Your Heart is Your Guide

It looks and probably feels like an impossible situation at this time on the planet. Impossible times call for new responses. Our old ways aren’t working – in our personal and collective lives. 

I want to take a moment to remind you that your heart field is the largest electromagnetic field of our body – 60 times larger than that produced by the brain. Also, the heart produces the largest magnetic rhythmic field around the body – this field 100 times larger than what is produced by the brain. This heart field has been detected at least 3 feet out from the body in all directions. 

Our heart space is our powerhouse of intelligence, connection and intuition. 

Ancient cultures called this space the core of our body. The word cour etymologically comes from latin and means heart. It is the root of the word courage. The ancients knew what science is just now discovering – our hearts are the guide for our lives. It takes courage. 

Sensitives and empaths have a natural ability to work with heart energy. It’s actually how we’re wired. 


It’s helpful to remember sensitivity is a biological trait. Sensitive humans make up 20-30% of the population. We’re not the majority.. Sensitivity has to do with how we related to our environment. Part of our challenge as sensitives is that we haven’t learned how to use this ability as a an individual and collective strength in the world. 

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (a poet, psychoanalyst and post trauma specialist) reminds us of the need to create a barrier of strength around our most sensitive spaces. She tells the story of the heartwood of a tree. When a sapling grows, there is a lot of moisture around its center, which is called the heartwood. This moisture gives it flexibility and ability to respond to the elements without breaking. But if this moisture stays at the center during winter, the tree will freeze and die. 

Trees, in their inherent wisdom, move the moisture out to their edges, creating a necessary hardening off to protect its center. 

As sensitives, we have to find a way to do this (if we have not yet) in order to keep our heart center alive. There is a necessary hardening off that we go through as we mature. This is not to close our hearts to the deep connections, feelings and experiences we have with the world. This is a natural protection to keep our heart alive in a harsh world. 

Sensitives receive more information from the world around us. It’s vibrational stimulation that comes in through light, sound and energy. Our nervous system naturally picks it up. This stimulation can be overwhelming on a good day. In times like these, we can feel bombarded from all directions, overwhelmed and shut down. 

We can learn to tune into our heart center and re-attune our hearts to more supportive rhythms. It’s not easy by any means, but we can learn. 

Each of us has our own signature vibration, our own heart song if you will. Each of our rhythms are unique in that no other human or being has the same rhythm that we do. It’s what many call our original blueprint in our body, which may or may not have arrived with us intact. 

All of us are impacted by the environments in which we were raised. Most of us have adopted other programs, beliefs and vibrations that are not ours. We had to dim our light. We had to adjust our sound. We did this because it was necessary. In the process, we may have shut down or hardened our heart in order to survive. 

Within each of us is a guide. There’s an intelligence that tells our heart cells to become a heart, our liver cells to become a liver, and so on. Our brain didn’t figure it out. The intelligence is deeper than that. It’s mysterious and core. We can tune into this inner self and allow it to fill us from the inside out. It takes practice and it often takes someone who knows how to guide you to it, but not always. You’re doing it right now as you’re reading these words. Notice what you feel. 


There’s a lot of talk about empaths these days. Empathic abilities are working with subtle energy, just like sensitivity does. Empathic sensitivity can be physical, emotional and relational. Physical empaths can feel what is happening in another’s body. Healers often have this. (I have this.) It’s a gift. When done in a healthy manner, it’s simply information. Other times we can take on other people’s energy as our own. This is often done with the unconscious intention of helping. 

Feeling emotions and knowing what another needs for comfort are other ways we have empathic responses. ( I have these, too.) They can be healthy skills, much like intuition. They have a literal felt sense in our own bodies. We can register these sensation and experiences as information, or we can become emeshed with them. Many of us have multiple lines of empathic abilities. 

The key difference is knowing our own heart song energy. Our own hearts can guide us. Yes, it’s always lovely to have helper guides, but knowing our own hearts, our vibration, rhythm, and tone will become invaluable in the days to come. It helps us stay centered around our core. 

The intense turning of events in the world can overwhelm us, freeze our hearts, shut us down, and turn us against one another. Sometimes we need to turn away. When witnessing becomes overwhelm, we need to step away and retune. 

But these events can also be the impetus for us to get even more clarity on who we are and what we wish to bring to the world. Our hearts are our guide. 

Our lives are forever changed from the pandemic, but as modern societies, we resist this change. The energy present continues to shape us, with more things falling apart daily. 

You, my friend, are here to make your mark on the planet in a new way. It does not have to be grand – it simply has to be you expressing your unique heart song. You are a creator being. You are sensitive. You understand connection in ways many have not yet learned. You are here to be a light and a connector – however big or small. 

You are a beacon in the darker, heavier times. You will doubt yourself. Remember, you are not meant to change the world yourself. You’re only meant to live your life and leave your mark. 

I see who you are. I will cheer you on, forever, until you to see it, too. 

Dear one, you are made for these times.