July Energy Weather Report – Your Sacred Transformation Mission


Your Sacred Transformation Mission

These reports are offered to assist us with the shift currently happening in our world. They are insights into the energies present—both cosmic and earth energies—that have the most impact on our individual systems and collective communities. They are written in conjunction with my guidance team (you have inner wisdom and a team guiding you as well!) I hope these reports offer you insight, refuge and a sense of agency as you move forward on your journey.

You Are Here For a Reason
Do you remember you came here for a reason?
You did. Everyone did.

Actually you came here for more than one reason.
Everyone does.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are here to both allow yourself to be transformed, and to transform the world around you.

It’s not that complicated. You don’t have to change the world. All you are doing is allowing yourself to be changed, and then allow that change to be a light in the world. Easy, right?

We wish it were so. We struggle and we feel so alone. What would you do if you knew you were not alone? That you truly were never alone?

You feel separate. You feel unseen and unheard. You feel like your contribution doesn’t really matter, at least in the way you intend. You feel alone and perhaps lonely. But that is not all you feel.

There are times you feel the swell of connection so clearly that perhaps it scares you a little. Or enlivens and inspires you. You feel the awe of human connection, the beauty of pure creation, and the joy of lightness, laughter and love. You know how to feel these things. They are what kept you alive and moving forward toward the invisible calling that has created your life.

Now, everything shifts.

While this may feel a little dramatic, as you look back over the past three months, everything has already shifted. Your values, desires and interests have shifted. The way you move in the world has evolved right under your nose. And here you are.

What to do now?

Currently, you are moving out of the cosmic energy of your current ‘eclipse season.’ This has been a transition tunnel situated smack dab in the middle of your unprecedented year of 2020. This tunnel is shaping you, freeing you and calling you into your next wave of action.

You can think of this tunnel as a birth tunnel, allowing you the last moments to be with the world you were formed in; blessing, honoring, clearing and releasing all of the pieces that are no longer part of your journey. This may be happening consciously or unconsciously, but it is happening, none-the-less. You are in the great river. You have signed up for the ride. The way you experience this grand adventure is completely up to you.

Have you noticed you’re not quite where you were before, but you’re not quite in your next place either? You are in the emergent field. And in this field, you have a say in how you enter the world. The key is to let your heart speak, so your true and clear desires are as present as possible—as clear and pure as you’re able to know them. This sounds easier said than done! Your Jedi mind is strong. It has worked hard to get you to this space. It is not so keen to let down its guard.

The Convergence
The spaces of your head and your heart have been, dare we say, bickering for many decades now. Your heart voice is actually very strong. It always is in creatives, sensitives, and visionaries. You have found a way to continue to hear the whispers of your own true heart, yet operate in your world from your head. It’s been partially a survival game. You live in the time of Reason. There has not been much room for heart-centered knowing.

Now, my friends, there is room for your heart. And we encourage you to let it shine.

Throughout your life there hasn’t been a lot of room for your heart. You have had to adjust, contort and maneuver through life as if you were hiding a sacred secret…for you were! You were holding it safe in your wise and vibrant heart.

The head and the heart could be considered aspects of the masculine and feminine energy. Every human on the planet has both. Some have more of one; some have more of the other. Rational thought has been the dominating force on this planet for millennia. It has been present as a growth process, an evolution of consciousness that expanded the awareness of mind-space. It has been a grand experiment that has many results. Not all are what would be called positive.

It is growth, none-the-less.

Now it is time for you to remember your sacred space of your own heart. Yes, you know this space. You have had glimpses and whispers of it for all of your life. In the most clear of moments, you feel the Presence of something full and deep, something you cannot quite put into words. This is your Sacred Secret. You have held this flame alight for all of these years. Now it is time to allow it to grow.

What we mean by this is you are moving into a time-space energy that allows for the energy of the heart, what could be called the Sacred Feminine Energy, to be more fully present on the planet. This means there is now room for you.

Even if you were quiet and introverted, most of you were simply too much for your family, your schools, communities or even your vocational spaces. You were constantly given the message that you are too much! Well my friends, that is because you had a deep connection to your heart and you felt the world, as well as thought into it. You moved in ways that were ahead of your time.

Now, there is a reunion of sorts, between your head and your heart. They have been at odds. They may have found ways to work together, but it was often one that would step out of the way for the other. Now the energy is supportive for both energies merging into a larger force of cohesion.

Your heart-space is your largest magnetic field in your body. It actually receives your intuitive information, even if you are a visual person or clairvoyant. Your heart-space energy is fluent in subtle energy. Your headspace energy is a beautiful focusing space—it is quite quick—yet it will run even more efficiently when it is connected to the wisdom and flow of your heart-space. This time period is the first re-union of the male and female sacred energy split that occurred so very long ago.

The only way forward is by building trust. Trust is built by deeply listening, hearing and seeing what the other is communicating. Trust is only built through honest valuing. Your head and your heart are both bullshit detectors. Neither one will play that game for long. Be honest with yourself. Be vulnerable. Let each part have their say. What is the fear? What is each part afraid of? Be kind to yourself, even in the fear. When these spaces are communicated, head to heart, heart to head, you will find a bond emerges.

The Emergence
There is no hurry for your emergence back out into the world. Do not try to fit yourself into the old mold. It is gone. What has taken its place is much larger, with grand possibility. You are creating your world, step by step, as you move from your widened heart guidance. This is not a ‘pros and cons’ list space. This is a ‘follow the flow as it shows itself to you’ space. It is mostly a feeling space. Does this draw me forward in curiosity and intrigue, or create resistance and inertia? Learn to listen to the magnetic pull and guidance of your own sacred heart.

Your head is used to running the show. Even if you have been following the flow for most of your life, you’ve had to calculate how much you allowed yourself to be seen—Would it be too much? Would I blow my cover so to speak?

Now is the time to learn to use these new ancient tools. This energy has not been on our planet for a long time. Many of you know how to work with heart energy, but you have deep remembrances of pain around it. Now is the time to find ways to let those fall away. They have served you and now it is time to heal and re-emerge as a reunited, wider understanding of yourself.

Life is changing very rapidly, even as it seems you are standing still. You will look back on this year and see it as the Great Shift that it was. You are right in the middle of it. Go one step at a time. The only heart you need to shift is your own. For when you do this, your energy is re-ignited in ways you haven’t yet experienced in this lifetime. You will find energy and interests you didn’t even know existed.

You are reconnecting from a part of your separation. It is a process and this is one of the first major phases. Allow you head and your heart to learn to trust and love the divine gifts of each space.

Your intuitive and emergent heart energy will allow you to be guided in ways you have only imagined from the space of your head. Your focusing will eventually become much more intuitive, but in the beginning it will feel cloudy and perhaps even less clear as new pathways of connection emerge. Be extra gentle with yourself. Allow this new part of your being to be birthed into the world without demands. It is an emergent process.

You are deep in your journey and it is a marvelous congruence of events. Allow the aspects that are complete to be filed away or released. Let what is emerging find it’s way to move through you. It is a dance. It is a most sacred and beautiful dance. Allow yourself to be in it.

You were made for these times.