Connected Living

Micro Practice

Get comfortable. Feel your seat. Feel your feet. Notice your breath. Expand your inhales and exhales. 

Then take a moment to feel into how your body responds to these belief statements. In order to feel our body response, we have to slow down and feel the sensations:

  • I am worthy
  • I am good
  • I am lovable
  • I am deserving
  • I am valuable
  • I am connected

Some of us hold more of these as truths, some of us less. 

Allow yourself to repeat these to yourself over the next month, like a mantra. 

Especially the challenging ones. Ask your spirit to help you know these as Truth. 

Connected Living

Have you noticed people are waking up? Have you noticed the conversations you’re able to have these days, talking about consciousness, energy, wider perspectives and the ways in which we are evolving our thoughts and beliefs? 

Of course it’s not everywhere and not everyone. But if you take a moment to examine your world now compared with your world 3 years ago, do you see dynamic shifts in awareness, perspectives and beliefs? 

The great shift is happening globally. There are those that wish to impede this evolutionary journey for their own reasons. They are not our concern. We cannot control anyone one else and we cannot heal other people’s energy. 

Yet if you take a moment, pause and look at the interactions you’re having with the world, I suspect they have changed. And that is because you have changed. 

We are in the midst of healing separation and disconnection—from ourselves, our communities, our societies and our spirits or essence. 

We don’t know what the end result of this will look like because, as guidance likes to remind me often, we haven’t created it yet. 


Lately, guidance (my spirit, combined with my core team of helpers) has been pointing me to the concept of the Noosphere. 

Basically, the Noosphere is described as a collective field of thoughts and beliefs that envelop the earth in a field of energy. It can be thought of it as a web of consciousness generated by human thoughts, feelings, beliefs and even actions. 

You can equate it with the concepts of the biosphere, which encompasses all living things, and the geosphere, which are the physical aspects of the planet—rocks, water, air. 

All three of these spheres are interconnected and interdependent, as is the way of things on planet earth. They all influence each other. 

As such, the evolution of the planet will not be solely determined by humans, who have impacted and influenced the trajectory of the earth more than any other being in the biosphere. 

Nor will it be determined by Gaia herself. It will be determined by the interconnected journey of humans, the biosphere, and the earth. 

Into this dynamic play enters the shift of human consciousness. 

Humans, Reason and Disconnection

Humans have been moving towards separation for a very long time. In fact, we have pulled everything so far apart—categorizing, creating value hierarchies, dominating, declaring body and spirit as separate to name a few—that we almost pulled things so far apart we can’t reconnect them.

Almost, but not quite.

We cannot go back to pre-rational thought or pre-industrialization or pre-technology without wiping the planetary consciousness (like you would reset a computer to its original settings.) We would lose all the experimental data and have a do-over. Which might mean going through the same circumstances again, simply through developing and learning. 

This evolutionary journey we are all on can be simplified into developmental growth, both of the earth and its inhabitants. 

Through our journey of rational thought and reason, we have moved away from our intuitive, heart-based nature and developed the belief that rational thought and reason hold a higher value than heart-based connection and intuition. 

We are at a stage of development and evolutionary experience where it is imperative to re-connect to our capital H Heart – our intuitive connection to the way consciousness expresses as our spirit through us – and remember our interconnectedness and interdependence of life here on earth. 

Connected Living

These 3 spheres (noosphere, biosphere, geosphere) are vibrational realities that impact one another. As humans awaken, which is a natural part of our development and growth, we begin to see and feel the relationship we have with the world around us. 

We will not go back to a simpler time without our technologies. We are a global consciousness, related through the noosphere web of energy.

What we can do, and are re-learning how to do, is to connect to the vital force of consciousness itself, and the way this source of life moves through us, as us. 

When we learn to trust ourselves in this way, to allow our human existence to be connected through our own hearts to consciousness itself (which I often call the Divine), we allow our Heart to lead in everyday life. 

This is Connected Living. 

This is allowing love to be present here. 

This is allowing our birthright of being Love itself, incarnate to be actualized right now on the planet. 

In order to do this, we require a certain level of healing to actually access our Heart. (see Heart of Hearts.)

Healed Humans

Humans need safety in order to flourish. 

In order to even connect to our Heart, we require a certain level of safety and security in our environment and in our bodies. 

On a very real and tangible level, in order to experience connected living, we have to find ways to co-regulate and create safety with one another. The nature of humans is to co-regulate, which means to socially engage and create safety with one another.

This is the operational definition of Love and Trust. 

This safety and connection allows us to heal and evolve our basic beliefs about ourselves. 

When we evolve our basic beliefs about ourselves, we naturally create connection. 

When we know ourselves as good, worthy, deserving, valuable, lovable, and powerful, we begin to know ourselves as connected humans. 

This is a direct felt-sense experience. It’s a biological state. It’s a brainwave state. It’s a state of being anchored in ourselves.

When our beliefs about ourselves evolve from lacking to wholeness, we embody our life differently. We hold onto ourselves, instead of giving ourselves away or disappearing.

We experience steadiness. We become a settled system that others can use to find their own way to connection through the safety and security we vibrate into the world. 

When we learn to create safety with others, we are able to heal collective wounds and allow others to heal and discover their own security.

When we can socially engage and create safety with one another, we create the capacity to be generous and regenerate our own bodies, thoughts and beliefs. 

As we learn to create safety for ourselves and others—true biological safety where our nervous systems can find a settled, alert state—we are adding this vibration to the Noosphere. 

Creation and innovation require at least small bursts of safety, whether internal or external, to manifest. 

As we embody these levels of security in our systems, vibrationally we become super co-regulators, allowing other humans to tune to what we have found and grounded vibrationally into the world. 

Human nervous systems vibrate together. The dominant vibration creates the vibrational set-point on the planet. 

We are in the middle of shifting the vibrational set point of the Noosphere. Guidance has shown how this shifting has been moving much faster over the past 3 years. It is a vibrational experience. 

As we shift our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from ones of insecurity and survival to security and connection, this vibration is added to the Noosphere. 

Can you see how it can all shift quite quickly?

Dear ones, you were made for these times.