the same call. Allow yourself to hold your position well and share your light in the way that brings more vibrancy and yes, more joy and laughter, to your world. Laughter is a direct line to source. LIghtness is a switch that allows this energy to flow more clearly into you. Allow your old thoughts to dissolve as these new connections take hold. You will find yourself in a new state of confidence if only you allow yourself the opportunity. Do not hold yourself to your own old rules. When they are no longer appropriate for the game, let them go. Use your breath as a focusing tool; a tool to move yourself into the track of your current path, the one lit up and inviting you in. Let your visuals and inspirations have room to breathe, too.

It takes time in a human form to lay new pathways of connection. It all moves into your nervous system, these networks of interpretation and communication. Your consciousness and your awareness to this new energy, this new pathway, allows it to grow and expand. Any time you bring your attention to something it automatically expands. Be mindful of where you wish to play. Use your feelings and sensations to guide you. Look for what feels good, for you are designed by nature to feel good and express the way you are made. When you find ways to do this, then you are of the highest service to both your own path and this collective game you are all playing.

We wish you immense love and connection today. We watch you suffer and we wish we could bring laughter to your heart. Not to distract you, but to allow you to feel for a moment who you really are. You are the lightest of beings, the masters of creation. Let the illusion of separation, especially in thoughts and ideas, let them soften. Know you are all hearing and feeling information, guidance and instructions from the same place. Your task is to move the ball the way only you know how. That is honored above all.

Thank you for taking your time to connect. This is how you claim your powers of creation. It requires a bit of focus, attention and practice. And while things may look bleak from your side, we tell you from here, there is nothing but time. Choose wisely my friends, ways that bring your heart alive. Thank you for taking your place and holding your power. This is how it works. We love you beyond measure. Espavo.